Can Sex Dolls be Pierced?

Most sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone, which are designed to mimic human skin. It is possible to pierce a love doll completely, but unlike our skin, TPE and silicone do not repair themselves and are not painful. So in many ways, it is easier to pierce an adult Sex doll than a human being. It is important to note that piercings are permanent, so think carefully before attempting to do so.

The planned piercing site will affect the details of the process and we will discuss the two main methods – “piercing” and “pinching”- and explain why they are named as such.

Method 1: “Puncturing”

This method involves piercing an area where there is a clear entry and exit point and all you have to do is pierce it.

Choose the area where you want to pierce (draw a small circle in this area with a pencil). Measure the width of the piercing needle and find a longer one to pierce the love doll, please make sure your piercing needle is the same width or a little smaller. Pick up the needle in the determined area and press down firmly until the tip of the needle passes through it. Place the earring or charm on the tiny sex doll through the hole that it passes through.

Method 2: “Pinching”

This is a technique that needs to be used in areas that cannot be fully pierced, such as the belly button, where your needle has no clear exit.

Once again, choose the area you want to pierce. Measure the length of the puncture and try to mentally mark the exit and entry points. Grasp each point separately with your thumb and forefinger and pinch. Pass the needle through the pinched area. Now that both holes are open, you can place the ornament in the pierced area.

Notes on perforation

Although TPE is a very soft material, this does not mean that it is perfect. While it’s not so easy to break a TPE sex dolls with a simple needle, piercing does pose some risks. Not all metals react perfectly with TPE, and this can lead to what looks like a human rash of patches.

Which metals cause this reaction has not been fully researched, but one simple piece of advice to follow is to stay away from cheap products; real-looking sex dolls are expensive products and should be treated as works of art. The theory is that some metals have cheap pigments on their surface that will leach into the skin of a realistic sex doll. Silver or gold is one of the safest metals and if you can choose one of them, you should have no problem. Our YourDoll also offer you the choice to get them, just click here. 🙂

The Differences Between TPE Sex Dolls and Inflatable Dolls

A sex doll, also known as a simulated doll, is an equivalent doll with the shape and size of a real human body, primarily for companionship and daily life functions. The love dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some may consist of the entire body of the partner, and others may consist of only other body parts. The parts of these dolls sometimes vibrate according to the needs of the user and are sometimes even interchangeable.

Silicone sex dolls

Softer than regular silicone sex dolls, they have a real skin-like feel and offer a wide choice of looks. Many companies offer miniature dolls. These dolls have a metal skeleton and moveable facial features so you can adjust their expression as well as their pose. There is a lot of preparation time required to use the doll – powdering the skin surface, heating it with an electric blanket, etc.

TPE sex dolls

TPE material is similar to silicone to the naked eye, but is softer and more pliable than silicone dolls, also resulting in TPE dolls that are often deformable and have a metal skeleton like silicone dolls, which makes them a bit heavy: although many TPE sex dolls are smaller and lighter than silicone dolls. TPE material has a very realistic touch when heated and the only downside for those who like to dress up their dolls is that TPE dolls can be easily stained, so light-colored clothes are generally the most practical.

In this article, we focus on the differences between solids and inflatables. They are shown below.

(1) The skeleton of a sex doll is made of titanium and has various joints and technical support to allow you to pose in any way you like. Inflatable dolls, on the other hand, need to be inflated before use and only have a straight pose, which only meets the needs of some people.

(2) TPE & Silicone dolls are molded and therefore cannot be folded, usually, only the head is removable, and storage requires a large storage box and a dry environment; inflatable dolls can be folded and stored in a corner of a cupboard after deflating and cleaning.

(3) Realistics love dolls are more realistic due to the complexity of the materials and processes used to make them, and they feel more in touch with real skin, whereas inflatable dolls are less realistic and have a distinctly plastic feel because they are inflated, which only gives them a doll-like appearance.

(4) Lifesize sex dolls are more expensive and give a high level of user satisfaction and long service life, whereas inflatable dolls have a low level of satisfaction and are cheaper on the market, with problems such as easy air leakage and short service life.

When you feel lonely and in need of companionship, try buying a real sex doll, I’m sure it’s a good choice! 🙂

Who is Buying the Sex Doll?

People who own silicone dolls often call themselves “doll friends”, or even “doll daddies” and “doll mothers”, and refer to their small circle as the “doll circle”.

The doll circle is divided into two categories of people, one mainly relies on the sex doll to solve the psychological needs. And they like to dress lifesize dolls up or role-play, and taking pictures of the sex doll is their favorite. Some of these people are looking for spiritual support; some are childless couples who buy a realistic love doll to raise as a daughter; some are widowers who are widowed in their old age and rely on the love doll to support their thoughts of their deceased wife. The other category focuses on solving physical needs. More users have a combination of both needs. Yang Dongyue, the founder of Tiais, said that in addition to single people, 30% to 40% of those who solve their physical needs have girlfriends and families. There is also a category of people who rely on silicone dolls to solve their physical needs, which are people with disabilities and elderly people living alone who find it difficult to meet their needs in normal social life.

When the famous Japanese adult sex doll manufacturer, Orient Industry, launched its first “premium sex doll”, Smile, in 1977, it was with the aim of making it easier for this group of people to use. At the time, only inflatable dolls were available in Japan, and the main users were disabled people and elderly people living alone, but they were large and difficult to secure, making them difficult to use. At the time, “smiles'” were expensive and Oriental Industries had a discount system for the physically and mentally challenged to ease the burden on this group. Despite the “sexual”  filter added to the public’s perception of the silicone doll, the silicone doll is actually more than just that label; it holds much, much more than just an adult object.

The manufacturer of silicone dolls, CST Doll, has calculated that their buyers

Approximately 40% use the sex doll as a purely sexual tool.

Another 40% are willing to treat a lifesize doll as a “lover”, exerting their emotions and desires on it, satisfying the two-way companionship of soul and body.

In addition, about 20% of those who buy them, do so as purely large hand-me-downs.

The psychologist Dr. Aaron Ben-Zeév has written that intimacy is much more than sex; its most important characteristic is a meaningful, lasting, and friendly reciprocal relationship that feels unique and irreplaceable. Sexual encounters of all kinds are essentially brief and superficial, and it does not matter who the partner is, it can even be imaginary.

Even today, when silicone sex dolls are becoming less and less of a ‘sex tool’, many people’s first reaction to them is “perverted” and “disgusting”. This stereotype is rooted in society’s sense of shame and filth when it comes to sexuality, as well as in the fact that people talk about sex in two different ways. In this mindset, TPE & silicone dolls are linked to sex, so they are as shameful and dirty as sex, and so are the people who use them. It is in this way that the doll-owner community is unable to display their feelings as boldly as people with other hobbies. Stereotypes aside, should sex doll owners who don’t steal, rob, violate morals or harm others really bear the stigma of being “perverts”? Every sex doll owner is a living, breathing human being, with joys and sorrows, encountering difficulties and feeling lonely, ordinary, and commonplace.

Perhaps all they need is a little respect, tolerance, and understanding. 🙂

Are You Interested in AI Sex Doll ?

AI Robot Sex dolls are here, and it’s not a gimmick from science fiction. Although the artificially intelligent companion robots from films such as ‘MechaGirl’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ have not yet appeared, it was only a matter of time.

Most companion robots these days are nothing more than new sex dolls with slightly mechanical functions. They were designed to be more than just about emotion; they can talk about science and philosophy, and even tell jokes. If you treat it badly, or if it doesn’t like your behavior, it will go into hibernation mode. They currently have an average price of $10,000.

The issue here is not whether they will emerge or how they will progress, the issue here is about psychological and social implications and, as with any technology, there is always a long list of advantages and disadvantages to consider as things develop. There have been many views expressed, and they are broadly similar. On the one hand, they feel that it is nothing more than a doll – that companion robots are nothing more than a very advanced form of a doll. On the other hand, they are concerned about figuring out a robot sex doll and developing an emotional attachment to it. No one can give a definitive answer as to whether this is right or wrong, and all have some arguments for and against companion robots.


Companion robot sex dolls can help to enhance personal well-being, including providing companionship and perhaps emotional comfort for those without a partner. With a sufficiently advanced form of artificial intelligence, people could develop a potentially satisfying relationship with a robot companion. Proponents of the use of companion robots argue that companion robots are friendly, that they will allow people who would otherwise vent their mental frustration by harassing or assaulting others in public to do so, or that it is a good tool to learn and gain experience in interpersonal relationships. In fact, it may just be an interesting addition for individuals and partners. In many cases, social interaction is seen as a natural progression for those who are advocates of technology.


Those who oppose the integration of robot sex dolls into society are quick to point out the problems that this new technology may pose. Firstly, there is the moral question for companionship as to whether intimacy with an AI form is an act of infidelity. In many of the arguments against companion robots, morality plays a **role**. Some argue that companion robots are, in the eyes of some, furthering the idea of objectifying humans. Furthermore, they feel that a person with a propensity for harassment or violence would be fueled by the use of robots in future negative behavior, which is exactly why many people are concerned about the production of companion robots.

Overall, there is a fear that robot companions will lead to a decrease in human compassion. There is a concern that a misplaced emotional connection could have negative psychological consequences for vulnerable people. Finally, some fear that companion robots will bring unrealistic expectations when a person goes from interacting with a real robot doll to interacting with a human.

So far, research on public attitudes towards robot sex dolls is far from saturated. Scientists have probably avoided the topic for a number of reasons, some thinking it is a novel discussion, others thinking it is too awkward as a study. Needless to say, the topic does have ethical, psychological, and social relevance and deserves serious study. As far as the current state of affairs is concerned, there is a wide and acknowledged gap in the current research. In a recent study, it was revealed that participants generally found it easier and more acceptable to communicate with robot love dolls than with humans, that women were more reluctant to embrace companion robots than men, and that older generations found it less appropriate to be intimate with robots than millennials.

Certainly, the introduction of adult sex dolls has changed the face of human interaction and intimacy, but how and to what extent is an unanswered question, and it is the responsibility of researchers. What are its psychosocial implications? Can a robot companion truly replace the human experience? What kind of recent advances will companion robot dolls be seen as? Does this industry need regulation? And if so, who would be impartial enough to provide such oversight?

In a world that runs for money, there will always be people willing to offer anything for a dollar. We must ask these questions, formulate hypotheses, and prepare for the shift from science fiction to the real social world.

About the Alternative Uses of Sex Dolls

Over the years, adult sex dolls have become a thing and have become widely popular and accepted throughout the world. A lifesize sex doll may consist of various parts of the body, which may include only the head, the pelvis or contain the entire body, thus stimulating the user. The doll works mainly by going into vibrational mode and the parts may be removable or interchangeable.

When you have the right love doll, all your sexual fantasies may come true. As you know, the best sex dolls are those made of silicone/TPE as they make the doll look more like a human, thus providing you with the best experience ever. Here’s the point! You can use real dolls for purposes other than sex. It sounds strange, as you would expect from a sex doll, to be sexual. And now that there are novel ways to use sex dolls, reading through this article may be an eye-opener for you.

1. Adult Sexuality Education

To be honest, there is a limit to what can be taught in school, so you can’t be 100% fully aware of sex. Many people just “don’t get it” when it comes to sex-related issues, which are a failure and full of mistakes. In this case, the sex doll acts as a guide.

Some people are unlucky. It is a tragedy of sex education, not their fault, that a person waits until adulthood to realize that they have never seen or understood the body structure of the opposite sex. This is because they may have had a harsh upbringing or be very shy people. This will result in such people lacking any sexual experience, which is a very big problem for them when they get married or start dating.

One solution to this problem is sex education and for this purpose, realistic sex dolls will come in handy sooner or later. These dolls are adapted into various shapes and forms with different parts on sale and can be used for educational purposes. Sex therapists can use these dolls and their various parts to pass on instructions. In addition, couples are free to practice before the real sex begins.

2. Art project

Crazy artists have used sexy real sex dolls in their art exhibitions many times! Some of you will know that James Franco has actually used a love doll to create an art frenzy, using it to tell a story, a behind-the-scenes tale of rebellion.

Also, Korean photographer Juntae Cho and his real doll Eva have appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world, and each time they have been exhibited they have been astonishing. Here, the doll is the main vehicle for his exploration of human emotion.

3. Other creative ideas for using hot sex dolls.

You might say, “Really?” Read on!

-Personal protection: Are you traveling alone and worried about being harassed? Or maybe you should consider having a little sex doll sitting next to you. We can’t guarantee it, but it’s not a bad idea to try.

– Pranks: Isn’t the most memorable one a prank on your best friend? This is, of course, first and foremost good-natured and pure.

-Clothes hangers: simply lean the doll against the wall or attach it to the master and use it as a clothes rack to hang clothes.

-Cushion: place it on the sofa or on a chair or stool and you can rest on its soft body.

There are many other uses for a TPE sex doll, it’s up to you to be creative. If you have any other interesting uses in mind, share your ideas in the comments section to offer “help” to your fellow dolls!

The “Sex” and “Beauty” Behind the Sex Doll

Sex dolls have gained a foothold in the adult toy industry thanks to the deep commitment of brand names like RealDoll, which have received a lot of media attention for their innovative ultra-realistic dolls and now robotic technology. Domestic brands such as WM Dolls /YL Doll /SE Doll/Zelex Doll, are also working on more sophisticated dolls, but are just not yet at the point of mass production.

What does this portend behind the fact that we have seen a significant increase in the global lifesize sex doll market over the past 2021?

“Aside from the fact that sex dolls have become increasingly authentic in appearance in recent years, it’s hard to ignore one thing: the social media attention. We believe that this encompasses a number of factors that determine how hot the industry is in the mainstream media at the moment, one of which is that e-commerce has made it so easy to connect that all it takes is a video or a particularly aesthetically pleasing portrait of a sexy doll posted on a self-publishing channel to quickly go viral, most of whom don’t come into contact with love dolls in their daily lives, so this gives them A sight for sore eyes (or perhaps a shock for that matter!)” — reports from a foreign supplier of TPE & silicone sex dolls say.

When they see a real doll for the first time, they are often shocked and intrigued by its realism, the same way they hope to impress their friends with this newfound thing. Some, on the other hand, are horrified by the sense of reality and judge it in a big way on social media. There is nothing wrong with respecting everyone’s right to speak out in the first place, but perhaps some of the content of the documentary in question could show them that there is no shame in it. Another cause for concern is perhaps the emergence of ideological movements such as ‘feminism’ and ‘singleness’, where sex toy dolls have become a hot topic of debate and where those for and against them exist side by side.

Perhaps we can look at it in a different way, for example, art and design. Humans are born obsessed with the unknown (which is why they continue to progress), so we might as well think of dolls as a medium for a species to express itself in a certain area and explore the unknown. When you enter TDF, you will quickly find that more people talk about the design, assembly, and specifications of the sex dolls and the special names and personalities that the owners have made of the love dolls, given them, and so on. You soon realize that it’s not just about sex, but also about creativity and imagination. It’s a hobby in the same way that men are passionate about classic cars and women are obsessed with different shades of lipstick, people appreciate the perfect design of a product and the way it is made, and the same is true of female sex dolls.

In fact, there are two extremes of perception of the doll-owning community (doll lovers), which are similar to doll-to-doll ‘friendships’, with most people feeling that they need to be kept secret. In fact, for many doll lovers, these dolls have lost their adult function to a certain extent, and are only valued for their curves, the quality of their shapes, their unique personalities, and the bond they have with them.

According to one silicone doll industry practitioner, “Our clientele is more diverse than any customer base. We sell to different genders, couples, doll collectors, cosplayers, bereaved people, athletes, photographers, and fashionistas”

“Everyone has their own unique and personal reason for having a real sex doll. We even have long-distance lovers who buy each other love dolls as gifts. Some people have one, some have many, and someone asked on a forum “How many ‘adult dolls’ do you have?” The answer is “No, but I have three “partners” or “relatives””. Or “I have a doll collection, I don’t ‘use’ them, they are just my dolls”. Some are sexually motivated, some are not. Some are mentally stimulated and then it changes completely and unexpectedly.”

The vast majority of doll lovers are civil, polite, open, and honest. The sex doll is a sensitive product and trust and respect go both ways. If the roles were reversed, we would want to be treated with the same respect and kindness by others. And more than anything, branded businesses are helping a segment of the population to gain companionship when they feel life is not giving them the attention they deserve. If you ask are physical dolls a permanent solution? Who knows, but for now, it seems to be doing well in terms of social acceptance and industry sales.

How to Deal With the Eyelashes of a Sex Doll?

Perhaps after a few months of using a sex doll, you notice that your eyelashes have fallen out. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and very easy (and cheap) to fix.

As the manufacturer only uses false eyelashes and soft gel, they will fall off one day. This is to prevent damage to the silicone or TPE sex doll.

Let’s see how to replace the original lashes or place them now in this guide. What tools do you need for the process?

-A box of false eyelashes (lashes can be bought at make-up shops)

-Lash glue

-Lash curler

-Glue for eyelashes

The price may range from a dozen to several hundred dollars. Of course, the better the quality, the more expensive it is.

If you do not have eyelash curler tweezers, you can use any other tweezers. Please note that the glue is skin and eyelash specific. Do not use any other type of glue as this may damage the doll and the eyelashes!

How do I place my eyelashes?

Firstly, you need to clean all areas of old glue and dust.

Use the eyelash tweezers to set the lashes in place and wait for the glue to dry in place. After a while, you can adjust the length of your lashes with scissors. Next it’s time to put your make-up skills to work and reapply your eye make-up using your favorite eyeliner!


You can use the new lashes or the original lashes on the doll’s face. After placing the new lashes, you can redo the look using eyeliner

Use make-up glue only. Do not use any glue or other strong adhesive as this will damage the doll and the lashes.

You can change the style of the lashes at any time, in which case reusable lashes are required!

Why are Silicone Sex Dolls an Excellent Companion for Men?

Adult products have been around for centuries, but most of these products have never been practical for men. Over time, this fact is changing and men can now have a realistic silicone sex doll that provides them with the best psychological comfort. However, many people may disagree that a real doll is the best companion for a man, and here are some key points to prove them wrong.

Real feelings: this is one of the best benefits that men can’t get from most adult products. However, a lifesize sex doll can really fill this gap and can bring psychological comfort to the male. Needless to say, he is believed to be in a pleasurable mood when he has a sexy real doll that looks almost exactly like a woman.

Safe choice: Most of the adult products available on the market is untested and may have many side effects. Some of these side effects can even lead to greater complications for the user. In contrast, all real love dolls have been rigorously tested and are clearly safer compared to other solutions. The increased safety is therefore another proof of why in reality sexy dolls are excellent companions for men.

More pleasure: If a man wants to get in touch with a real woman, if he craves more interaction with his female friends, a fine and beautiful sex doll can satisfy all his needs and he can get more pleasure out of it. And it’s a pleasure that can only be felt by owning a real lifesize doll, something else will never give them that pleasure. This enhanced pleasure also makes premium sex dolls ideal for an excellent male companion.

As the silicone sex doll industry matures, we can foresee that there will be more realistic and sophisticated sex dolls for people to enjoy, and we just have to accept them and fall in love with them.

How to Choose Lubricant?

In addition to natural physiological lubricants (e.g. human secretions such as sweat), there are several man-made lubricants available in the market. Among these artificial lubricants are those that have a silicone base, a water base, or an oil base. These lubricants were originally designed for use on human skin and cannot all be used on your sexy sex doll. So, which type of lubricant should you choose for your love doll? Is there a risk of damaging your realistic love doll’s skin?

Q1:Can I use natural lubricants?

Of course, you can use the secretions from your own body (saliva) to lubricate the body surface of the silicone & TPE sex doll. Possible drawbacks: limited quantity and emits an unpleasant odor.

Q2: What about water-based lubricants?

Water-based lubricants are by far the best solution. Its many benefits include high efficiency and ease of cleaning. The environmentally friendly, anti-allergenic water-based lubricant has a non-sticky, non-greasy texture that is ideal for use on adult sex dolls made of silicone and TPE. Water-based lubricants will also protect the user from stains. The downside is that they are not suitable for use in water (shower or bathtub).

Q3: Can silicone lubricants be used for sex doll cleaning?

It is important to emphasize here that it is absolutely forbidden to use silicone lubricants on silicone and TPE sex dolls. Silicone lubricants have excellent lubrication and cleaning functions, but that will irreversibly damage the sex doll’s skin material. The silicone lubricant will react with the made material to produce a mixture that will cause damage to the flow holes of the love doll‘s body and make it impossible to use for a long time.

Q4: Is an oil-based lubricant suitable?

Again, oil-based lubricants are not recommended here. In addition to making the surface of your lifesize doll‘s skin too slippery, oil-based lubricants are also very difficult to clean. …… believes how uncomfortable it is when your doll gets stained and you can’t clean it all up!

To sum up, the reliable choice is :  water-based lubricant!

In Which Countries Are Sex Dolls Legal?

First, it must be determined that any doll that may trigger pedophilia will not be allowed to be sold, and the smaller styles of dolls offered for selection on the market must contain adult characteristics. All adult love dolls should comply with local laws, and manufacturers take the legality of sex dolls very seriously, and so should buyers.

A news article from March 2021 reported that an Australian man was arrested for buying a TPE sex doll that was too small. You can imagine how serious countries are about child-related crime, to the point of risking catching Neocon pneumonia by arresting the man. It makes you wonder what kind of dolls are legal in which countries, what sizes are okay, and what the laws are for importing physical dolls. Are physical dolls legal anywhere?

In some countries sex dolls are legal and they are absolutely fine, as long as they are not in the likeness of a minor. But for others, the legality of lifelike sex dolls depends on the country/region where they live, and not all places have the same laws. In some places, physical dolls are 100% illegal (and that does bother me!). In such cases, the real doll supplier cannot supply here unless the law is eventually changed in the location. If the supplier sells and ships dolls to this location, then you will be in trouble with the law and could have your love dolls confiscated and be in trouble with jail time penalties.

In many countries, they are legal as long as they meet the criteria. For example, Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom impose height restrictions on physical dolls, meaning that the specifications must be greater than 140 cm. Australia has more regulations, not only on height but also on the secondary sexual characteristics exhibited by the doll. It is best not to buy a small doll that happens to be the minimum standard allowed by law, which may also have some implications. For example, in the UK, the standard minimum size of a doll is 140cm, however, it is recommended to order at least 145cm, preferably 150cm and above, to be completely worry-free. In fact, YourDoll checks every order and if we suspect that there may be a problem with your order, we will contact you promptly and confirm the order details to ensure that our customers receive their preferred dolls properly.

Legal: Albania, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Central African Republic, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany Greece, Greenland, Honduras, Haiti, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, North Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland Sweden, Thailand, USA, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, UK, Norway, Australia (Over 140cm would be better)

Illegal: Yemen, Uzbekistan, UAE, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Syria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Palestine, Pakistan, Oman, Mexico, Maldives, Malaysia, Libya, Lebanon, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Egypt, Brazil, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia Iran, Iraq

Therefore, to find out if it is legal to purchase real-life sex dolls around the world, please follow the information above and contact your local customs office to verify. Any country marked as “legal” refers to real love sex dolls that do not resemble minors in any way. If you have any further questions about the doll, please contact us directly.