Irontech Silicone Sex Dolls On Sale Now!

As one of the most popular sex doll brands, Irontech Doll has nearly 10 years of experience in the silicone sex doll industry. All irontech dolls under the brand are original products developed in-house. How realistic are Irontech silicone dolls? It is so realistic that even the veins are clearly visible. The skin looks as blown out as the veins can be faintly seen under the skin, if you don’t say it’s a silicone doll, people might mistake it for a real person’s arm. If you know anything about silicone sex doll making, you will know that these silicone love doll head sculptures are basically a lot of hand-crafted and meticulously carved out. The body has now been mass-produced and is ready for assembly line production, but production is also limited. Once the modeller has finished it is delivered to the workshop and then assembled by the master workers. But with such finely detailed figures, from modelling to the start of pouring, painting and colouring, it all has to be done by hand and the craftsmanship required is too fine to be left to the assembly line. After all, it all needs to be done by hand yourself, so it’s only natural that it’s expensive. But it is worth all the effort.

1. A wide range of body types

Irontech sex dolls offer a wide range of body options, from the voluptuous neighbourhood girl, to the skinny Asian doll, to the slim and sexy actress, with heights ranging from a minimum of 148cm to a maximum of 168cm to suit your needs.

2. Realistic body details

Silicone dolls are expensive compared to TPE sex dolls, but their soft and lifelike texture proves their value in the medical field, as well as in the field of doll simulation. The realistic texture of the silicone doll gives the doll a lifelike appearance and the fine make-up makes it look like a real person.

3. Additional customisation options
In response to customer demand, Irontech dolls have upgraded the doll with features such as free bending finger bones, which are more realistic than ordinary wire fingers and can be bent and shaped to hold hands with you. Additional features such as soft buttocks and soft breasts give you a realistic feel when touching the doll.

Any custom sex dolls purchased from will be confirmed with a video and photos before delivery, so you will only receive the product of your choice, without any regrets. Please feel free to contact us with any requests.