How to Distinguish High or Poor Quality Sex Dolls?

The safety of real sex dolls is very important. At present, the quantity of crude and secondary material TPE dolls in the market has surpassed the finely crafted and primary material love dolls, which is a matter of concern. Many buyers who do not understand sex dolls can easily buy poor quality adult dolls, for this reason, I share some basic methods on how to distinguish between good and bad entity dolls.

Material of the sex doll

High-quality sex doll material is medical silicone or TPE, with better elasticity, and high hardness, good surface smoothness, more realistic in appearance. On the contrary, inferior material doll feels hard, poor elasticity, darker epidermal color, a slight black or yellow under the skin, touch a sticky feeling, not smooth, does not look real.

The smell of the sex doll

Good quality of raw materials TPE&silicone dolls has a faint scent, while the residual sex dolls with a strong aroma, or similar to the smell of chewing gum after chewing, the serious smell may lead to respiratory disease.

Features of sex dolls

Good quality love dolls have a long service life and can be used repeatedly without problems. The dolls made in small workshops will have many quality problems such as cracking, makeup removal, deformation, and even become disposable after one or more uses.

The health and safety of adult dolls

High-quality adult dolls are generally made of non-toxic molecular materials and will not have any negative impact on the human body. Poor quality sex dolls are generally made of ordinary plastic, which can have a negative impact on the human body and may produce stronger side effects. High-quality love dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, health and safety, high permeability, resistance to yellowing, long service life, physiological inertia, resistance to biological aging, while poor quality sex dolls do not have these advantages.

Price differences in sex dolls

High-quality real dolls have industry standards, sellers are required to purchase through regular and legitimate channels, strict management of subordinate distribution, coupled with creative mold, materials, processes, etc., so the price will be slightly higher relative to imitations. And poor quality real dolls are mostly imitations of high-quality dolls, similarity differences are not realistic enough, only the same pictures but different products, so do not buy the sex doll from unconfirmed, and informal cheap channels.

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