Sex Doll Care Tips

How Should I Store Sex Dolls?

One of the problems that many people have is how to place sex dolls after they have been purchased or manipulated on a daily basis. I believe this problem will be solved after you read the following guide.

1. Laying flat

There is something to be said for laying the real sex doll flat – not on a hard surface, whether on the bed, in a storage box, or even on the floor. Without this layer of protection, the back of the doll may collapse forever. Especially if you buy a TPE sex doll, it is very difficult to recover from a dent in the TPE material.

If you don’t think this is necessary, another strategy is to place a pillow on each side of the doll’s waist and lower legs, so that the doll can maintain the natural curvature of the body when lying down, and the doll’s whole body shape will remain in good shape.

2. Hanging

Hanging is the most recommended way of storage, as the adult sex dolls are equivalent to hanging in the air, their own weight will not crush any side, if the home has a good load-bearing wardrobe, hangers, or other shelves, hanging is a good choice, it is worth noting that different brands of dolls have different ways of hanging, it is recommended to get advice from the shop to understand clearly before buying to avoid damage. If you don’t have the above conditions, you can buy a pulley hanger to place it on, available on major Amazon or eBay at prices ranging from a few tens to a few hundred dollars, it is particularly important to choose a quality one to avoid the rope breaking off when the doll is hanging.

3. Standing

The least recommended way to store your dolls: standing up!

Some of our friends have been known to stand their dolls up against the wall to save time, but this is the wrong way to store them! I would like to remind you that most of the dolls you buy do not support standing up for a long time, even the higher-end dolls of certain brands, and the manufacturers make it a point to only stand up for a short time. Because the TPE love doll is very soft, when it stands all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, it will be very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even outside the sole of the foot to see the metal skeleton, so to avoid the doll to stand for a long time, or its sole of the foot torn money was spent, the doll is not complete.

4. Sitting

Sitting on the sofa may seem safe, but it’s not. In the same way, standing causes the soles of the feet to tear, sitting can also cause the weight to be concentrated on the hips, causing cracks around the hip bones.

The above is the knowledge about doll storage and placement, have you learned it?

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