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How to Choose The Cloth For Your Sex Doll?

We know that the adult doll is made of silicone or TPE materials, In order to maintain the softness of the material, the factory often needs to mix material with silicone oil and other auxiliary materials to maintain the softness of the doll body in the production process. But this also leads to the existence of oil seepage, so the doll can not wear all types of clothing to avoid staining or damage.

Do you know how to choose clothes for the love doll? As the saying goes, people depend on clothes, beauty depends on beautiful clothes, even if the person is not so beautiful and handsome, but wearing the right clothes will add a little charm, this also applies to the real adult doll.

No matter what kind of dress you choose for the love doll, it is beautiful, different styles will show different characters and feelings. But what kind of clothes to wear for the love doll and how to wear it elegantly? please pay attention to the following issues.

First, before dressing, please put a layer of talcum powder (baby powder) on the surface of the TPE&silicone doll, which will make the doll look more realistic and also reduce the stickiness of the silicone/TPE material, and easier to wear clothes.

Second, please do not wear brightly colored clothes. We know that silicone / TPE are oily, once stained, the color is not easy to be washed off, so it is best to wear white, light pink, or flesh-colored clothes, which is very important, the sex dolls are most afraid of staining.

Third, too tight, long-sleeved, one-piece clothes are not suitable for entity dolls. This style of cloth would be not easy to wear and over-wrapped surface or squeeze, even it will lead to the doll’s surface dent, we don’t recommend buying them.

Fourth, the edges of the clothes are sharp or decorative clothing should not be worn, such as containing brooches, sequins, chains, and other trinkets, there is a risk of scratching the sex doll.

Our YourDoll always pays attention to the needs of our customers, and sincerely provides various suggestions, and we also provide various accessories, including clothes to choose from, please come together to choose clothes for your sex dolls!

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