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Can Sex Dolls be Pierced?

Most sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone, which are designed to mimic human skin. It is possible to pierce a love doll completely, but unlike our skin, TPE and silicone do not repair themselves and are not painful. So in many ways, it is easier to pierce an adult Sex doll than a human being. It is important to note that piercings are permanent, so think carefully before attempting to do so.

The planned piercing site will affect the details of the process and we will discuss the two main methods – “piercing” and “pinching”- and explain why they are named as such.

Method 1: “Puncturing”

This method involves piercing an area where there is a clear entry and exit point and all you have to do is pierce it.

Choose the area where you want to pierce (draw a small circle in this area with a pencil). Measure the width of the piercing needle and find a longer one to pierce the love doll, please make sure your piercing needle is the same width or a little smaller. Pick up the needle in the determined area and press down firmly until the tip of the needle passes through it. Place the earring or charm on the tiny sex doll through the hole that it passes through.

Method 2: “Pinching”

This is a technique that needs to be used in areas that cannot be fully pierced, such as the belly button, where your needle has no clear exit.

Once again, choose the area you want to pierce. Measure the length of the puncture and try to mentally mark the exit and entry points. Grasp each point separately with your thumb and forefinger and pinch. Pass the needle through the pinched area. Now that both holes are open, you can place the ornament in the pierced area.

Notes on perforation

Although TPE is a very soft material, this does not mean that it is perfect. While it’s not so easy to break a TPE sex dolls with a simple needle, piercing does pose some risks. Not all metals react perfectly with TPE, and this can lead to what looks like a human rash of patches.

Which metals cause this reaction has not been fully researched, but one simple piece of advice to follow is to stay away from cheap products; real-looking sex dolls are expensive products and should be treated as works of art. The theory is that some metals have cheap pigments on their surface that will leach into the skin of a realistic sex doll. Silver or gold is one of the safest metals and if you can choose one of them, you should have no problem. Our YourDoll also offer you the choice to get them, just click here. 🙂

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