8 Reasons For The Popularity of Sex Dolls

Why have sex dolls become so popular? What has prompted it? More real sex doll toys are being purchased than at any time in recent years. Reallifesize sex dolls, a novelty, were considered taboo a few years ago. But now it’s being talked about openly and more than ever before. 2021 has seen a significant increase in sales in the global physical doll market for the following reasons.

1. More Real Product
Thanks to aggressive manufacturers, adult sex dolls have made many exciting advances over the past few years, showcasing brand new production techniques for the public. The perfection of customization has been perfected for some enthusiasts. At the same time, more new styles are constantly being developed to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. What’s more, multi-functional and intelligent real dolls have emerged.

2. Health Protection
Infectious diseases are lesions caused by a number of serious viruses. Also, these viruses are very difficult to control, such as HIV, and once infected, medication is ineffective and extremely expensive.

3. Date Cost
How much money does a relationship cost? To shop, dinner, watch movies, send gifts, that will be a huge expense. Whereas sex dolls do not need any gifts, they just need to be cleaned and organized and stored properly, and of course, you can buy some clothes to dress up. (Note: light color cloth would be better)

4. Relevant Forums

This is a very important factor! When you log into the largest physical doll forum – TDF, you can see that there are thousands of members, and you can learn that there are a lot of people talking about TPE&silicone dolls, including the appearance and design, materials, etc. In this way, manufacturers quickly understand the market and improve to meet market demand. Customer demand for products is never-ending, and manufacturers are sparing no effort to introduce new products, which is why more and more types, models, and styles of solid dolls continue to appear. The famous brands WM/SE/YL Custom dolls also launched professional customization businesses to meet specialized needs, and these amazing services and superb technology have attracted more curious people.

5. Acceptance

At first, for most people, real sex dolls were a strange thing. The love doll was considered just an object, a kind of sustenance that the spirit of realism could not satisfy. Gradually, with the continuous development of doll culture, people’s awareness of the sex doll has increased, and people realize that it is not only a material object but also a pursuit of life.

6. Giving a New Identity

You will find that it is a process of personalization. It’s clear from all aspects of art and design that people are fascinated by the New love doll, that it’s another character that is expressing itself and exploring the same territory. It was the perfect portrayal of a dream girl and required a lot of effort and emotion. The doll becomes an artistic creation for its owner, and the demand for it is an artistic process of creation, which is given a new soulful role.

7. Rise of Public Opinion

When people focus on something new, it always starts with controversy. The adult sex doll is one such existence, and there is a lot of public discussion about the rationality of this product. Everyone expresses their opinion and makes more people aware of the real doll. The mutual discussion between people makes the topic of realistic dolls mature and rational, and as awareness grows, it becomes a hot topic.

8. Single Society

The latest data shows that more than half of young people are unmarried and that being single is more common and widely accepted as a reality. Many people prefer to live a single life because they are either too busy to work or have low self-esteem and fear socializing. But we can’t rule out the fact that they need emotional comfort and a more relaxed relationship, and love dolls may be able to give them just that.


In fact, sex dolls play a social role in the world because the conversation about them can be intriguing. The popularity of these human dolls contributes quite a bit to social development if the global rate of singles continues to increase. For more people, love dolls may be a long-term answer, at least so far.

How to Make Real Silicone Dolls?

Do you know anything about silicone dolls? Explore the process and application of making silicone dolls.

I’m sure you’ve been interested in realistic sex dolls at one time or another. For those of you who don’t know, a silicone doll is like a large hand puppet, that is a human doll that looks and feels real, it is sometimes purchased as a model, a film or television prop, or a dress-up doll. Some people who are very interested have looked deeper and researched love dolls and have learned the reasons and uses for them.

The production of a silicone doll is divided into three stages. First, the basic alloy frame is assembled. Second, polyurethane (PU), one of the main materials, is attached to the skeleton and coated with silicone or TPE. Finally, deburring and painting are completed. Of course, many more details to the production process, we only show you the last part, the third step, as this process requires a lot of finesse, so the workers are usually women.

The first task is to reduce unwanted burrs. Using only scissors with curved tips, the uneven surfaces are smoothed out with the correct technique and cleaned at the same time. Also, silicone is a scratchy material by its very nature and cannot be filed down, so deburring with scissors is a craft task.

The hair, in general, is a wig set, but there are also implant hair dolls, which are hand-stitched with a special needle while taking care of the overall balance. Of course, the adhesion to the surface does not stop there, even the bending angle can be repeated without the need to compromise the prototype, and this quality is often very realistic. When the proportions of the material synthesis formula are changed, it is also possible to create a realistic sense of wrinkles. As for the face it is colored with an airbrush and the area around the eyes and eyebrows is finished off with a careful application of make-up brushes.

In today’s society, having a realistic silicone doll, which has been molded and polished by 3D scanned creates a combination of soft figures and clear facial contours. The sensation is such that you can’t even tell the difference tactilely when you close your eyes.

The silicone dolls are finished by hand working and the makers seem to take special care to avoid individual differences, for example, the speed of curing of the silicone varies between summer and winter. Customers have an attachment to their love dolls and are sensitive to the differences between the form pictures and the actual product. Nevertheless, the artisans rely on experience and intuition to determine the state of the material in order to create a sense of proportion and produce more uniform silicone dolls.

When you ask about the price of a silicone doll, you would think it is expensive. However, if you know the multiple processes and procedures your doll has gone through, you may think the price is surprisingly reasonable. The typical production lead time for custom-made orders is 3-4 weeks, so if you are interested, now is the best time to get started.

Zelex Doll

Buy One Doll Get Two Heads – Zelex Doll

Shop the sex doll sale online at YourDoll and start building your dream girls. Discover discounted favorites from all our brands; WM, YL, SE, Piper, Dollhouse168, Zelex, Starpery, and so on…

Here is well news that we offer a great discount on Zelex Doll from Aug. to Sep. , buy one doll gets two silicone heads to help you save at least $550. Here are the real reviews for Zelex Dolls from the TDF member below:

From TDF member john1972

I have that head 
It is on the 165cm.
You can tell it is a touch larger then the heads they normally sell
with there 165s but it is my fav head I think Zelex makes ..
Amazing photos and very realistic looking girl…

From TDF member Mishka1965

So finally, I can rate her:
Sex 9/10 (based on comparative silicone dolls)
Posing 8.5/10 (Wrists cannot twist or at least are stiff)
Skeleton 10/10 (Superb bending with ease)
Body Details 11/10 (Texturing is best I have seen and rivals 4K dolls)
Head 9/10 (-1 for hard silicone, fused lips, and non movable eyeballs), but I already knew that going into this, so this is very user subjective, and I already mentioned these heads are the best I now love them! (Implanted eyelashes, eyebrows)
Overall 9/10

From TDF member haremlover

In essence, overall excellence.
Soft silicone.
Soft breasts.
Great detailing of hands.
Good proportion of hands.
Well packaged.
Skeleton well adjusted
Hard silicone head. Would like softer.
Wire fingers. Hand plate is short so important to make sure that the hand is manipulated at the hinge, not half so with the wires.
Excellent feet modelling
Seam line better than many
Good skin colouring
Knee real texture overdone and slightly too low for the skeleton hinge

The Zelex Dolls are not 100% perfect for everyone, but obviously, it is worth trying. Are you ready to get your first Zelex doll? Shop online from YourDoll, we are the official agent to offer you better products and services.

Yvonne 165cm Review (Taking the Leap from TPE)

Hello everyone! There are already several fantastic reviews here in the Zelex forum about this doll but I thought I’d give an opinion from the viewpoint of someone who’s previously only owned TPE dolls and my impressions with this being my first silicone doll. This might help those TPE owners who are also considering buying their first silicone doll, or those who are just curious in general.


I’ll start by first mentioning a few notes of my experience with TPE dolls to later make some points of why I now prefer silicone and why I think that this Zelex silicone doll is awesome (spoiler alert)! When I first dipped my toes into this hobby, I decided to play it safe and bought one of those knock-off TPE dolls from eBay. Despite its problems, I still learned a lot about owning a doll – care/maintenance of TPE, handling, posing, etc. And I read a lot of threads here in the doll forum before even creating an account (until I finally hit a thread that required an account for viewing ). Once I learned about all the additional features offered by TPE manufacturers, I decided to purchase a WM doll (145cm) with moaning and internal heating. At the time, the order got screwed up and I ended up getting an additional doll (150cm I-cup) for free! Now, I’ve read through so many threads about the debate between which is better – TPE or silicone. At the end of the day, they each have their strengths and weaknesses and it comes down to your personal preference. After owning TPE dolls for over a year, I grew dissatisfied because of the following caveats:
1. they require frequent cleaning,
2. the TPE odor is strong and fades after a while, but still remains present to an extent,
3. if not frequently powdered, the TPE feels rubbery and doesn’t feel like human skin,
4. makeup fades very quickly if the doll experiences a lot of “play,”
and 5. the overall look of the dolls just didn’t look realistic enough (life-like in terms of skin complexion, LHP, etc.) for me (you could immediately tell that they’re dolls). That’s just my opinion of course. Others may feel different. Lately, some manufacturers have begun making TPE dolls that look much more life-like but these other points still permeate the TPE industry. For me, this aspect will drastically affect how turned on I get just by looking at a doll and interacting with it.
Of course, there were some positive aspects too. My 145cm doll was easy to handle (weighing 28 kg) and the internal heating system was excellent (still works without issue), making that doll a nice cuddle buddy.

Yvonne 165cm (Standing Feet, Internal Heating, EVO Skeleton) Review

Now, on to the reason you’re here! Right out of the gate, I’m saying that this Zelex silicone doll is fantastic. I am very pleased with my purchase! The biggest reason why I decided to start looking for a silicone doll is because good silicone doll manufacturers usually don’t have any of the issues I mentioned above (according to what I’ve seen and learned here on the forum). For a while, I was researching many different silicone doll manufacturers – Realdoll, Sanhui, Sino, Gynoid Tech, Starpery, etc. I finally decided to purchase a Zelex doll for the following reasons:
1. The quality of the doll you get for the price is outstanding at just $2100-$3000 (depending on which vendor you purchase from – I purchased my Yvonne from Your Doll. Leading up to receiving my doll, their customer service was very kind, helpful, and professional – answering all of my questions. Full silicone dolls (with this level of detail) are usually in the $4000+ price range (especially in the list of manufacturers I was researching).
2. The look is absolutely incredible and can be mistaken as an actual person when viewed from certain angles. This entails the body makeup, complexion, veins, and LHP. The body sculpt is based on an actual person, which I think is a great idea and is likely why Zelex dolls look so realistic!
3. By default, the doll has gel-filled breasts and its body is not too soft and not too hard, according to other reviewers here.
4. The build quality seemed to be sturdy and strong (skeleton-wise).
So…I made the leap…and as I said, am very happy. After placing the order, I received pictures of my doll in just over a week! Zelex was very fast! There was an initial hiccup with the nipple color but they fixed it in just a couple days and sent pictures again. I received my doll about two weeks later (shipped to the U.S.).

To hit those earlier points I mentioned about my TPE dolls, these are my impressions so far regarding my Zelex doll:
1. Silicone is different than TPE in that it isn’t as easily susceptible to bacteria and mold so it doesn’t require as much cleaning. That being said, I purchased my Yvonne with a removable vagina and still clean the insert immediately after every use. But the rest of the body doesn’t stain as easily, get dirty easily, or retain any odor, which leads to my next point.
2. Out of the box, there was no smell, which was VERY surprising to me. Every TPE doll I got had a strong chemical smell right out of the box. I can play with this Zelex doll without having to get “used to” an odor. Maybe silicone dolls in general don’t smell and you guys already knew this but I was not aware of it, having been accustomed to TPE.
3. Yvonne feels great. I’ve played with her both with and without powder. With powder she feels good and realistic, but even without powder, she feels good. It’s weird and difficult to describe. Although not as realistic, the skin still feels good to the touch and I don’t mind playing with her without powder.
4. The makeup is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes, I can just stare at the skin and if I lose my train of thought, I’ll trick myself into thinking I’m staring at an actual person’s ass (or tits). The makeup artists at Zelex definitely know what they’re doing. The veins and complexion look incredible! And after washing, the makeup still holds strong over most of the body! I cleaned the doll in the shower when I first received it and again about a month later. Now, notice I said most. The only issue I’ve had thus far with the makeup is that some of it is starting to come off from the top of the nipples, but the color is still mostly intact overall on the nipples and areolas, so I’m not too hung up over it. You can see some quick pictures I took with my phone showing the problem below.

5. I also want to mention again how great the LHP is (vagina and butthole placement). This is perhaps one of the most realistic dolls I’ve seen in this regard (which, again, makes sense given the fact that the sculpt is based on an actual model). For me, this is a huge turn-on.

The Negatives

It’s unfortunate, but not all dolls are perfect! I have to be honest about some of the negatives I’ve experienced.
1. The internal heating system stopped working immediately after only one use. This is one of those areas where Zelex has some catching up to do. The heating adaptor is not like others I’ve seen. There is no temperature setting or reading for you to see. It is simply a black brick that lights “red” if it is warming the doll and “green” if it is not. The first time I used it, the light remained red for about 2 hours then turned green. The doll was warm. After a few hours had passed, the doll began to feel cold again so I plugged the adaptor in again. The light remained green and wouldn’t turn red. I contacted my vendor reporting this problem and they replied that the doll needs to fully cool before being able to heat again. At this point, 12 hours had passed and the doll was cold to the touch. I tried heating it again but the adaptor light remained green. Just in case there was some miscommunication, I left it plugged in for a few hours to see if it would warm up. It didn’t. So I waited another whole day. The doll was obviously cold to the touch. I tried heating it again and it still wouldn’t work. I explained this to my vendor and never received a reply from them. I’m honestly not too upset since this upgrade was only $150, considering the full price of the doll. But I’d warn against purchasing Zelex’s heating system until they improve it. From what I understand, it is fairly new because earlier this year, Zelex mentioned in a forum thread that they didn’t have a heating system. But it became available as an option when I ordered a few months ago. So now, I’ve just resorted to using a heating blanket to warm the doll (I can’t enjoy myself and will completely disconnect from any immersion if the body is cold). Images of the heating adaptor (which plugs into the doll on one end and into an electrical outlet on the other) can be seen below.

2. After putting the doll into some poses for my photoshoots, its left elbow joint has become very loose to the point where it will no longer hold its position without help. I’ve heard of others cutting open their dolls on the Zelex forum and tightening the joints but I’m afraid to do this as I have no experience with this and am afraid that I’ll mess up this doll’s good looks.
3. This isn’t necessarily a full negative but I wish that the removable vagina was softer. While the rest of the body feels great to the touch, I feel like the sex is…fairly satisfactory, and that the doll’s canals can be a little rough if not used with a lot of lubrication. This may be because I’m used to the softness of TPE and its ability to stretch. This is one of those advantages though that TPE has over silicone. Overall though, the sex can still be enjoyable when proper lubrication is applied and the doll is positioned nicely (especially with the evo skeleton).


So there you have it! If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you reading a newbie’s perspective! Aside from those few negatives, the positives certainly make Zelex’s 165cm silicone doll a VERY worthwhile purchase! Again, the body detailing is absolutely incredible (makeup retention is great for the most part), the overall skin on the body has just the right amount of softness to it (gel-filled breasts feel great, ass is soft but nice and firm at the same time, if that makes sense), and the LHP is realistic (a nice turn-on for me  ). When I made my order, Zelex only had hard silicone heads available but now offer soft silicone heads and are currently working on movable jaws. Had I known soft heads would be available so soon, I’d have waited an extra month or two but I’m still very happy with my purchase. I definitely plan to buy a soft head in the future because I enjoy being able to kiss my doll (which can’t really be done with the hard head). Thanks again for checking out my review!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

And if you want to see more photos, check out my photoshoots in these threads: Nighttime Blues and School Girl

**This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – easycompany14. We get authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here.**

Sex And Love With Robots

“I want to talk to you …… I cheated on a robot.” Do you think this is a plot from a novel? This scene is vaguely reminiscent of the intimate relationship between Jaquan Phoenix and the AI computer man in the movie “Her” directed by Spike Jonze, which could become a reality. No coincidence, when the LP phenomenon triggered by the Japanese otaku’s love for the game “Love Follow”, the love affair between Lars and the inflatable doll in “Inflatable Doll Love” happens, the companion robot is like a brisk spring breeze attracting our attention.

Companion Robot Fulfills Many Fantasies

If we become lovers with our companion robots and they can speak as they do in “Westworld”, will we still see them as mere objects? First, theologian and ethicist Veronique Magrone must define the concept: “We do not love each other to be faithful; we are faithful because that faithfulness serves our love.” They are not just a love doll.

The author of “Loyalty and Betrayal” insists: “Infidelity would be a betrayal of a word.” Masturbatory fantasies and companion robots have little to do with all of this. She says, “Fantasy is usually involuntary, and it allows people to get away with it.” The physical sex doll, intelligent or not, is just a tool for a certain purpose, nothing more. Laurence, a professor and researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Engineering Sciences Computer Science in France and author of “Robots and People: Myth, Fantasy, and Reality,” seems to share the same view. “To fall in love with a robot is to fall in love with an object. It satisfies the unilateral needs of a person who is trying to establish a relationship with another person. What is interesting in this relationship is the reciprocity, with the added emotional perception of enjoyment and frustration.

Dependencies Relationship

If love arises in a relationship with the opposite sex, then it is more human. Falling in love with a robot is like a most transient relationship. Because a robot will always be a machine. It’s like a fetish, a strong attachment to a thing that doesn’t start today, for example, some people are obsessed with high heels.

These robots look like people and will give people empathy, just like Atlas, the humanoid robot introduced by Boston Dynamics in 2016, which can walk in the snow, stand up autonomously after a fall, and adapt to all kinds of new environments. Lawrence recalls, “Someone had knocked the robot down and it acted like it was in pain, but it doesn’t actually do that. The fact that the object is moving creates more empathy.” The more they resemble humans, the more often this happens, but they have no intrinsic nature and are at best-simulating pain.

Distrust of Human Nature

What if you fall in love with a companion robot? Let’s not forget that many Japanese geeks claim to like computer characters or physical dolls. Lawrence says, “Robots are stand-ins for responding to what we want. It’s not just love, it’s addiction.” But sometimes addiction can be a cheat. When you choose to leave the people around you and decide to live with them, it’s a form of infidelity. For many people, falling in love with a robot is a sign of poverty of thought.

Today, technology is not enough to replicate the complexity of human discussions. It’s a long way off, but by 2050, everything will change. David Levy, the author of “Sex and Love with Robots”, predicts that artificial intelligence will enable people to fulfill their fantasies. We will no longer distinguish between intelligent robots and human minds, even physically.

Sleeping with, interacting with, and feeling love for a machine that looks like plots in the science fiction film. But now, our YourDoll offers the robot sex doll to start the first step. For more auto-blowjob function details please click here.

You Buy Today, We Ship Tomorrow!

YourDoll recognized that its customers’ purchase expectations of the sex doll had changed. Customers want their purchase experience to include simple ordering, quick response, and faster shipping. In response, YourDoll studied the ready sex doll market and expanded the European warehouses business. New EU WM in-stock dolls are ready!

YourDoll transformed its internal operations and added three times the inventory of in-stock products, we refined our order response systems to ensure quick processing, and we enhanced our shipping capabilities. As the result, everything you see here is in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days, which means it’ll be in your home in one week or less.

We promised:

All items on the Stock & Ready product list are in-stock and ready-to-ship, dolls from the CA warehouse with no extra customs fee.

Stock & Ready orders placed by 1 p.m. EST will ship by the next business days.

Ready Sex Doll Choice:

Various Body Type: 155L, 162E, 163H, 164F, 166C, 172B, 172D, 173H.

Rich Doll Brand: WM Dolls / YL Doll / SE Doll / Irontech Doll

Skin color (dark tan, medium), Breasts (solid, hollow, gel), Vagina (fixed, removable) are all available.

For more ready doll details, please check them here. If you didn’t see the one you want, please chat with us online or send us an email ([email protected]).

New Arrivals – Zelex Doll is Available Now!

If the words “New Arrivals” don’t put an ear-to-ear smile on your face, then we don’t know what will! We’re so excited to launch our Zelex Doll, and we can’t wait to share the lifelike doll pics with you. What drew us to join with Zelex Doll was their genuine concern for their consumers and commitment to providing the highest-quality dolls. YourDoll is pleased to announce the addition of Zelex sex dolls to our doll store.

Zelex is a new brand sex doll manufacturer established in 2013. The carving of wax gives the doll a hot body and an angelic face. All Zelex dolls are made from medical-grade platinum silicone, which makes the love doll highly durable and sanitary for long-lasting use. Zelex doll gives you the various options to custom your doll, you can choose from 18 hairstyles, 4 skin tones, 6 nails color, even purchase a different head to match your doll’s body that makes it more human-like and sexually satisfying.

If you’ve never heard of them, now is the chance to learn more about their life-like dolls. Realistic lifesize silicone Zelex doll are stunning and well worth checking out!

As of June, our latest Zelex Silicone dolls are officially available to all silicone sex doll lovers, and the pieces will be available to purchase on our website NOW, so no need to contain your excitement any longer!

Starpery 171cm A cup Hedy Review

To start my review lets start with the search for my ideal doll. Im very particular with what im looking for when it comes to body proportions and what the key body parts look like. After an initial search through a number of vendors I ended up finding Starpery and liked what I saw. The Hedy head just spoke to me and said Im the doll for you.

Ordering: Selecting a vendor is a time consuming task in and of itself. Obviously picking a reputable one is important, but then picking one thats going to be a good price fit with the options you want available. I ended up narrowing down my choice to two vendors, but after a quick back and forth with sales I decided to go with Yourdoll.

Ordering was reasonably quick with their website and I was able to select exactly what I wanted in a matter of minutes. Ran into a minor issue with my Bank declining the transaction twice before I was able to verify the transaction and complete it. Of course once done I freaked out thinking I might have now just placed 3 Identical orders and been charged a lot more than i can afford. Fortunately Mia at Yourdoll was very responsive in confirming only one transaction. Order placed May 28th. Yourdoll 5/5 for easy ordering and quick and helpful responses during and after.

Factory ready Photos and Shipping: I was honestly quite surprised when I woke up on the 10th of June to an email with my Factory Ready Photos for review. My girl looked exactly like I wanted and I quickly approved them and was told she would be shipped shortly. After not receiving a tracking number for 3 working days I sent a follow up email. Mia was very polite and responsive, saying that Yourdoll in china only just received my doll from the manufacturer and they were going to repack her as the box was not in the best shape. I ended up not receiving a tracking number until 10 days after I’d approved my factory photos. On a side note, Starpery you need a better camera for those pictures. My ordeal wasn’t over just yet, She officially shipped on the 20th of June. In my past experience once I get that tracking number I can usually expect my product at my door within 7 days. I watched as my doll sat in Shenzhen for 4 days and the delivery date slipped from thursday, to friday, to monday, then finally to tuesday. All the while I was starting to worry that something had happened to my girl. Then suddenly a notification that she had cleared customs, 12 hours later she was in Anchorage. The delivery date stayed the same, Tuesday the 29th. I woke up friday morning to find that tracking was now showing her ETA to be between 1045am and 245pm Friday the 25th. Work was very stressful and I got the tracking notification update that she was out for delivery. I obsessively watched that truck move around my neighborhood on the tracking app. I was able to leave work earlier than normal and got back to find her box at my door, having been dropped off probably mere moments before I arrived. I give Yourdoll 4 / 5 for the shipping experience. Mostly down to the excessive delay between factory ready and actual shipping with me having to message every few days to an update or ETA. UPS gets 4 / 5 as well because they managed to get her to me in 5 days. They lose a point for lack of tracking info stating she was being customs processed for 3 days. Way to freak a man out.

Samantha’s arrival home: The box was in good condition (relatively speaking) and I excitedly drug it inside my place. Its worth noting that the box weighed 52.5kg (116lbs) and I dont have the best upper body strength or back. Upon opening the box I found her head and shifted slightly out of its protective shell but had no damage to it. The body looked amazing and I was surprised by the quality of the body painting. When I ordered from Yourdoll I had only opted for moles and freckles added (a $99) optional extra. When I opened her up I saw that she also had light veins as well (which was a separate option for $99). I hadn’t ordered those because I wasn’t sure How well I’d like it but to my amazement they looked fantastic, especially with the moles. Getting her out of the box and into her first shower was a struggle. As mentioned I dont have the best upper body strength. Luckily for me she behaved herself with her standing feet in the shower that allowed me to give her a good rinse (everyone needs a good shower after a long international flight). I dressed her up and cuddled with her for a bit before eating dinner, watching some youtube and relaxing after work. Then my lust took hold and I put her in some sexy lingerie and consummated the relationship. Sadly the lingerie which was only on her for 40 min left stains. Starpery if you recommend a preferred method to stain removal I’d be very appreciative.

Pros: The quality of the body and face painting and detailing. 5 / 5
The TPE skin was soft and had the right amount of give to make her feel real, especially during sex. 5 / 5
Poseability is good, though I can’t quite get the standing feet thing to work for me. Also the allen wrench sent with her was not the right size for the bolts in her feet. If someone can offer suggestions I’m all ears. 5 / 5

Neutrals: The pubic hair option was not what I was hoping for. I thought I ordered the light brown option and what came was the long black. It was hard to tell from the factory ready photos. The hair quickly lost its curliness and also started coming out during sex. Additionally I feel like the hair was placed too low on the vulva which makes it look off. I ended up cutting the hair down to a more reasonable length after her bath. If you want or like pubic hair on your dolls i suggest a glue on option. Starpery, the Implanting is great but the execution is off.

Cons: The Hedy head is great but the firm silicon makes it feel very fake. Around the back of the head its fine but the cheeks and lips have nearly no give. While I dont want oral I did want to have some soft smoochable lips. Maybe consider and updated head design or offer an intermediate option between full soft silicon for oral and the firm high quality paint job one.
The weight. I really do need to stress this. If you have back problems or lack upper body strength this doll is going to be a struggle for you. Switching positions during sex can possible trap you under her. I myself found that my own upper body strength was failing fast after moving her a few times. Today It feel like I did 80 pushups and my arms are basically shredded. I suppose this isn’t a bad thing as it means Ill slowly gain the strength needed as I pose and move her about.

***This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – Capt_Rye. We are authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here. ***

New Coming! Hard Hand Option is Available Now.

It is has been a practical issue for the doll owners of the poor hand feeling. Frequently these wires would harm the skin materials causing permanent harm by the fragile wires. A portion of our customers covers their women’s and gentlemen’s hands with gloves to reduce the possibility of harm. Past the appearance, the wire hands were likewise difficult to maneuver toward the position. In the fact, wires poking out of your love doll skin is a real mood killer and would be really dangerous!

These are some intriguing new choices for the WM Dolls/ YL Dolls/Irontech Doll/ Piper Dolls(only silicone dolls). They look very impressive and the team works hard to bring these to our clients. The hard hand choice will make the hands harder, which diminishes the opportunity of palm tearing, and secures the fingers and hands better. Especially when you in a doggy position, will decrease damage when the doll is on her palms and protect the hands from general use.

Next, you will see instances of WM Doll / YLDoll / Irontech Doll / Piper Doll’s new Sex Doll Hand Skeleton offering.

1. WM Dolls as the #1 brand sex doll manufacturer, they have always been committed to improving the authenticity and comfort of their products, leaving their guests with a better feeling all over again. YL shares the manufacturer factory with WM dolls, they update these options together.

2.Silicone Piper doll hard hand:

Also, the hard standing option will be more helpful for the standing feet. Please check here for hard feet.

3. Irontech Doll hard hand:

Pros: Better protecting for the whole hand.

Cons: Extra cost, hard feeling.

I think this is a wonderful feature for TPE&silicone sex dolls. The hands have always been flimsy so the Hard Hand option will protect the hands much better from tearing and damage. No more finger wires poking through the hand. It extends the time the doll spends with you and allows you to have a more fun time.

YourDoll and My Doll, from purchase to delivery


I like to share my experience with my purchase of a DH168-156C doll from Yourdoll.
It was a long journey, I purchased it januari 11th and received the doll last week (May 4th). Not everything went smooth, but I can’t blame Yourdoll for that.
The most difficult part of the whole process from purchase to delivery is choosing a doll and choosing a vendor. But thanks to the information at TDF I finaly made my decision: a DH168-156C from Yourdoll.

Januari 11th, the purchase
Yourdoll offers two common payment-methods: Paypal and wire transfer. Because I did not had a Paypal-account at that moment I had to pay with wiretransfer. That was quite tricky. For sending money from the Netherlands to the US I had to provide a lot of data beside the usual name and account number. But with help from a bank-employee I get it done. The latter told me that the transfer is not instantaneous to the US, it can take a few hours, even days.
So if your are ever going to transfer money to the US, you are warned.
If you have a creditcard you are lucky. Much easier, but I don’t think many of us have a creditcard.

Januari 20
I received an email from Mia (Yourdoll): The production of the doll is started. Mia wrote that it can take 3-4 weeks to receive the doll.

Januari 28
Good news! I received an email from Mia: the doll was finished.
She send me two factory pictures. I replied her that it was exactly what I ordered so she can start the delivery.
I was very happy that the doll was finished before the Chinese Holiday in februari. That could cause a delay.

februari 1,
Bad news. Mia wrote that I have to handle the custom clearance myself or the delivery will take longer: 40-50 days.
She offered to share the additional costs if I handle the custom clearance. But I did not want the hassle with the customs and the additional costs, so I choose the latter: delivery of the doll will take 40-50 days and Yourdoll will handle the customs.

februari 3,
Although the doll was ready for shipment, the logistics had decided to ship the doll after februari 19th because of the Chinese holiday, Mia emailed me. She can nothing do about it.

februari 25th,
Good news! I received the tracking number. The doll has been shipped.

April 22
The tracking information was not updated since februari 25. I was worried and a little impatient too. So I wrote an email to Mia if she has any news. As usual she replied very quick (always within one day): There was nothing to worry about.

May 4th
I received the doll!
The package was in good condition, no signs of damage.
After opening the box I was very happy with the free gifts: a second head, extra wigs, extra eyes.

Also the doll was in perfect condition. No damage, not even a single small scratch. Only one of the eyes was not at the right position, one eye looked up, the other down, but that was easy to correct. I can’t complain about that.
Very happy with all what was in the box.
But I missed one of the gifts: the free teeth and tongue-set. This gift was not in the box.
I wrote Mia about this and she offered to send the teeth- and tongue set after I leave feedback on TDF and on Yourdoll.com.

Before the purchase I did a ‘research’ to where to buy. I compared a lot of doll-vendors. Also some which are more nearby the Netherlands.
But from all the vendors YourDoll had the best price and the most gifts (free 2nd head, extra wigs and eyes, a teeth- and tongue-set). And I did read the reviews from other buyers on TDF. This all together was the reason I bought from YourDoll.

All together I am very satisfied with Yourdoll. Especially the excellent customer support with excellent quick replies to my emails. Always within one day, often within a few hours.
I am not the most patient person, so I wrote Mia several emails about the delivery delay, but she always replied friendly and very helpfull.
And I received the doll in perfect condition.
If you don’t mind a longer delivery-time or if you handle the custom clearance yourself I can recommend YourDoll. Good prices, a lot of free gifts and a good customer-support. Is there anything else you want?

I have to thank The DollForum for all the information I needed for making a decision! This helped me a lot. And of course thanks to Mia for all her efforts!
Although it toke a while, YourDoll delivered me my dream!

***This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – Dani24. We are authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here. ***