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We will send you factory pictures when your order is finished. We don’t offer pictures of in-stock dolls that already in our warehouse. However, you can check this ready doll image to see how your doll looks like.

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Ready Doll Image | WM Doll

>>Shop 156H Rute

>>Shop 160A Lisbet

>>Shop 154J Cutom

>>Shop 166C Charlie

>>Shop 162E Febe

>>Shop 156H Freda

>>Shop 153A Nonie 

>>Shop 85M Astrid

>>Shop 168E lsadora

>>Shop 165D lenora

>>Shop 165D Judy

>>Shop 163H Kiki

>>Shop 163H Belle

>>Shop 161G Carolyn

>>Shop 165D Jacoba

>>Shop 156C Daria

>>Shop 145 Neda

>>Shop 156H Joyce

>>Shop 108L Noor

>>Shop 156C Aileen

>>Shop 162E Febe

>>Shop 150M Nala

>>Shop 170H Gianna

>>Shop 70cm Kathy

>>Shop 108L Kylie

>>Shop 156H Freda

>>Shop 156H Cecily

>>Shop 157B Kamon

>>Shop 136E Demi

>>Shop 170H Elena

>>Shop 173H Serena

>>Shop 153A Nonie 

>>Shop 157B Marlene

>>Shop 165D Duci

>>Shop 155D Pamela

>>Shop 158A Mei

>>Shop 156H-Vashti

>>Shop 157B Becca

>>Shop 173H-Jolene

>>Shop 166C Charlie

>>Shop 157B-Madonna

>>Shop 140D Rumi

>>Shop 156C Danni

>>Shop  157B Karen

>>Shop 173H Cloe

>>Shop 108L Hana

>>Shop 172D Bess

>>Shop  140D Lola 

>>Shop 156H Indigo

>>Shop 163H Ivanka

>>Shop 140A Nina

>>Shop 140D Carolyn

>>Shop 150M Ondine

>>Shop 156C Minnie

>>Shop 153A Nonie

>>Shop 163H Jasmine

>>Shop 165D Jazmin

>>Shop 156H Sophia

>>Shop 168E Patricia

>>Shop 163H Kitty