Sex Doll Care Tips

The Knowledge of the Masturbators For Newcomers

What is the real male masturbator?

From the functional understanding, it is a higher level of the male masturbators, made of silicone & TPE material, feeling as human body skin, the shape of the 1:1 inverted model according to the real parts of the production, usually have a mouth, pubic buttocks, buttocks, large breasts, and other parts, the use of the feeling is very close to the real experience, can restore the real-life when the wrapping and sucking feeling, from the texture and experience of the real male masturbators, of course, The price will also be higher than the normal masturbators.

What are the benefits of using male masturbators?

The comfort of using male masturbators is much higher than that of “hand” or “normal masturbators”, and it has a very high sense of realism.

When we use the hand solution, because of the lack of wrapping, can stimulate less point. It will give the nerve reflex arc to produce “memory” over time, in the process of actual combat these points will become sensitive, coupled with the stimulation of the psychological senses, it is easy to advance “shoot”. The male masturbators‘ instrument is very strong to offer a good experience and exercise ability.

How to use male masturbators?

First of all, use lube! You can pour a little in the male masturbators with your hand, or directly wipe on the organ, or both used together.

Before using, I recommend using the heating rod into the channel preheat about 3 minutes, so that the body will feel close to the warmth of real people, do not heat too long, the high temperature would harm the vagina even the organ.

Then the use of the process should go without saying, the rest is to use the experience accumulated on a regular basis with a little sex movie.

How to maintain the male masturbators?

  • Cleaning
    Whether before or after use, you need to clean it. Please squeeze a little body wash on the masturbator’s surface to clean it, the vagina also needs to be washed by hands, everyone has a talent in this aspect.
  • Dry water
    Dry the surface of the masturbator’s apparatus with a clean towel and the inside of the vagina with a cotton swab or absorbent stick.
  • Put Baby Powder
    After drying the water, please put the baby powder on the surface of the masturbators to make the body dry and not oil. The purpose is to keep the silicone&TPE material in good elasticity. If no baby powder, sometimes the silicone material would become sticky hands greasy, and later will harden.
  • Refusing the High Temperature
    The silicone material is not available for high temperatures, first of all, the masturbators do not need high-temperature sterilization (we have met it before that use hot water to boil ), if you are not sure about the health safety, please choose a condom. And should not be heated with a heating rod for too long, generally, 5 minutes is already hot enough.

Recommended Manufacturers.

QITA’s real-life version of the male masturbators has been well received, while the newly launched electric manufacturers are more realistic. Offering you unbelievable real sex experience.

The good news is that no need to wait for production, mostly 2-3 weeks to receive the parcel. Please choose the one that you prefer and have a wonderful sex trip.

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