Sex Doll Care Tips

How to Choose The Perfect Wig For Sex Doll?

When it comes to beauty and makeup, and even hair, male sex dolls should not be overlooked. Initially, each life like sex doll will come with a wig. However, as time goes on, it will become necessary to purchase more and more wigs for realistic sex dolls. Wigs are beautiful and they help to enhance the beauty of the doll and diversify the appearance of the doll.

Wigs come in different colors, lengths, and volumes. The wig you purchase for your anime sex doll depends on personal preference and the doll’s skin tone. Some people will do their best to provide a diverse look for their TPE sex doll, but we also need to realize that more cleaning time and maintenance methods are needed for the sex doll’s wigs. Also, wig maintenance depends heavily on the material of the wig, human hair braided wigs are treated differently than synthetic wigs due to their genetic makeup and fiber differences.

Where to buy a physical doll wig?

The wigs used by male sex dolls are the same as those used by women. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to buy a wig. You just need to make sure that certain size. In addition to eBay or Amazon, you can also buy it at YourDoll, which will not only get the recommended colors and types but will also have a wide variety of options.

Cleaning/Caring for a Sex Doll Wig

This is perhaps the most important part of life size doll wig maintenance. The cleaner the wig is, the easier it will be to bond with the sex doll for men. If the hair smells bad or is messy, it will turn people away from you, even in real life. Therefore, cleaning a real sex doll wig is the first task to ensure its longevity.

The tools needed include a water basin, a comb, shampoo, and a towel. The first step is to fill the water basin with warm water. Once this is done, add a little shampoo to the water and gently swirl to lather for later use. Next, submerge the wig completely in the water, but do not squeeze or press it in any way and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb.

Remove the wig from the water and rinse with clean, warm water, making sure all the shampoo is rinsed off, then gently squeeze the wig to remove excess water, then wrap the wig in a towel and pat dry any remaining water. Avoid direct sunlight for a few minutes and leave the wig in the shade to dry. When finished, remove and gently brush with a comb to remove any tangles before oiling and storing.

Tips for combing the wig

Occasionally it is necessary to comb the real doll‘s wig without necessarily washing it. In this case, please remove the wig from the doll’s head to avoid piercing the skin. Before using a brush to gently brush from tip to root, please use your fingers to deal with the tangles and then spray some warm water on the wig with a spray bottle to moisten it, do not pull hard to avoid shedding too much, but of course, a small amount of shedding is inevitable.

How do I properly wear a wig?

Many people think it’s as easy as throwing it on the sex doll heads, but it’s not. You first need to put on a wig cap and slowly slide the wig onto the top of the cap and adjust it on all sides. Then, use bobby pins to secure the wig and wig cap together along the edges of the selected area.

Tip: Avoid using dark-colored wigs on male sex dolls to avoid staining the skin. In addition, adhesives and wig glue may cause damage to the skin of the life size sex doll, thus significantly reducing its lifespan. Another tip is to avoid using particularly tight elastic bands to hold the wig in place, as they can leave dents and marks if worn for too long. Simply choose the right wig size for your doll, then brush it and keep it clean.

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