How to Make Real Silicone Dolls?

Do you know anything about silicone dolls? Explore the process and application of making silicone dolls.

I’m sure you’ve been interested in realistic sex dolls at one time or another. For those of you who don’t know, a silicone doll is like a large hand puppet, that is a human doll that looks and feels real, it is sometimes purchased as a model, a film or television prop, or a dress-up doll. Some people who are very interested have looked deeper and researched love dolls and have learned the reasons and uses for them.

The production of a silicone doll is divided into three stages. First, the basic alloy frame is assembled. Second, polyurethane (PU), one of the main materials, is attached to the skeleton and coated with silicone or TPE. Finally, deburring and painting are completed. Of course, many more details to the production process, we only show you the last part, the third step, as this process requires a lot of finesse, so the workers are usually women.

The first task is to reduce unwanted burrs. Using only scissors with curved tips, the uneven surfaces are smoothed out with the correct technique and cleaned at the same time. Also, silicone is a scratchy material by its very nature and cannot be filed down, so deburring with scissors is a craft task.

The hair, in general, is a wig set, but there are also implant hair dolls, which are hand-stitched with a special needle while taking care of the overall balance. Of course, the adhesion to the surface does not stop there, even the bending angle can be repeated without the need to compromise the prototype, and this quality is often very realistic. When the proportions of the material synthesis formula are changed, it is also possible to create a realistic sense of wrinkles. As for the face it is colored with an airbrush and the area around the eyes and eyebrows is finished off with a careful application of make-up brushes.

In today’s society, having a realistic silicone doll, which has been molded and polished by 3D scanned creates a combination of soft figures and clear facial contours. The sensation is such that you can’t even tell the difference tactilely when you close your eyes.

The silicone dolls are finished by hand working and the makers seem to take special care to avoid individual differences, for example, the speed of curing of the silicone varies between summer and winter. Customers have an attachment to their love dolls and are sensitive to the differences between the form pictures and the actual product. Nevertheless, the artisans rely on experience and intuition to determine the state of the material in order to create a sense of proportion and produce more uniform silicone dolls.

When you ask about the price of a silicone doll, you would think it is expensive. However, if you know the multiple processes and procedures your doll has gone through, you may think the price is surprisingly reasonable. The typical production lead time for custom-made orders is 3-4 weeks, so if you are interested, now is the best time to get started.

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