Is It Illegal to Buy a Flat Chested Sex Doll

Are Sex Doll Legal?

At the time of writing, and to the best of my knowledge, any doll is legal to own or manufacture in the US,most of Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia etc. There is no restriction on doll size, type, height, length, width or size of… well, you get the idea. However, there are a couple of legal issues around the topic of sex dolls. The first, and most notable, being centred on the perceived “age” of the doll and whether small ones can be deemed representative of children. The second revolving around the renting out of Sex Dolls or, as the media, has labelled it sex doll brothels.

However, you will come up against the might of the law by importing a doll from outside the EU that is considered by a ‘reasonable person’ to be, as the media have called them, ‘childlike’ and have a ‘sexual purpose’.

The problem is… ‘childlike’ is not defined in law. In fact, the word ‘childlike’ is an adjective used to describe the characteristics of an adult, so it is somewhat of a paradox to use the phrase.

So, to pander to the media hyperbole and despite the paradox, let us now ask the question, what does a doll have to be like to be considered ‘childlike’?

What Type Of Doll Can Be Considered ‘Childlike’?

In some places in the documents obtained by CBC News, border officers provide detailed descriptions of the dolls to explain why they’re being classified as child pornography. According to the documents, the flat chest sex dolls resembled pre-pubescent girls under the age of 18 because they were small in stature and had underdeveloped breasts.

Flat chest sex doll are one niche of a nascent robotic sex industry that has generated debate about the ethics of the use of lifelike machines for sexual activity. It is a subject that turns from squeamish to outright revulsion for many when it touches on child sex dolls and robots.

Flat chest sex doll are illegal in some nations, depending on how they’re used or presented. The creepy phenomenon seems to have started in – you’ve guessed it – Japan. This Vice article from earlier this year profiles a Japanese manufacturer of these pedophile-icious mannequins

For USA Customer

In every single state in the USA, sex dolls are basically legal. What is not legal however is sex dolls that resemble children. You can get dolls that are small for the purposes of saving money but those dolls can not be intended to mimic the body of an actual child. You can purchase miniature sex dolls that are less expensive because you ultimately use less silicon when creating them. You can purchase mini sex doll torsos or you can purchase a full life size doll in the United States.

For a long time the USA seemed to show little concern over flat chested teens child Sex Dolls. However, a recent spate of arrests and prosecutions has shown that the tide is changing on this and recently a Florida bill passed making it a first-degree misdemeanor in the state to possess, give away, advertise, sell or display the dolls, which would be punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1000.00 fine. A second offense would be classed as a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Though America being a number of states with different laws, it’s unlikely this will be a uniform position in all states and the main retailers in the US are still selling child like flat chested teens sex dolls. Note that the US House did pass a similar law about a year ago, which became known as the Creeper Act but this was stalled in the Senate.

For UK Customer

The legislation that currently deals with this is the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 and the specific offence revolves importation, rather than ownership. Although its scope can and does cover child sex dolls it was unlikely that its authors had such items in mind and so there is a lack of specific detail regarding this subject. Guidance was released in October 2015 to help with its interpretation with relation to child sex dolls and further guidance was released in March 2019. With specific legislation being expected in the near future.

Sex Dolls Border Force

The first bit of guidance in October 2015 talked about the importation of flat chested teens doll and stated it was on offence under the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 and also discussed the matter of publishing pictures of such dolls.

The March 2019 guidance went into further detail on these matters, most notably stating that any doll that has any child like features may be considered and obscene article under the act. This would, for example, cover a tall doll with a child like face or a small doll with adult proportions. This guidance also went on to suggest that shipping such a doll around the UK would be an offence contrary to section 85(3)(b) Postal Services Act 2000. This is a newly proposed offence in relation to child Sex Dolls and demonstrates a further and welcome tightening of the laws and movement around such dolls.

It does not currently appear to be illegal to own such a doll but this would be the final part of the puzzle and most likely be something the authorities were working hard on either establishing an existing offence, or creating a new one.

Prior to the March 2019 guidance, the unofficial position, confirmed by the authorities, was that to be legal a doll must be 140cm or over. Below this it may be deemed to represent a child. It is illegal to have sex with a child (or person who is under the age of 16) and illegal to publish photographs of anyone under the age of 18 in an intimate or sexual way. These laws can be considered applicable to dolls representative of those ages. However with the release of the new guidance we think that even 140cm and up may not by itself be a safe bet.

For Australia Customer

The Ozzies seem to be a bit more strict on this and are following closely behind the UK on this. The A-cup (flat chested) is illegal in Australia. Yes, you will see this being sold widely but it is technically a prohibited breast size in Australia. Anything from a B-cup on wards is considered legal.

As discussed previously, the UK authorities are looking to release more specific legislation that will give clearer guidance and deal with the issue of child sex dolls. It is not known, at this time, when that will be released. As well as dealing with importation, it is likely that it will also handle the issue of ownership. It is likely that the rest of the world will follow the example of the UK at varying speeds.

For Europe Customer

When the concept of sex dolls has become a popular trend among the Europeans, the flat chested teens child sex dolls entered the market and provoked negative reactions from women and children rights’ groups and several petitions were signed for the European governments to save the future of children by declaring child sex dolls illegal. In response to this, the European governments banned the importation of child-looking sex dolls but do not proscribe importation and owning of normal sex dolls. Hence, buying and selling of child flat chested sex doll is illegal in Europe.

the UK is leading the way on this topic so again no firm legislation or guidance is yet in place in the European countries. However demand for small dolls is definitely at an all time low so the unofficial actions are definitely having their effect. It is likely that European countries will follow up with legislation once the UK releases theirs.

Sex dolls are legal in Europe and America, and you don’t have to worry about the police knocking on your door after you order a sex doll from YourDoll. We don’t sell mini sex dolls less than approximately 140CM (4ft7) that with flat chested or A cup breast size . . However, if the doll is taller, we are happy to import an A-cup model. We find small breasts on a mature woman attractive like many of you do as well! Our products meet the highest safety standards, are tested for quality and erection (we mean perfection), and are known to last longer than the average alternative. Just hit us up on our website and our representative will guide you in your pursuit o ultimate sexual gratification.

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