How to Choose The Perfect Wig For Sex Doll?

When it comes to beauty and makeup, and even hair, male sex dolls should not be overlooked. Initially, each life like sex doll will come with a wig. However, as time goes on, it will become necessary to purchase more and more wigs for realistic sex dolls. Wigs are beautiful and they help to enhance the beauty of the doll and diversify the appearance of the doll.

Wigs come in different colors, lengths, and volumes. The wig you purchase for your anime sex doll depends on personal preference and the doll’s skin tone. Some people will do their best to provide a diverse look for their TPE sex doll, but we also need to realize that more cleaning time and maintenance methods are needed for the sex doll’s wigs. Also, wig maintenance depends heavily on the material of the wig, human hair braided wigs are treated differently than synthetic wigs due to their genetic makeup and fiber differences.

Where to buy a physical doll wig?

The wigs used by male sex dolls are the same as those used by women. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to buy a wig. You just need to make sure that certain size. In addition to eBay or Amazon, you can also buy it at YourDoll, which will not only get the recommended colors and types but will also have a wide variety of options.

Cleaning/Caring for a Sex Doll Wig

This is perhaps the most important part of life size doll wig maintenance. The cleaner the wig is, the easier it will be to bond with the sex doll for men. If the hair smells bad or is messy, it will turn people away from you, even in real life. Therefore, cleaning a real sex doll wig is the first task to ensure its longevity.

The tools needed include a water basin, a comb, shampoo, and a towel. The first step is to fill the water basin with warm water. Once this is done, add a little shampoo to the water and gently swirl to lather for later use. Next, submerge the wig completely in the water, but do not squeeze or press it in any way and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb.

Remove the wig from the water and rinse with clean, warm water, making sure all the shampoo is rinsed off, then gently squeeze the wig to remove excess water, then wrap the wig in a towel and pat dry any remaining water. Avoid direct sunlight for a few minutes and leave the wig in the shade to dry. When finished, remove and gently brush with a comb to remove any tangles before oiling and storing.

Tips for combing the wig

Occasionally it is necessary to comb the real doll‘s wig without necessarily washing it. In this case, please remove the wig from the doll’s head to avoid piercing the skin. Before using a brush to gently brush from tip to root, please use your fingers to deal with the tangles and then spray some warm water on the wig with a spray bottle to moisten it, do not pull hard to avoid shedding too much, but of course, a small amount of shedding is inevitable.

How do I properly wear a wig?

Many people think it’s as easy as throwing it on the sex doll heads, but it’s not. You first need to put on a wig cap and slowly slide the wig onto the top of the cap and adjust it on all sides. Then, use bobby pins to secure the wig and wig cap together along the edges of the selected area.

Tip: Avoid using dark-colored wigs on male sex dolls to avoid staining the skin. In addition, adhesives and wig glue may cause damage to the skin of the life size sex doll, thus significantly reducing its lifespan. Another tip is to avoid using particularly tight elastic bands to hold the wig in place, as they can leave dents and marks if worn for too long. Simply choose the right wig size for your doll, then brush it and keep it clean.

How to Choose The Cloth For Your Sex Doll?

We know that the adult doll is made of silicone or TPE materials, In order to maintain the softness of the material, the factory often needs to mix material with silicone oil and other auxiliary materials to maintain the softness of the doll body in the production process. But this also leads to the existence of oil seepage, so the doll can not wear all types of clothing to avoid staining or damage.

Do you know how to choose clothes for the love doll? As the saying goes, people depend on clothes, beauty depends on beautiful clothes, even if the person is not so beautiful and handsome, but wearing the right clothes will add a little charm, this also applies to the real adult doll.

No matter what kind of dress you choose for the love doll, it is beautiful, different styles will show different characters and feelings. But what kind of clothes to wear for the love doll and how to wear it elegantly? please pay attention to the following issues.

First, before dressing, please put a layer of talcum powder (baby powder) on the surface of the TPE&silicone doll, which will make the doll look more realistic and also reduce the stickiness of the silicone/TPE material, and easier to wear clothes.

Second, please do not wear brightly colored clothes. We know that silicone / TPE are oily, once stained, the color is not easy to be washed off, so it is best to wear white, light pink, or flesh-colored clothes, which is very important, the sex dolls are most afraid of staining.

Third, too tight, long-sleeved, one-piece clothes are not suitable for entity dolls. This style of cloth would be not easy to wear and over-wrapped surface or squeeze, even it will lead to the doll’s surface dent, we don’t recommend buying them.

Fourth, the edges of the clothes are sharp or decorative clothing should not be worn, such as containing brooches, sequins, chains, and other trinkets, there is a risk of scratching the sex doll.

Our YourDoll always pays attention to the needs of our customers, and sincerely provides various suggestions, and we also provide various accessories, including clothes to choose from, please come together to choose clothes for your sex dolls!

How to Distinguish High or Poor Quality Sex Dolls?

The safety of real sex dolls is very important. At present, the quantity of crude and secondary material TPE dolls in the market has surpassed the finely crafted and primary material love dolls, which is a matter of concern. Many buyers who do not understand sex dolls can easily buy poor quality adult dolls, for this reason, I share some basic methods on how to distinguish between good and bad entity dolls.

Material of the sex doll

High-quality sex doll material is medical silicone or TPE, with better elasticity, and high hardness, good surface smoothness, more realistic in appearance. On the contrary, inferior material doll feels hard, poor elasticity, darker epidermal color, a slight black or yellow under the skin, touch a sticky feeling, not smooth, does not look real.

The smell of the sex doll

Good quality of raw materials TPE&silicone dolls has a faint scent, while the residual sex dolls with a strong aroma, or similar to the smell of chewing gum after chewing, the serious smell may lead to respiratory disease.

Features of sex dolls

Good quality love dolls have a long service life and can be used repeatedly without problems. The dolls made in small workshops will have many quality problems such as cracking, makeup removal, deformation, and even become disposable after one or more uses.

The health and safety of adult dolls

High-quality adult dolls are generally made of non-toxic molecular materials and will not have any negative impact on the human body. Poor quality sex dolls are generally made of ordinary plastic, which can have a negative impact on the human body and may produce stronger side effects. High-quality love dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, health and safety, high permeability, resistance to yellowing, long service life, physiological inertia, resistance to biological aging, while poor quality sex dolls do not have these advantages.

Price differences in sex dolls

High-quality real dolls have industry standards, sellers are required to purchase through regular and legitimate channels, strict management of subordinate distribution, coupled with creative mold, materials, processes, etc., so the price will be slightly higher relative to imitations. And poor quality real dolls are mostly imitations of high-quality dolls, similarity differences are not realistic enough, only the same pictures but different products, so do not buy the sex doll from unconfirmed, and informal cheap channels.

What Should I Do If My TPE Doll is Dyed?

Seeing stains appear on your TPE &silicone sex dolls is never a pleasant experience. As we have explained on many occasions, handling and using TPE sex dolls requires good care. Sometimes it is difficult for beginners to take correct methods but more experienced users may also make mistakes. A more common mistake is dyeing! Usually caused by dyes from clothing, this stain seems to be permanent, which fortunately is not the case.

Step 1: Purchase a bottle of stain removal cream for TPE.

It is highly recommended to purchase stain removal cream for TPE love dolls before they appear stained. This is because you can clean the operation faster and easier during the initial staining. Stain removal creams are available at most TPE sex doll stores. Of course, the main thing is that I recommend buying certified and official online sex doll store’ products to avoid causing any issues.

Step 2: Mix the TPE stain remover slowly. In order to use it better, you will also need cotton swabs.


  1.  Dipping a cotton swab slightly into the water and stirring it into the TPE stain removal paste to form a paste.
  2. Apply the stain remover paste onto the stain of the TPE doll’s skin.
  3. Wait patiently for the stain remover to react on the stain, usually for 3-5 hours.
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the residual stain remover paste on the skin of the sex doll.

After using TPE stain remover your love adult doll‘s skin discoloration is still dark? Do worry! Cleaning stains requires a lot of patience. If the stain remains, you just need to repeat each of the above steps several times.

The Knowledge of the Masturbators For Newcomers

What is the real male masturbator?

From the functional understanding, it is a higher level of the male masturbators, made of silicone & TPE material, feeling as human body skin, the shape of the 1:1 inverted model according to the real parts of the production, usually have a mouth, pubic buttocks, buttocks, large breasts, and other parts, the use of the feeling is very close to the real experience, can restore the real-life when the wrapping and sucking feeling, from the texture and experience of the real male masturbators, of course, The price will also be higher than the normal masturbators.

What are the benefits of using male masturbators?

The comfort of using male masturbators is much higher than that of “hand” or “normal masturbators”, and it has a very high sense of realism.

When we use the hand solution, because of the lack of wrapping, can stimulate less point. It will give the nerve reflex arc to produce “memory” over time, in the process of actual combat these points will become sensitive, coupled with the stimulation of the psychological senses, it is easy to advance “shoot”. The male masturbators‘ instrument is very strong to offer a good experience and exercise ability.

How to use male masturbators?

First of all, use lube! You can pour a little in the male masturbators with your hand, or directly wipe on the organ, or both used together.

Before using, I recommend using the heating rod into the channel preheat about 3 minutes, so that the body will feel close to the warmth of real people, do not heat too long, the high temperature would harm the vagina even the organ.

Then the use of the process should go without saying, the rest is to use the experience accumulated on a regular basis with a little sex movie.

How to maintain the male masturbators?

  • Cleaning
    Whether before or after use, you need to clean it. Please squeeze a little body wash on the masturbator’s surface to clean it, the vagina also needs to be washed by hands, everyone has a talent in this aspect.
  • Dry water
    Dry the surface of the masturbator’s apparatus with a clean towel and the inside of the vagina with a cotton swab or absorbent stick.
  • Put Baby Powder
    After drying the water, please put the baby powder on the surface of the masturbators to make the body dry and not oil. The purpose is to keep the silicone&TPE material in good elasticity. If no baby powder, sometimes the silicone material would become sticky hands greasy, and later will harden.
  • Refusing the High Temperature
    The silicone material is not available for high temperatures, first of all, the masturbators do not need high-temperature sterilization (we have met it before that use hot water to boil ), if you are not sure about the health safety, please choose a condom. And should not be heated with a heating rod for too long, generally, 5 minutes is already hot enough.

Recommended Manufacturers.

QITA’s real-life version of the male masturbators has been well received, while the newly launched electric manufacturers are more realistic. Offering you unbelievable real sex experience.

The good news is that no need to wait for production, mostly 2-3 weeks to receive the parcel. Please choose the one that you prefer and have a wonderful sex trip.

How to Protect The Feet of Your Sex Doll

Sex doll maintenance chapter – doll feet easily dirty? Easy to tear? These tips help you.

In the TDF forums and manufacturers, we can see a lot of messages, emails, and phone inquiries from sex doll owners who are asking the question, “What should I do if my love doll’s feet are dirty?” “What if my TPE & Silicone doll‘s feet are cracked?”

This is a very common question!

They spend a lot of money on their realistic sex dolls, and it’s kind of like taking care of a piece of art. A little damage is very hard for them to bear, so they rack their brains to solve this problem.

Now there’s finally a great solution, and I’m here to share it with all your dolls out there!

If your sex doll’s feet are dirty, how do you clean them? Don’t trust other people’s unsophisticated methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline to clean it. Anyone with a little common sense will know that these things will corrode the sex doll. In fact, just use warm water and soap and you can clean it normally. So, how do you fix a doll’s torn toe? The operation method is simple.

Apply TPE sex doll repair solvent to the surface without other treatment, let the solution fully penetrate into the torn area, and hold it for 1-2 minutes with a reinforcement tool, after waiting for a maximum of about 5-6 hours.

How to protect the feet of solid dolls from getting dirty? This is when you need amazing silicone socks.

It is very effective and can make the feet of the sex dolls look more realistic. If you’re in the habit of foot care, you’ll love these socks! Let the entity doll wear these silicone socks, no longer afraid of feet will be dirty, but also make it more beautiful.

Although the entity doll socks, TPE repair solvent can help us solve these problems. But the daily maintenance of the entity doll is very important, some people love the doll more and may wash it frequently, but in fact, this will accelerate the degradation of the doll’s skin, shorten its life span, or lead to skin tears, so it is recommended to wash it every 2-4 weeks, which can extend the life cycle of the entity doll.

8 Reasons For The Popularity of Sex Dolls

Why have sex dolls become so popular? What has prompted it? More real sex doll toys are being purchased than at any time in recent years. Reallifesize sex dolls, a novelty, were considered taboo a few years ago. But now it’s being talked about openly and more than ever before. 2021 has seen a significant increase in sales in the global physical doll market for the following reasons.

1. More Real Product
Thanks to aggressive manufacturers, adult sex dolls have made many exciting advances over the past few years, showcasing brand new production techniques for the public. The perfection of customization has been perfected for some enthusiasts. At the same time, more new styles are constantly being developed to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. What’s more, multi-functional and intelligent real dolls have emerged.

2. Health Protection
Infectious diseases are lesions caused by a number of serious viruses. Also, these viruses are very difficult to control, such as HIV, and once infected, medication is ineffective and extremely expensive.

3. Date Cost
How much money does a relationship cost? To shop, dinner, watch movies, send gifts, that will be a huge expense. Whereas sex dolls do not need any gifts, they just need to be cleaned and organized and stored properly, and of course, you can buy some clothes to dress up. (Note: light color cloth would be better)

4. Relevant Forums

This is a very important factor! When you log into the largest physical doll forum – TDF, you can see that there are thousands of members, and you can learn that there are a lot of people talking about TPE&silicone dolls, including the appearance and design, materials, etc. In this way, manufacturers quickly understand the market and improve to meet market demand. Customer demand for products is never-ending, and manufacturers are sparing no effort to introduce new products, which is why more and more types, models, and styles of solid dolls continue to appear. The famous brands WM/SE/YL Custom dolls also launched professional customization businesses to meet specialized needs, and these amazing services and superb technology have attracted more curious people.

5. Acceptance

At first, for most people, real sex dolls were a strange thing. The love doll was considered just an object, a kind of sustenance that the spirit of realism could not satisfy. Gradually, with the continuous development of doll culture, people’s awareness of the sex doll has increased, and people realize that it is not only a material object but also a pursuit of life.

6. Giving a New Identity

You will find that it is a process of personalization. It’s clear from all aspects of art and design that people are fascinated by the New love doll, that it’s another character that is expressing itself and exploring the same territory. It was the perfect portrayal of a dream girl and required a lot of effort and emotion. The doll becomes an artistic creation for its owner, and the demand for it is an artistic process of creation, which is given a new soulful role.

7. Rise of Public Opinion

When people focus on something new, it always starts with controversy. The adult sex doll is one such existence, and there is a lot of public discussion about the rationality of this product. Everyone expresses their opinion and makes more people aware of the real doll. The mutual discussion between people makes the topic of realistic dolls mature and rational, and as awareness grows, it becomes a hot topic.

8. Single Society

The latest data shows that more than half of young people are unmarried and that being single is more common and widely accepted as a reality. Many people prefer to live a single life because they are either too busy to work or have low self-esteem and fear socializing. But we can’t rule out the fact that they need emotional comfort and a more relaxed relationship, and love dolls may be able to give them just that.


In fact, sex dolls play a social role in the world because the conversation about them can be intriguing. The popularity of these human dolls contributes quite a bit to social development if the global rate of singles continues to increase. For more people, love dolls may be a long-term answer, at least so far.

How to Make Real Silicone Dolls?

Do you know anything about silicone dolls? Explore the process and application of making silicone dolls.

I’m sure you’ve been interested in realistic sex dolls at one time or another. For those of you who don’t know, a silicone doll is like a large hand puppet, that is a human doll that looks and feels real, it is sometimes purchased as a model, a film or television prop, or a dress-up doll. Some people who are very interested have looked deeper and researched love dolls and have learned the reasons and uses for them.

The production of a silicone doll is divided into three stages. First, the basic alloy frame is assembled. Second, polyurethane (PU), one of the main materials, is attached to the skeleton and coated with silicone or TPE. Finally, deburring and painting are completed. Of course, many more details to the production process, we only show you the last part, the third step, as this process requires a lot of finesse, so the workers are usually women.

The first task is to reduce unwanted burrs. Using only scissors with curved tips, the uneven surfaces are smoothed out with the correct technique and cleaned at the same time. Also, silicone is a scratchy material by its very nature and cannot be filed down, so deburring with scissors is a craft task.

The hair, in general, is a wig set, but there are also implant hair dolls, which are hand-stitched with a special needle while taking care of the overall balance. Of course, the adhesion to the surface does not stop there, even the bending angle can be repeated without the need to compromise the prototype, and this quality is often very realistic. When the proportions of the material synthesis formula are changed, it is also possible to create a realistic sense of wrinkles. As for the face it is colored with an airbrush and the area around the eyes and eyebrows is finished off with a careful application of make-up brushes.

In today’s society, having a realistic silicone doll, which has been molded and polished by 3D scanned creates a combination of soft figures and clear facial contours. The sensation is such that you can’t even tell the difference tactilely when you close your eyes.

The silicone dolls are finished by hand working and the makers seem to take special care to avoid individual differences, for example, the speed of curing of the silicone varies between summer and winter. Customers have an attachment to their love dolls and are sensitive to the differences between the form pictures and the actual product. Nevertheless, the artisans rely on experience and intuition to determine the state of the material in order to create a sense of proportion and produce more uniform silicone dolls.

When you ask about the price of a silicone doll, you would think it is expensive. However, if you know the multiple processes and procedures your doll has gone through, you may think the price is surprisingly reasonable. The typical production lead time for custom-made orders is 3-4 weeks, so if you are interested, now is the best time to get started.

Zelex Doll

Buy One Doll Get Two Heads – Zelex Doll

Shop the sex doll sale online at YourDoll and start building your dream girls. Discover discounted favorites from all our brands; WM, YL, SE, Piper, Dollhouse168, Zelex, Starpery, and so on…

Here is well news that we offer a great discount on Zelex Doll from Aug. to Sep. , buy one doll gets two silicone heads to help you save at least $550. Here are the real reviews for Zelex Dolls from the TDF member below:

From TDF member john1972

I have that head 
It is on the 165cm.
You can tell it is a touch larger then the heads they normally sell
with there 165s but it is my fav head I think Zelex makes ..
Amazing photos and very realistic looking girl…

From TDF member Mishka1965

So finally, I can rate her:
Sex 9/10 (based on comparative silicone dolls)
Posing 8.5/10 (Wrists cannot twist or at least are stiff)
Skeleton 10/10 (Superb bending with ease)
Body Details 11/10 (Texturing is best I have seen and rivals 4K dolls)
Head 9/10 (-1 for hard silicone, fused lips, and non movable eyeballs), but I already knew that going into this, so this is very user subjective, and I already mentioned these heads are the best I now love them! (Implanted eyelashes, eyebrows)
Overall 9/10

From TDF member haremlover

In essence, overall excellence.
Soft silicone.
Soft breasts.
Great detailing of hands.
Good proportion of hands.
Well packaged.
Skeleton well adjusted
Hard silicone head. Would like softer.
Wire fingers. Hand plate is short so important to make sure that the hand is manipulated at the hinge, not half so with the wires.
Excellent feet modelling
Seam line better than many
Good skin colouring
Knee real texture overdone and slightly too low for the skeleton hinge

The Zelex Dolls are not 100% perfect for everyone, but obviously, it is worth trying. Are you ready to get your first Zelex doll? Shop online from YourDoll, we are the official agent to offer you better products and services.

Yvonne 165cm Review (Taking the Leap from TPE)

Hello everyone! There are already several fantastic reviews here in the Zelex forum about this doll but I thought I’d give an opinion from the viewpoint of someone who’s previously only owned TPE dolls and my impressions with this being my first silicone doll. This might help those TPE owners who are also considering buying their first silicone doll, or those who are just curious in general.


I’ll start by first mentioning a few notes of my experience with TPE dolls to later make some points of why I now prefer silicone and why I think that this Zelex silicone doll is awesome (spoiler alert)! When I first dipped my toes into this hobby, I decided to play it safe and bought one of those knock-off TPE dolls from eBay. Despite its problems, I still learned a lot about owning a doll – care/maintenance of TPE, handling, posing, etc. And I read a lot of threads here in the doll forum before even creating an account (until I finally hit a thread that required an account for viewing ). Once I learned about all the additional features offered by TPE manufacturers, I decided to purchase a WM doll (145cm) with moaning and internal heating. At the time, the order got screwed up and I ended up getting an additional doll (150cm I-cup) for free! Now, I’ve read through so many threads about the debate between which is better – TPE or silicone. At the end of the day, they each have their strengths and weaknesses and it comes down to your personal preference. After owning TPE dolls for over a year, I grew dissatisfied because of the following caveats:
1. they require frequent cleaning,
2. the TPE odor is strong and fades after a while, but still remains present to an extent,
3. if not frequently powdered, the TPE feels rubbery and doesn’t feel like human skin,
4. makeup fades very quickly if the doll experiences a lot of “play,”
and 5. the overall look of the dolls just didn’t look realistic enough (life-like in terms of skin complexion, LHP, etc.) for me (you could immediately tell that they’re dolls). That’s just my opinion of course. Others may feel different. Lately, some manufacturers have begun making TPE dolls that look much more life-like but these other points still permeate the TPE industry. For me, this aspect will drastically affect how turned on I get just by looking at a doll and interacting with it.
Of course, there were some positive aspects too. My 145cm doll was easy to handle (weighing 28 kg) and the internal heating system was excellent (still works without issue), making that doll a nice cuddle buddy.

Yvonne 165cm (Standing Feet, Internal Heating, EVO Skeleton) Review

Now, on to the reason you’re here! Right out of the gate, I’m saying that this Zelex silicone doll is fantastic. I am very pleased with my purchase! The biggest reason why I decided to start looking for a silicone doll is because good silicone doll manufacturers usually don’t have any of the issues I mentioned above (according to what I’ve seen and learned here on the forum). For a while, I was researching many different silicone doll manufacturers – Realdoll, Sanhui, Sino, Gynoid Tech, Starpery, etc. I finally decided to purchase a Zelex doll for the following reasons:
1. The quality of the doll you get for the price is outstanding at just $2100-$3000 (depending on which vendor you purchase from – I purchased my Yvonne from Your Doll. Leading up to receiving my doll, their customer service was very kind, helpful, and professional – answering all of my questions. Full silicone dolls (with this level of detail) are usually in the $4000+ price range (especially in the list of manufacturers I was researching).
2. The look is absolutely incredible and can be mistaken as an actual person when viewed from certain angles. This entails the body makeup, complexion, veins, and LHP. The body sculpt is based on an actual person, which I think is a great idea and is likely why Zelex dolls look so realistic!
3. By default, the doll has gel-filled breasts and its body is not too soft and not too hard, according to other reviewers here.
4. The build quality seemed to be sturdy and strong (skeleton-wise).
So…I made the leap…and as I said, am very happy. After placing the order, I received pictures of my doll in just over a week! Zelex was very fast! There was an initial hiccup with the nipple color but they fixed it in just a couple days and sent pictures again. I received my doll about two weeks later (shipped to the U.S.).

To hit those earlier points I mentioned about my TPE dolls, these are my impressions so far regarding my Zelex doll:
1. Silicone is different than TPE in that it isn’t as easily susceptible to bacteria and mold so it doesn’t require as much cleaning. That being said, I purchased my Yvonne with a removable vagina and still clean the insert immediately after every use. But the rest of the body doesn’t stain as easily, get dirty easily, or retain any odor, which leads to my next point.
2. Out of the box, there was no smell, which was VERY surprising to me. Every TPE doll I got had a strong chemical smell right out of the box. I can play with this Zelex doll without having to get “used to” an odor. Maybe silicone dolls in general don’t smell and you guys already knew this but I was not aware of it, having been accustomed to TPE.
3. Yvonne feels great. I’ve played with her both with and without powder. With powder she feels good and realistic, but even without powder, she feels good. It’s weird and difficult to describe. Although not as realistic, the skin still feels good to the touch and I don’t mind playing with her without powder.
4. The makeup is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes, I can just stare at the skin and if I lose my train of thought, I’ll trick myself into thinking I’m staring at an actual person’s ass (or tits). The makeup artists at Zelex definitely know what they’re doing. The veins and complexion look incredible! And after washing, the makeup still holds strong over most of the body! I cleaned the doll in the shower when I first received it and again about a month later. Now, notice I said most. The only issue I’ve had thus far with the makeup is that some of it is starting to come off from the top of the nipples, but the color is still mostly intact overall on the nipples and areolas, so I’m not too hung up over it. You can see some quick pictures I took with my phone showing the problem below.

5. I also want to mention again how great the LHP is (vagina and butthole placement). This is perhaps one of the most realistic dolls I’ve seen in this regard (which, again, makes sense given the fact that the sculpt is based on an actual model). For me, this is a huge turn-on.

The Negatives

It’s unfortunate, but not all dolls are perfect! I have to be honest about some of the negatives I’ve experienced.
1. The internal heating system stopped working immediately after only one use. This is one of those areas where Zelex has some catching up to do. The heating adaptor is not like others I’ve seen. There is no temperature setting or reading for you to see. It is simply a black brick that lights “red” if it is warming the doll and “green” if it is not. The first time I used it, the light remained red for about 2 hours then turned green. The doll was warm. After a few hours had passed, the doll began to feel cold again so I plugged the adaptor in again. The light remained green and wouldn’t turn red. I contacted my vendor reporting this problem and they replied that the doll needs to fully cool before being able to heat again. At this point, 12 hours had passed and the doll was cold to the touch. I tried heating it again but the adaptor light remained green. Just in case there was some miscommunication, I left it plugged in for a few hours to see if it would warm up. It didn’t. So I waited another whole day. The doll was obviously cold to the touch. I tried heating it again and it still wouldn’t work. I explained this to my vendor and never received a reply from them. I’m honestly not too upset since this upgrade was only $150, considering the full price of the doll. But I’d warn against purchasing Zelex’s heating system until they improve it. From what I understand, it is fairly new because earlier this year, Zelex mentioned in a forum thread that they didn’t have a heating system. But it became available as an option when I ordered a few months ago. So now, I’ve just resorted to using a heating blanket to warm the doll (I can’t enjoy myself and will completely disconnect from any immersion if the body is cold). Images of the heating adaptor (which plugs into the doll on one end and into an electrical outlet on the other) can be seen below.

2. After putting the doll into some poses for my photoshoots, its left elbow joint has become very loose to the point where it will no longer hold its position without help. I’ve heard of others cutting open their dolls on the Zelex forum and tightening the joints but I’m afraid to do this as I have no experience with this and am afraid that I’ll mess up this doll’s good looks.
3. This isn’t necessarily a full negative but I wish that the removable vagina was softer. While the rest of the body feels great to the touch, I feel like the sex is…fairly satisfactory, and that the doll’s canals can be a little rough if not used with a lot of lubrication. This may be because I’m used to the softness of TPE and its ability to stretch. This is one of those advantages though that TPE has over silicone. Overall though, the sex can still be enjoyable when proper lubrication is applied and the doll is positioned nicely (especially with the evo skeleton).


So there you have it! If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you reading a newbie’s perspective! Aside from those few negatives, the positives certainly make Zelex’s 165cm silicone doll a VERY worthwhile purchase! Again, the body detailing is absolutely incredible (makeup retention is great for the most part), the overall skin on the body has just the right amount of softness to it (gel-filled breasts feel great, ass is soft but nice and firm at the same time, if that makes sense), and the LHP is realistic (a nice turn-on for me  ). When I made my order, Zelex only had hard silicone heads available but now offer soft silicone heads and are currently working on movable jaws. Had I known soft heads would be available so soon, I’d have waited an extra month or two but I’m still very happy with my purchase. I definitely plan to buy a soft head in the future because I enjoy being able to kiss my doll (which can’t really be done with the hard head). Thanks again for checking out my review!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

And if you want to see more photos, check out my photoshoots in these threads: Nighttime Blues and School Girl

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