Sex And Love With Robots

“I want to talk to you …… I cheated on a robot.” Do you think this is a plot from a novel? This scene is vaguely reminiscent of the intimate relationship between Jaquan Phoenix and the AI computer man in the movie “Her” directed by Spike Jonze, which could become a reality. No coincidence, when the LP phenomenon triggered by the Japanese otaku’s love for the game “Love Follow”, the love affair between Lars and the inflatable doll in “Inflatable Doll Love” happens, the companion robot is like a brisk spring breeze attracting our attention.

Companion Robot Fulfills Many Fantasies

If we become lovers with our companion robots and they can speak as they do in “Westworld”, will we still see them as mere objects? First, theologian and ethicist Veronique Magrone must define the concept: “We do not love each other to be faithful; we are faithful because that faithfulness serves our love.” They are not just a love doll.

The author of “Loyalty and Betrayal” insists: “Infidelity would be a betrayal of a word.” Masturbatory fantasies and companion robots have little to do with all of this. She says, “Fantasy is usually involuntary, and it allows people to get away with it.” The physical sex doll, intelligent or not, is just a tool for a certain purpose, nothing more. Laurence, a professor and researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Engineering Sciences Computer Science in France and author of “Robots and People: Myth, Fantasy, and Reality,” seems to share the same view. “To fall in love with a robot is to fall in love with an object. It satisfies the unilateral needs of a person who is trying to establish a relationship with another person. What is interesting in this relationship is the reciprocity, with the added emotional perception of enjoyment and frustration.

Dependencies Relationship

If love arises in a relationship with the opposite sex, then it is more human. Falling in love with a robot is like a most transient relationship. Because a robot will always be a machine. It’s like a fetish, a strong attachment to a thing that doesn’t start today, for example, some people are obsessed with high heels.

These robots look like people and will give people empathy, just like Atlas, the humanoid robot introduced by Boston Dynamics in 2016, which can walk in the snow, stand up autonomously after a fall, and adapt to all kinds of new environments. Lawrence recalls, “Someone had knocked the robot down and it acted like it was in pain, but it doesn’t actually do that. The fact that the object is moving creates more empathy.” The more they resemble humans, the more often this happens, but they have no intrinsic nature and are at best-simulating pain.

Distrust of Human Nature

What if you fall in love with a companion robot? Let’s not forget that many Japanese geeks claim to like computer characters or physical dolls. Lawrence says, “Robots are stand-ins for responding to what we want. It’s not just love, it’s addiction.” But sometimes addiction can be a cheat. When you choose to leave the people around you and decide to live with them, it’s a form of infidelity. For many people, falling in love with a robot is a sign of poverty of thought.

Today, technology is not enough to replicate the complexity of human discussions. It’s a long way off, but by 2050, everything will change. David Levy, the author of “Sex and Love with Robots”, predicts that artificial intelligence will enable people to fulfill their fantasies. We will no longer distinguish between intelligent robots and human minds, even physically.

Sleeping with, interacting with, and feeling love for a machine that looks like plots in the science fiction film. But now, our YourDoll offers the robot sex doll to start the first step. For more auto-blowjob function details please click here.

What Do You Think of Pregnant Sex Doll

When it comes to pregnant sex dolls, these are manufactured in the same way as normal sex dolls. However, these dolls are given shape just like a pregnant woman. There are some myths about such dolls but people really need know the truth behind it. If you are also looking forward to make purchase of pregnant sex dolls but feeling confused for buying these dolls or not then you should consider trying to demystify some myths about such dolls.

Speaking of sexual fantasies and fetishes, we may never know how far it can go. We have heard of bizarre sexual fantasies of having sex with an alien, a shemale, and now we have another one on the table; sex with a pregnant woman. If you have ever had sex with a pregnant woman, then you know how magical the feeling is, no wonder it makes it to the top list of to-do for many men. There is a problem, though; you cannot just go around having sex with a pregnant woman randomly. If she is not your partner, then chances are she will never have sex with you when she is pregnant.

  • Pregnant sex dolls would experience pain while having sex

It is completely a myth. These dolls are not pregnant in reality and thus they cannot feel any kind of pain during sex. Such dolls cannot even feel any kind of emotion. If you want to fuck your pregnant sex doll then you just need to stay relaxed. Here, you need to think that you are not going to hurt the mother and baby. It is only a sex doll with a protruding tummy and there is actually no mother and baby.

  • Pregnant love dolls are quite uncomfortable to have sex with

It is undeniably a misconception. These dolls are flexible enough to get intimated with. These dolls are equally flexible as any other sex doll. Love dolls can be manipulated to bend in any particular direction. Pregnant dolls can efficiently help its user with many sex positions they would want to. You can easily make purchase of high quality Japanese sex dolls in Los Angeles with the help of some concerned sex toy stores. Finding quality sex doll in the shape of pregnant woman is actually not a big thing nowadays.

  • Only men can be the owner of a pregnant sex doll

It is not true at all. Apart from men, women also have a desire for sex. There could be found many women today with interest in sexual gratification with a great extent. Women who wish to be with pregnant women just need to have a pregnant sex doll by their side and enjoy sexual activities as they mainly wish for.When you want your lover to have even more curves, a pregnant silicone sex doll will let you indulge your fantasy of sleeping with a beautiful, fertile woman anytime you like. Each pregnant female is crafted with a keen attention to detail to give you a true-to-life experience: the gentle curve of her pregnant belly beneath yours as you take her, the way her heavy breasts feel in your hands as you slide into her pussy and ass from behind. This is the kind of sex you’ve only been able to dream about before, and now your new pregnant lover can’t wait to give you everything and more on demand.

  • Pregnant dolls can replace real women

It is absolutely a myth that a pregnant sex doll can replace a real woman. People need to understand that these dolls are just manufactured to look like a pregnant woman. Personalized touches like hair color and style, eye color, nipple color and size, and even the way she stands or lays are all at your command: this fertile beauty is completely yours and she isn’t afraid to show it. These premium pregnant dolls aren’t just a fat sex doll with a little extra padding, they’re shaped and sculpted to look exactly like a real pregnant partner would. Such dolls are not just going to give birth to your baby as your real wife can do. You’ll be able to find a lover that drives you crazy with lust, whether she’s only just beginning to show in the first trimester, rounding out in the second trimester, or is carrying heavy and full with new life in her third trimester. Go ahead, stroke, squeeze, and fondle her pregnant stomach and luscious tits: she is turned on and aching for your touch to satisfy her needs. She’s a woman in every sense of the word, and she desperately wants to show you the pleasures of pregnant sex in her soft mouth, welcoming pussy, and tight little ass as you pump her full of your own fertile seed. Therefore, just make use of them to be sure not to feel alone at any point. If you are also willing to purchase the world’s finest sex dolls in YourDoll, you will have endless options to choose from.

  • Only coward and shy sexually men make use of love dolls

It is not completely right that only coward and shy people use sex dolls. In case, any men want to have sex with pregnant love dolls can easily do the same without being judged as per community myths as these are not real pregnant women.
Men should consider getting over all the above mentioned misconceptions. They need to remember real looking sex dolls can add spark in their sex life best possibly. In case, you are porn addicted person and willing to know about how to overcome your porn addiction with sex doll, the internet has sufficient information to help sort out your issue. Just by opting for sex dolls, one can say no to porn addition.

As these dolls can help users to achieve his entire crazy sexual fulfillment efficiently, they help them to get out of their porn addition. By using these gorgeous looking milf sex dolls, you would definitely feel quite fulfilled.

10 Top Rated WM Sex Dolls in 2020

WM Dolls is a very famous doll brand in the sex doll industry. This professional sex doll model manufacturing factory is located in China. Sex dolls from the WMDOLL brand are greatly appreciated for their realism, their high level of quality, their esthetics but particularly for the tactile sensations you experience when touching them. Everything is crafted with care and expertize to offer you the perfect replica of a woman with dream proportions.

WM Doll has been in business for a long time and has many positive reviews on the internet. Their sex dolls are of superior quality, and their prices are fair and very competitive. Their sex dolls are of a wide variety and all-inclusive. Buying from WM Dolls not only gives you a quality guarantee but also gives you back the value of your money. WM Doll is the largest producer of sex dolls in China and only has professional and qualified employees. Also, it exports more than half of the world’s sex dolls.
We are proud to be an official vendor of WM Dolls, our close relationship with their factory assures you’re getting an authentic WM Doll at a great price, with the added bonus of the YourDoll customer service team to facilitate your order and after-purchase service.

Here is our Top Rated 10 WM Sex Dolls list!

#1 Jasmine

If you like your women curvy, then you’ll love Jasmine, our most voluptuous plus size BBW sex doll ever. When the Gods of love gave Jasmine her body, they gave her all the right curves in all the right places and then some.
With such a curvaceous figure, Jasmine gets plenty of attention from the guys down at the gym, and her last boyfriend was the gym’s personal trainer. That didn’t last long though, as all he wanted to do was make Jasmine fitter. What Jasmine really wants is a man who will appreciate her for what she is right now – an incredibly curvy and sexy woman

#2 Charlie

Standing at 166 cm (5ft 5inches) and showing 79lbs on the scale, Charlie is that the sex doll of your dreams. She has a beautiful, athletic body and curves to write home about! Her innocent glowing face is a treasure in itself, but her body is like something out of an art magazine.
Sex Dolls Charlie is the girl to get if you would like a special someone to keep you warm at night! Custom made for you, Charlie is that perfect sex doll you’ve been waiting on. She features a C-Cup breast with a perfect figure. This beauty can get wild in the bed taking you on a journey that you simply have never experienced before.

#3 Jaden

A small sex doll with a beautiful pair of tits and a stunning face to match. Jaden will please any man with her mouth, her anus, and of course, her nice and tight vagina. One of the reasons why you love Jaden, in particular, is that she has one of the most realistic breasts in this price and height range. Mini love doll makers tend to make the breasts on their mini love dolls oversized, removing from the realism during sex.
Bring Jaden home with you if you are a fan of Japanese women. Jolene is still my number one pick for best Japanese love doll. However, if you don’t want to invest enough money for Jolene, then go with Jaden!

#4 Jolene

A BBW sex doll, comfortable in her own TPE skin, beautiful in her own right with her generous curves, Jolene is the one for people who enjoys curves and generous form.

Confidence and one’s ability to be oneself is probably one the sexiest thing in the world. And this beautiful doll has loads of it.
This curvaceous realistic sex dolls is a chubby doll, a plus size sex doll who just feels wonderful in her skin. Some call her chubby other calls her full figured, and and she loves it.

#5 Bess

Bess is a fiery redhead that loves to surf, ski, and swim, often nude! Don’t let this girl getaway, she’s one you brag to your friends about. And best of all, she only has eyes for you! So place her in your cart and check out to have her delivered to your front door! She’s 5.6″ tall and ready to play.
Sex Doll Bess is ready to meet you, don’t keep her waiting!

#6 Cloe

Cloe is a 173cm BBW sex doll with generous curves. If you like women with big boobs (H-Cup) and big butt, you may have just the right doll to keep you company and satisfy your sexual needs. Ready for vaginal, anal, oral sex. If there’s one thing that Cloe loves, it’s sex, and her lust for excitement in the bedroom knows no bounds. Take her roughly from behind, let her ride you as you hold her massive hips, or make slow passionate love to her as you run your hands all over her curvy body – Cloe is game for anything.

#7 Febe

Febe is an experienced lover, but her past boyfriends have always had the same problem; they couldn’t keep up with her. You see, Febe wants it day and night. This sex doll wants it in the bedroom, in the shower, in the living room, and even on the kitchen table. But it seems that no man can satisfy her needs. Unless you can?
If there’s one thing in this world that Febe loves, it’s sex. This Eastern European goddess is addicted to the carnal delights and hopes to find a man who will appreciate her insatiable appetite for sex as much as her curvy figure.

#8 Kamon

Kamon is another of our petite Oriental young ladies of Japanese cause. She has a little Asian body outline, yet OMG! look at the fullness of her delightful breasts! Kamon, is full of beauty, mystery and surprise. Her upbringing was rough, but through it all she found a tranquility and in that a desire to please and be pleased.
Goodness, and did we notice that Kamon is enthusiastic about interracial connections? You don’t need to be Japanese by any means, to have a decent time with this one. After hours without Kamon are just plain nights without pleasure, don’t punish yourself, she can be yours! Kamon needs your attention, will you give it to her?

#9 Babs

If you’ve ever wanted to have sex with that “Girl Next Door”, nows your chance! Babs is an 22 year old princess from the famous 90210 zip code. She’s the type you’d write home to mom and show up to your friends. Only the elite few, one of them being you, have the opportunity to take this bombshell home, so don’t keep her waiting. Babs sex doll is ready to meet you in person!

Babs is 5ft8 tall and has a killer body! Babs Sex Doll is ready for you now, are you ready to get to know her?

#10 Nonie

They call her the best-selling Japanese sex doll in the world. But she’d like you to just call her Nonie.

Nonie is 5ft inches tall, with almond-shaped eyes, pert boobs, soft Magnolia skin and long, glossy hair. Indeed, her classic Japanese beauty is quite remarkable. Without any traces of overt sexuality, Nonie’s attraction is almost ethereal, and powerful in its innocence.

Currently, she is looking for a kind and responsible boyfriend/husband, who will treat her like a princess. “ I am a virgin who dreams of passionate sex and sweet romance with the Prince Charming of my fantasies,” Nonie says.

Is that Prince Charming you?

Top 10 Male Sex Dolls in 2020

If you have no interest on female sex dolls, no worries! The sex doll market has now introduced handsome and hot looking guys for men, women and transgender. Even the selective buyers can satisfy all their needs with these handsome sex dolls having biggest dicks that you can even think of! You can get the finest quality of male sex dolls from the market. You can now take a look at the best quality and the top dolls in the list given below.

1.Sex doll Paul- If you are in search of the hottest male doll, Paul is the right sex mate for you. He has managed to bring far-fetched orgasms to his partner. He is a gym freak and loves to maintain his body. He would love to watch you play on the bed before he inserts his dick inside you.

2.Adolph- How much do you fantasize about having hot sex with a handsome guy? Almost certainly, a lot! Adolph has an unbelievable passion for sex. His only desire in life is to please his partner. He can satiate all your oral and anal needs. You can buy him from yourdoll website.

3.Jasper- Jasper has a very desirable look and he is ready to satisfy your anal and oral needs. You will ask for more of his soft lips and stout body. So, be ready to take your intimacy level to a whole new level!

4.Sex doll parker-If you have lot of sex imaginations but you are ashamed of it, Parker will help you to satisfy those needs. He is capable of reading minds. He likes to go naked and wants his partner to do the same.

5.Henry- Henry, the sex god is capable of attracting both male and female with his hot body. His only aim in life is to please his partner.

6.Aaron- Looking for a bad college boy? Trying to make out with someone younger than you? Aaron is there to satiate your thirst for sex. His mucho body and hard dick will make you want for more and more! He is not the guy you would like to introduce to your family members!

7.Sex doll Jack- He is one of those male sex dolls who will give you a lifetime experience of squirting and orgasms. His blonde hair color and appealing brown eyes will definitely attract you.

8.Alan- Alan is the kind of guy you have been searching for! He waits for his partner to go inside her and this is something that makes him so irresistible. So don’t wait! Explore your sex desires without any offence!

9.Sex doll Rylan- Rylan is an athletic gay sex doll and is perfect to give you endless orgasms. His dick is big and hard and he can go very deep inside you. There is no need to use condoms because they are made of TPE materials. You can buy this from yourdoll website.

10.Silas- Silas is an innocent looking male doll and the most energetic one that you will find. His slender look makes him more extravagant and sexy. His blonde hair and tanned skin makes him look like a perfect sex material!

Top 10 Japanese Sex Dolls in 2020

Japan is one of the countries having beautiful girls. They are beautiful not only by their physical appearance but they are shy, quiet and are a perfect example of women. But the sad part is that you cannot date a Japanese girl until and unless she has attained the age of 30 years. This is where the delicious and the elegant Japanese dolls steps into the picture.

High rated Japanese dolls for a delicious experience:

If you are willing to explore a night with a hot oriental beauty, then you should check out the top 10 Japanese dolls:

1.Mariel: Best Japanese Doll- Mariel is one of the gorgeous looking Japanese girls and you can find them on She is fair with black hair. You will be intoxicated by the intricate details including her breasts, vagina and other parts of the body.

2.Adaline- Adaline has a beautiful body, silky hair, juicy lips, and a beautiful pair of small and tight boobs. You will praise her perfect body proportions and the best thing is that you can customize her body parts as per your wish.

3.Karola- She is an epitome of sex goddess and is a blend of perfect curves and sexy legs. She is one of the leading Japanese dolls in the sex doll market because of its beauty. She is capable of attracting anyone because of her irresistible appearance.

4.Isadora-This Japanese sex doll is famous for her looks and features. She is famous for having a perfect body and for giving you the best pleasures of life. She will be your forever young girl and will never stop you to try out various sex poses with her. You can expect her to perform well in the bed.

5.Phoebe- Are you looking for a perfect fuck doll? Phoebe is there to satisfy your fleshy desires. Phoebe has small pair of breasts and is perfect for those having fascination for slim girls. You can customize the doll as per your need. You can get her from

6.Sex doll Tanya- If you are looking for a realistic doll within this category, then this is the right choice for you. She has three holes- anal, vaginal, and mouth to satiate all your needs. Play with her whenever you wish to have sex and she will never complaint!

7.Samantha- The mini love doll, Samantha is 4 feet 9 inches tall. Her height may be short but she is absolutely stunning. Her pair of breasts will surely make you cum and bring you loads of pleasure.

8.Rutna- Rutna is a perfect life sized doll having realistic and perfect features. You will be amazed to look at her gorgeous body. The best thing is that her breasts are tight and small and she is so cute that you will feel like you are making out with a school girl!

9.Eevi- This doll has been created for a realistic experience with three holes for ultimate sexual pleasure. She is more than capable of proving her sexual skills and filling her man with happiness and pleasure.

10.Sex doll Lyla- Her weight is the most impressive part of her body features. She wears a pair of glasses which makes her even sexier. The lighter weight makes it perfect for her man to position her in different ways and enjoy her from all the sides.

Top 10 BBW Sex dolls in 2020

Sex dolls come in different shapes and sizes and so does the needs of a man. Sex dolls are exotic and intimate solutions for most of the people who enjoy it. Because of so many variations like BBW Sex dolls, petite dolls, redhead dolls, and others, it is difficult to choose the right doll for your pleasure. Before choosing any sex doll, it is very important to understand your carnal desires. In this article, we will sum up the top ten busty dolls that will bring heaven to you!

Top 10 BBW sex dolls of 2020 for ultimate pleasure:

You can now make your sex fantasies come true with these realistic dolls. The dolls have been customized as per your needs. Here is a list of top 10 busty dolls to make sure sex desires come true!

1.Sex doll Fina- She is one of the best BBW dolls and she is someone that every man desires. She has a thick waist which is perfect for grabbing and a beautiful pair of breasts to satisfy your needs. She has a curly and a flowing blonde hair which makes her look extravagant and gorgeous.

2.Holly- With perfect breasts and narrow hips, she is everything that a man wants in a woman! She is one of the best choices among the BBW Sex dolls! You can pose her like a real woman and has 3 pleasure holes- mouth, vaginal and anal. 

3.Edie- Edie promises you to give the ultimate pleasure of your life. Standing at a height of 167 cm, she boasts of a huge ass with a voluptuous pair of breasts. Buy this from yourdoll and take a look at her because she is the one for you!

4.Fedora- Are you looking for anal sex that too with someone having huge ass? Sex doll Fedora is there to satiate all your cravings.  Her butt is absolutely perfect for bouncing while you give her the hard poundings. You will crave for her big busts!

5.Danielle – one of the ultra-gorgeous BBW doll with huge boobs and perfect thighs. She is perfect for someone who loves to try out new sex poses with her girl! Her seductive appearance will make you go crazy for her! You can buy this doll from Yourdoll.

6.Sex doll Jojo- Jojo has a great personality and it one of her traits that make her so attractive. She is one of the realistic dolls that you will find on the websites. Her breasts are huge and soft to touch.  She is the thing that a man can ever dream about!

7.Berna- She is a perfect combination of cuteness, sexiness, huge breast and biggest ass that you might have never seen before. This bold and big lady is looking for someone who can satisfy her butts as much as possible. You can squeeze her, bounce her and do everything that you want to do.

8.Jemima- Jemima can be posed like a real woman and you can taste her from all the sides. She is of 148cm and has vaginal, anal and mouth holes to satisfy all your carnal cravings. Her plump boobs and thickest ass proves why she is in the top 10 list.

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Top 10 Anime Sex Dolls in 2020

You may now turn your Hentai fantasies into reality with a wide range of Anime dolls that are available in the market. The demands for Hentai dolls are rising because majority of the people fantasize about slim and trim girls.  There is good news for all those who have been fantasizing about skinny chicks and have wanted to try out things that they watch in porn- you all can now enjoy a wide range of cosplay dolls available in the store. Here is a list of 10 anime dolls for your pleasure.

1.Heidi- She is a delicate and a costly mini doll. You can insert your dick up to 17cm. There is an optional mouth and vaginal hole for extra pleasure. She is a special doll because you can go rough with her.

2.Gabriella- Gabriella has a soft and a realistic skin made from TPE material. She has the perfect body shape exactly like the one you watch in Hentai porn videos. You can buy her from your doll.

3.Sex doll Nao- The drop-dead gorgeous girl of all times! She might look very innocent but has huge pair of boobs. She wants to get squeezed and eaten up by her partner. She is an innocent lady in disguise but has three holes for you to stuff your dick in all of them.

4.Sex doll May- If you have been searching for a premium quality waifu-doll, your search is over now! Her beautiful hair and her posable metal skin allow you fuck her from all the sides. She has a wild appearance and her eyes can hypnotize you!

5.Sex doll Lazuli- With golden hair and a petite body, she is one of the prettiest Japanese dolls. She will never stop you from trying out with her and unlike other girls, she will never be jealous even if you try out with other women. She is something that you should have.

6.Sex doll Karina -she is one of the anime dolls having elf ears. You will be intoxicated by her smooth body and huge pair of boobs. Karina is an epitome of hotness and a perfect example of a fuck girl.

7.Sex doll Petra- She is an anime sex doll with a fabric body.  She is excessively delicate and has three holes for your ultimate satisfaction. You can fuck her without any protection since these dolls are made up of high quality materials. She is eager to have sex with her man.

8.Sex doll Cyra- Cyra is a costly doll because of the elaborate workmanship.  Her hair is a combination of black and grey color. It is for sure that every man out there has at least once in their life hankered for having a hard sex with her. She is fearless, bold, and sexy and is ready to satisfy you in all the ways possible.

9.Liana- This anime doll with elf ears likes to be treated like a slave! She is devoted to her masters and has a hardcore desire for having sex. She has a beautiful pair of tight boobs and butt. Get her on your doll website.

10.Judith- Do you want to have sex with a vampire sex doll? Judith is there for you to fulfill your fleshy desires with her. She is perfectly modeled like a vampire and if you are someone having rough and wild imagination, you should bring her home. She wants to get chained and fucked from her back! She likes it rough and hard!

Top 5 Best Sex Doll Online Stores Reviews

Choosing a love doll can be pretty tricky especially when you take into account a large number of online store available. The sensitive nature of the sex doll makes it hard to get help when something goes wrong which is why finding a trustworthy real doll supplier is imperative.

Each retailer looks the same, sounds the same and offers the same features. So how do you find the best supplier? Well, you don’t have to – we’ll do it for you.

Let’s summarize everything we just read and explain why do we recommend these sex doll stores


YourDoll is the most popular online retail store offering sex dolls from a wide variety of sex doll manufacturers, including their own arsenal of dolls. This is the store you can trust since they are the biggest Factory Authorized Vendor. YourDoll is a “the doll forum”‘s verified and approved professional real doll seller. YourDoll is a premium reseller of WMDolls, the most respected sex dolls on the market. So, you pay for the quality, and you get it. They have great market prices on all dolls and give huge discounts on the top-quality product. Beware of the cheaper versions of the dolls on other websites, since they may cause allergies and even harm your health! All the dolls on YourDoll’s website are made from hypoallergenic, highest-quality material and guarantee 100% genuine products.

YourDoll’ strengths are:

Highest quality material
Authorized and trusted reseller (TDF Verified Supplier)
Largest wm sex dolls selection
Customization available
99.3% positive feedback
Lowest prices on the market
Great customer service
Price match
Privacy protection
Free shipping

 Silicon Wives was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide the most high-quality sex dolls in a market flooded with low quality, fake dolls.  Just like YourDoll, they are working with manufacturers, like SM Dolls, Sino Dolls, irontech Doll, WM Doll, Sanhui Dolls, and YL Dolls. They take pride in the user’s experience with the dolls, They have a refund/replacement policy for unsatisfied customers. How did Silicon Wives name come out? Silicon Wives, they’re combining the leading sex doll technology (Silicon Valley) with the best material currently available (Silicone).  Because of this, their American real doll tend to last much longer than average, like a wife, but less nagging. So, Silicon Wives  also called Silicone Wives.

Silicon Wives’ strengths are:

Bigger male doll collection, than Sexy Real Sex Dolls
A better website that is easier to navigate
More TPE dolls, than silicone
Nice and professional pictures of the dolls
Better return policy
Cancellation within a 24-hour period
All major credit cards accepted
Financing options available
Free and discreet shipping
Great Customer Service


As speculated by the heading, SexyRealSexDolls is behind the famous and highly sought after releasing Shakira sex doll. The company is based in the US but has partnered with WM Dolls, Hitdoll among other manufacturers in China where the manufacturing process takes place.

SexyRealSexDolls also distinguishes itself as one of the few companies with well laid out customization procedures for sex dolls.

SexyRealSexDolls’ strengths are:

Factory Authorized Vendor
Doll customizing by customer
Heated dolls
Large selection of sex dolls available
Price match guarantee
Accepting Cryptocurrency
Offers contact information availability details
Offers social media presence details
Free shipping
Referral programs available


RealSexDoll is an authorized seller of WM, DS, YL, 6YE Premium, Climax (CM/CLM), Z-One Silicone Sex Doll, OR Real Love doll and other reputable adult sex doll brands/manufacturers. They constantly visit every doll manufacturer to examine their love doll quality, production consistency and capacity, etc. So that can make sure the manufacturers have a high quality of production for the high quality love doll. Their real doll business office is in HONGKONG, close to all the lifelike adult sex doll manufacturers.  You can find over 300 designs of premium sex dolls in the store.

RealSexDoll’ strengths are:

High-quality sex dolls
98% Positive Feedback
Free and Fast Shipping
A Great Variety of Sex Dolls
Sex Dolls Accessories Available
Masturbators Available
Items delivered as described
Rewards Program
Professional customer service
Privacy Protection

SEX DOLLS is one of the most prominent official resellers of top brands like WM Dolls, AF Doll, YL Doll, Iron Tech Doll, Sino-Doll Doll, 6ye Doll, Z-One Doll, AI-Tech Doll, JY Doll. The company is proud of its exceptional customer service and hassle-free delivery.

They value customer privacy the most and make sure each customer is satisfied with the purchase. Plus, the’s team makes sure that the dolls they sell are very lifelike, flexible, and made out of the highest grade silicone or TPE.

SexDoll’ strengths are:

Outstanding customer support
Strict privacy policy
Great variety & Pleasant add-ons
High quality models

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Girl Or Doll: Who Can Give You Better Experience

Every individual past the teenage days strive to lead an active sex life, irrespective of profession, socio-economic conditions or even cultural backlashes. However, according to surveys which work specifically on this matter reported a very disturbing fact: the world is getting less interested in sex. In fact, our ancestors used to have more sex than we do now.

Overruling the fact that foreplay has gained importance more than ever before, the desire that drives the world is still dissatisfied with both the quality and quantity of sex. And to put things in place, nothings drive a man more than putting his dick inside a warm pussy and spray his cum all inside.

silicone sex dollBenefits of having ebony sex dolls:

No Daily Tantrums:

We all have faced the daily tantrums of our wives and/or girlfriends that they do not want to open up their legs. However stressful we might be, society doesn’t permit us to rip open those panties and drag her by their asses until they let us put our dicks inside. Mini sex dolls are rather agreeing on this matter, just open up that hole, and punch in your hot rod hassle-free.

No cycles to follow:

Humans have a biological cycle, according to which human interactions must be scheduled. However mini sex dolls politely let in our dicks any time of the month, without significant barriers.

A wonder body:

Human bodies are not at all perfect, nor are they responsive at all times. We can beat these with the ebony sex dolls available in the market. Their bodies are perfectly designed, and offer almost the same experience when you fondle their breasts, pinch their thighs, hit their asses or rip open their panties to get a better view of their duck pond. Further, if you get turned on by their charm, put them up anywhere and in any position you want, put your cock out, and go wild till your last drop goes inside.

blonde sex dollAnytime, anywhere:

Compare them with your human partner, who might refuse to drop their panties in any place you might want them to. Sex robot dolls can be set up anywhere and anytime, on the beach, a public bus stand, restrooms, and your office cubicle or even in your neighbors’ house if you are willing to. Once you set up your doll, it is only a matter of time before your hot rod goes inside the soft cunt and takes in every drop of your juice.

Get both Quality and Quantity:

In sex dolls, you have a partner who never refuses to any position you might want to try, or how many times you want to get laid. The only thing missing is the human touch and interactions, which get offset in the heat of the moment. Want to enjoy some steamy sex sessions at the beach? Or Want to fuck someone hard and take the edge off after a tough day’s work? Just set up your sex robot, and your dick will do wonders, even capabilities you didn’t know you had.