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Buy One Doll Get Two Heads – Zelex Doll

Zelex Doll

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Here is well news that we offer a great discount on Zelex Doll from Aug. to Sep. , buy one doll gets two silicone heads to help you save at least $550. Here are the real reviews for Zelex Dolls from the TDF member below:

From TDF member john1972

I have that head 
It is on the 165cm.
You can tell it is a touch larger then the heads they normally sell
with there 165s but it is my fav head I think Zelex makes ..
Amazing photos and very realistic looking girl…

From TDF member Mishka1965

So finally, I can rate her:
Sex 9/10 (based on comparative silicone dolls)
Posing 8.5/10 (Wrists cannot twist or at least are stiff)
Skeleton 10/10 (Superb bending with ease)
Body Details 11/10 (Texturing is best I have seen and rivals 4K dolls)
Head 9/10 (-1 for hard silicone, fused lips, and non movable eyeballs), but I already knew that going into this, so this is very user subjective, and I already mentioned these heads are the best I now love them! (Implanted eyelashes, eyebrows)
Overall 9/10

From TDF member haremlover

In essence, overall excellence.
Soft silicone.
Soft breasts.
Great detailing of hands.
Good proportion of hands.
Well packaged.
Skeleton well adjusted
Hard silicone head. Would like softer.
Wire fingers. Hand plate is short so important to make sure that the hand is manipulated at the hinge, not half so with the wires.
Excellent feet modelling
Seam line better than many
Good skin colouring
Knee real texture overdone and slightly too low for the skeleton hinge

The Zelex Dolls are not 100% perfect for everyone, but obviously, it is worth trying. Are you ready to get your first Zelex doll? Shop online from YourDoll, we are the official agent to offer you better products and services.

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