Sex Doll Care Tips

How To Store The Sex Doll To Make It Life Longer?

Buying a realistic sex doll is usually a long buying process. Please, don’t forget to consider how to store your love doll once you receive it too! Storage conditions are very important to keep the real doll for a long time for long-term use.

Here are some suggestions to make your life easier and to make the male sex doll last longer!

Laying position

The long-time fixed posing action will make the TPE / silicone stretch too long, resulting in deformation of the body material or tear. So you need to change the pose and not let the doll stay in the same action for several weeks.

This is necessary to preserve our dolls, in these boxes, love dolls stay in the same pose for months or even years! You can keep the export carton you received to store the doll, keep the foam, and any protective stuff for later use!

Vertical or horizontal position

It depends on you, both are good, but for TPE / silicone sex dolls, the horizontal position is better. For the upright position, you just need neck hooks and a sturdy hanger/closet.

Need to hide your adult doll?

For those who need confidential storage, you can purchase a sex dollstorage case with a lock. It looks like a storage box for guitars or stereo equipment. The wheels and lock are heavy-duty. No one will open it!

Room temperature

This is also something to consider, silicone and TPE materials in the too hot or too cold state will lead to cracking or hardening, so adapt to the storage temperature should be between 10 degrees to 40 degrees.

A foreign friend of the doll has been placed outdoors in direct sunlight for twelve hours, in fact, when he went to retrieve has melted! If after a long period of storage feel that the surface body oozing oil sticky, you can use baby powder dry smooth.

Dressing clothes

When storing the doll, it is recommended to remove the clothes to avoid color staining after prolonged contact with the clothes. White fabric (such as bed sheets) can be used to cover.

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