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SEDOLL Brand was established in 2016 located in Shenzhen China. Unlike the normal sex doll manufacturer, SEDolls create unusual elf robot dolls with competitive prices. SE Dolls are fully customizable with doll manufactures such as WM/YL/OR located in the Jinsan workshop. SE Dolls come in a variety of sizes and types. To customize your dream sex doll, please choose from hair to foot, for example, the doll’s nipple size and color, skin color, wig style, and decide if you want to add pubic hair or updated skeleton. You must have ever seen their amazing elf themes love dolls before. It has caused a wave of magic elf dolls in the TDF, the result is a wonderful anime doll with unbeatable value for your choice.

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>>Shop 161G Marian

>>Shop 163E Kitty

>>Shop 156 Josie

>>Shop 168F Nanase

>>Shop 156E Kiko

>>Shop 150 Amanda

>>Shop 168 Monica

>>Shop 163E Yuuka

>>Shop 163E Gessica

>>Shop 156 Olivia

>>Shop 150 Samantha

>>Shop 167E Ditte

>>Shop 167E Dallas

>>Shop 166 Joanna

>>Shop 156 Lilith