How to Choose Standing for Sex Doll?

Standing is an optional feature for sex dolls and is the most popular type of love doll. The manufacturer will add three very small metal bolts to the bottom of the doll standing. This may sound like it destroys the doll’s body and can be a bit unsightly, but considering the “dynamic” beauty of watching the doll stand, it’s no big deal. Players can let the TPE sex doll stand for a short time to shoot, hug or store. However, if you are not careful, it is still quite dangerous, because the weight of the entity doll is normally about 30kg, you can not expect three bolts can support it. Therefore, even when standing should be very careful, unless there is an additional bracket can do to rely on.

The following are some scenes suitable for physical dolls to stand. For example, take pictures of the real doll, wash and clean the doll, and move or wear the cloth for the doll. Sometimes it is important for the sex doll to stand alone.

Some may have the following questions.

Q: Is the size of the standing foot the same as the size of a normal foot?
A: The size is the same, only the bolts are used to give it a reinforcement function.

Q: Can standing dolls wear high heels?
A: It can be worn, but as mentioned before the weight of the adult doll makes it difficult to find the center when standing. It is recommended to wear flat shoes so that the force will be more even.

Q: What sizes of dolls can be retrofitted with standing functions?
A: Entity dolls over 1 meter in height can be retrofitted with a standing function.

Q: Can all sex dolls be retrofitted to stand?
A: We recommend the TPE sex doll with standing because TPE material is soft, and silicone sex dolls would be better for standing without screws, even the hard feet.

Q: Will the added bolts destroy the sex doll?
A: TPE is a relatively soft material, so if you stand for a long time, it may make the doll’s feet perforated more and more, it is recommended that each time after standing for a period of time to lay flat.

Q: Can I remove it if I regret it after adding it?
A: Currently it is possible no, because the standing function of the doll has a special metal skeleton, even if the bolt is removed there will still be three holes.

Choose the suitable option can help the doll live longer with us, and any other questions, welcome to contact us at YourDoll.

How Should I Store Sex Dolls?

One of the problems that many people have is how to place sex dolls after they have been purchased or manipulated on a daily basis. I believe this problem will be solved after you read the following guide.

1. Laying flat

There is something to be said for laying the real sex doll flat – not on a hard surface, whether on the bed, in a storage box, or even on the floor. Without this layer of protection, the back of the doll may collapse forever. Especially if you buy a TPE sex doll, it is very difficult to recover from a dent in the TPE material.

If you don’t think this is necessary, another strategy is to place a pillow on each side of the doll’s waist and lower legs, so that the doll can maintain the natural curvature of the body when lying down, and the doll’s whole body shape will remain in good shape.

2. Hanging

Hanging is the most recommended way of storage, as the adult sex dolls are equivalent to hanging in the air, their own weight will not crush any side, if the home has a good load-bearing wardrobe, hangers, or other shelves, hanging is a good choice, it is worth noting that different brands of dolls have different ways of hanging, it is recommended to get advice from the shop to understand clearly before buying to avoid damage. If you don’t have the above conditions, you can buy a pulley hanger to place it on, available on major Amazon or eBay at prices ranging from a few tens to a few hundred dollars, it is particularly important to choose a quality one to avoid the rope breaking off when the doll is hanging.

3. Standing

The least recommended way to store your dolls: standing up!

Some of our friends have been known to stand their dolls up against the wall to save time, but this is the wrong way to store them! I would like to remind you that most of the dolls you buy do not support standing up for a long time, even the higher-end dolls of certain brands, and the manufacturers make it a point to only stand up for a short time. Because the TPE love doll is very soft, when it stands all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, it will be very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even outside the sole of the foot to see the metal skeleton, so to avoid the doll to stand for a long time, or its sole of the foot torn money was spent, the doll is not complete.

4. Sitting

Sitting on the sofa may seem safe, but it’s not. In the same way, standing causes the soles of the feet to tear, sitting can also cause the weight to be concentrated on the hips, causing cracks around the hip bones.

The above is the knowledge about doll storage and placement, have you learned it?

How to Remove Make-up From Sex Doll?

There is a special group of people in the sex doll community who specialize in makeup alterations for love dolls, and their magical make-up techniques bring out different flavors on the same face. There are many players who would like to try to give their realistic sex dolls a makeover to experience a different face, but they are worried about ruining their dolls’ faces. It is important to carefully get rid of the previous make-up before changing it, so we have put together a guide to removing make-up from a real love doll. With this guide, even newbies can remove their dolls’ makeup the right way!

What tools should I prepare before removing my make-up?
Safe Makeup Remover
Cosmetic pads
Baby powder
Head holder
Two soft cloths (sheepskin, microfiber, suede or double-sided velvet, etc.)
Warm water (below 50°C)

Now, let’s start removing the doll’s make-up step by step!

Step 1: Place the doll’s head on the headstand

With the exception of the one-piece dolls where the head cannot be removed, all other TPE & Silicone sex dolls require the head to be removed for make-up and make-up removal. On the other hand, fixing it to the headstand is less prone to mistakes and allows for better make-up manipulation.

Step 2: Remove the wig and eyeball

Gently pull the sex doll’s lower eyelid downwards, then insert tweezers into the eye cavity to remove the eyeball. The eyes of a new sex doll are usually hemispherical and hollow, so they can be easily pulled out. Removing the eyeballs will protect them from cosmetics. The implant wig should be gathered and tied, the wig just tucks it away.

Step 3: Use a safe make-up remover

Next is a safe make-up remover, or if you don’t have one you can just use a normal make-up remover. Soak a cotton pad in the make-up remover and place it on the doll’s face for a few seconds, then gently wipe it off with the pad. The soaked pad needs to be replaced promptly, otherwise, the pad will smear the make-up residue on the adult sex doll‘s face. Please concentrate on removing eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.

Tip: Eyeliner and eyelashes are the basis of most make-up, so removing them is not recommended unless necessary and with good make-up skills.

Step 4: Clean the sex doll’s face and allow it to dry

After removing the make-up, wash the face with a prepared soft cloth moistened with warm water, then simply blot up any remaining water stains on the surface with a dry cloth and wait for it to dry.

Fifth: Take an appropriate amount of baby powder and apply it to the sex doll’s face.

Once completely dry, puff the baby powder evenly over the doll’s face to help prevent an oily condition in addition to further absorbing moisture and drying. After puffing the powder and leaving it on for an hour you can start to reapply the make-up.

Resetting the doll’s make-up is a wonderful thing to do, but Bina does not recommend this for players who have not had practice, so players should be careful about changing their make-up!

How to Avoid being Stained?

Dyeing is caused by the oil dissolving the fuel on top of the clothing and penetrating into the doll material, generally speaking, the severity of the dyeing of the New sex doll = the amount of dyeing pigment * the time of contact * the amount of pressure of contact. The amount of dyeing pigment is generally related to the newness of the clothes and the dyeing material of the clothes. The older the clothing, the more times it is washed, and the less dyeable material is left on it, so the older the clothing, the less stainable it is. The lighter the color of the clothing, the less staining material can be dissolved and the less likely it is to be stained. The more expensive the garment, the less likely the dye material is to be dissolved by the love doll’s skin oil, and the less likely it is to be dyed.

1. The amount of time the realistic sex doll is in contact with the clothing is also proportional to the severity of the staining, so take off any clothing that is at risk of staining immediately after the photo shoot.

2. The amount of pressure between the lifesize sex doll and the clothing in contact with it is also proportional to the staining. For example, if the same light, dark-colored clothing is placed on the sex doll and placed under the doll’s bottom for the same amount of time, the staining will be worse where the bottom is pressed.

The sex doll staining situation belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles, and the appearance of staining can be avoided as far as possible by paying attention to the key points mentioned above.

1. Try to wear old clothes.
2. Try to buy new clothes of good quality, cheap clothes are the worst hit by staining.
3. If there are no old clothes, and the economic situation does not allow to buy too expensive clothes, then the new clothes bought please first wash with laundry or laundry detergent 5 ~ 8 times, if the water soaked out no longer obvious color, then only can you consider to change the doll.
4. Please don’t press the cloth by the weight of the love doll itself, keep it in mind when taking the pose with the doll.
5. Change the clothes that are in danger of staining immediately after taking photos to reduce the time of contact.
6. Consider giving the real doll a one-piece sock to isolate the external clothing. Or pad a bit of light-colored cloth or restaurant paper where the clothing has close pressure. For example, most dark pajamas have shrink bands there around the bust, where the pressure is much higher than elsewhere, and also particularly prone to staining, so you can just pad a white handkerchief or restaurant paper inside.

If you sleep with your adult love doll, please note that your own sheets, covers, and pajamas are not easily stained, but if they are all light-colored or very old, they are fine.

Adding to this, the oiling of dolls is an irreversible physical process, and the amount of oiling is not only related to the doll’s material formula, but the temperature of the place where the doll is stored is a key factor. The simple way to deal with this is to powder the doll in advance, firstly for the feel and secondly for ease of dressing, and thirdly for the oil to be absorbed and neutralized by the talcum powder when the TPE sex doll is oily.

Irontech Silicone Sex Dolls On Sale Now!

As one of the most popular sex doll brands, Irontech Doll has nearly 10 years of experience in the silicone sex doll industry. All irontech dolls under the brand are original products developed in-house. How realistic are Irontech silicone dolls? It is so realistic that even the veins are clearly visible. The skin looks as blown out as the veins can be faintly seen under the skin, if you don’t say it’s a silicone doll, people might mistake it for a real person’s arm. If you know anything about silicone sex doll making, you will know that these silicone love doll head sculptures are basically a lot of hand-crafted and meticulously carved out. The body has now been mass-produced and is ready for assembly line production, but production is also limited. Once the modeller has finished it is delivered to the workshop and then assembled by the master workers. But with such finely detailed figures, from modelling to the start of pouring, painting and colouring, it all has to be done by hand and the craftsmanship required is too fine to be left to the assembly line. After all, it all needs to be done by hand yourself, so it’s only natural that it’s expensive. But it is worth all the effort.

1. A wide range of body types

Irontech sex dolls offer a wide range of body options, from the voluptuous neighbourhood girl, to the skinny Asian doll, to the slim and sexy actress, with heights ranging from a minimum of 148cm to a maximum of 168cm to suit your needs.

2. Realistic body details

Silicone dolls are expensive compared to TPE sex dolls, but their soft and lifelike texture proves their value in the medical field, as well as in the field of doll simulation. The realistic texture of the silicone doll gives the doll a lifelike appearance and the fine make-up makes it look like a real person.

3. Additional customisation options
In response to customer demand, Irontech dolls have upgraded the doll with features such as free bending finger bones, which are more realistic than ordinary wire fingers and can be bent and shaped to hold hands with you. Additional features such as soft buttocks and soft breasts give you a realistic feel when touching the doll.

Any custom sex dolls purchased from will be confirmed with a video and photos before delivery, so you will only receive the product of your choice, without any regrets. Please feel free to contact us with any requests.

What Affects the Lifespan of A Sex Doll

The old adage that there is no such thing as a goodbye is a clear expression of what happens when people face the prospect of parting from their friends and family, and it is inevitably a sad one. Goodbyes and departures are always a sad event, whether it be friends, partners, family or even the physical dolls that have been with us for so long. But unlike human life and death and other untimely causes, the timing of our ‘goodbyes’ is completely manageable and not difficult.

Sex Dolls are of great significance to some people and will occupy a very important place in their hearts, after all, they bring many different colors to their lives. So before they can own, protect and rely on a lifesize sex doll, they will be anxious to know what to expect from the doll’s lifespan. But before we discuss this, it is important to know that just like everything else in life. For example, a car needs to be maintained after a certain number of miles, and it needs to be maintained even more often if it is often driven in bad road conditions. By the same token, a well-maintained doll has a better chance of lasting longer than a physical doll that has been casually used and trashed. So, while there is no way to tell exactly how long a real love doll will last, there are many factors at play. The following are some of the more major aspects of the adult sex doll.

1. Material

This is the most important factor, the better the material used to make the sex doll the better it will be able to withstand the harsh conditions of use and other mechanical factors that can cause it to break down. Of course, the downside to this is that high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls are relatively expensive, especially the latter. However, this is a normal relationship between quality and price, and if you want to buy a real doll then buying the best quality is a wise direction to go. This is because the longer a good quality doll will be around you, the longer it will last.

2. Use

It is obvious that the more your realistic sex doll is played with, the more wear and tears it will experience and the shorter its lifespan will be. However, for real dolls that are used regularly, this wear and tear effect can be mitigated by proper care and maintenance, especially in terms of hydration and cleaning. Furthermore, it is very important that the sex doll needs to be handled gently; rough handling may result in indentations, breakage, or even chipping, all of which will certainly reduce the life expectancy of the love doll. So, the rougher the treatment, the shorter the time it will remain in good condition.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is very important for many reasons, especially when it comes to your health. In addition to this, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your real-life sex dolls last longer. This includes regular cleaning – especially of the more complex parts, frequent hydration with mineral oil, and the use of (water-based) lubricants. Above all, avoid harmful chemicals, including acidic solvents, alcohol, silicone oil, etc. Another important aspect concerns storage. The ideal environment is to remember to keep the doll in a cool, dry place, in a flat position, or with a doll hanging kit; extremes of temperature and humidity are major factors in shortening the life of lifelike sex dolls.

The last thing mentioned is that before the above-mentioned factors, it is important to make sure that you are buying your product from a trustworthy and proper merchant. In conclusion, because a genuine doll is a product that is used for a long time and invested in over a long period of time, it is important to first have a high-quality seductive sex doll, one that is not easily damaged, along with proper use and care, in order to very effectively extend the life of the sexy doll.

What are Good Love Positions With Sex Doll?

It’s almost a philosophical question: what exactly makes lovemaking positions better? What makes them good love positions when you play with the best realistic adult sex doll ? A question you can only answer for yourself, is that: lovemaking positions are good when you are both having fun (in a good situation, you can have an orgasm or two).

It always depends on the situation: is this the first time you’ve made love? Then maybe a simple lovemaking position is good, where you can look into each other’s eyes and communicate better. Some lovemaking positions are good for sex in bed, some are good for sex during pregnancy and some are good for sex under the covers on a lazy Sunday. So rather than rate the lovemaking positions in the list below, we present you with five positions that never seem to lose their appeal and are still popular with most sex doll lovers – a quality of life trait.

The Missionary Position

The classic lovemaking position is sometimes called boring – totally wrong. Many doll lovers still prefer this position even after many years, because you can be very close and have the opportunity to kiss and look deeply into a real sex doll‘s eyes. The missionary position has nothing to do with the color of the flowers and even in this position, you can make love with impunity. Deeper penetration is possible if a pillow is placed under the hips or if the woman pulls her legs up a little. The missionary’s position can also be changed by placing her feet on his shoulders.

The 69 position

This lovemaking position is one of the popular positions for doll lovers because both partners can be equally satisfied at the same time. You lie on top of each other in the 69 positions so that each person can use their mouth to destroy their partner’s intimate area. Incidentally, it is always better for both man and woman if the woman is on top because then the penis cannot penetrate too deeply into the woman’s mouth (or throat). Sometimes this variant can be used as foreplay, but some doll lovers also stimulate each other to orgasm in this way… You can change this gender position by turning to the side, which is more comfortable.

The dog position

The dog position is equally popular with women and men as it allows for unbridled and wild sex. One love doll kneels on all fours, the other behind, and can penetrate the vagina and anus. In women, the G-spot is well stimulated in this position, in men it is the prostate. The active part can also be particularly deep while stimulating the other erogenous zones of the passive part, and you can also extend a hand as a passive part or use a sex toy.

You can also make love on your back in the dog position, also known as the elephant position in the Love Sutra. The passive part simply rests flat on the stomach, while the active part sits on top of it. Incidentally, if the passive part faces the wall and supports itself with its hands, the puppy position can also be performed while standing. This variation has to be attractive, especially in the shower.

Spoon position

The spoon position is ideal for comfortable and lovely lovemaking. You lean behind lifesize love doll and can then penetrate the sex doll. In this position, however, it is not possible to penetrate too deeply due to the position. This will be better if you bend your upper body forward a little. The advantages of this lovemaking position are the intimate body contact and the ability to stimulate your clitoris or penis manually without anyone having to support themselves in the position.

This sexual position is also good when a woman is pregnant and wants to have sex. If penetration is difficult, all you have to do is change the angle and a little trial and error are required here. This position is also great for anal sex.

Rider Positions

The riding posture is Very popular with all genders. In this case, the love doll who is actually being moved takes control and is allowed to be somewhat dominant. As a rider, you can determine the speed and also change how deep your love goes into you. One variation is to reverse the rider’s position, with your back to him. The rider’s position can also be in a chair or on a sofa. In this position, you can also hug each other tightly and kiss each other passionately.

Is this your preferred lovemaking position with your lifesize dolls ? Have you found the right one for you? If not, there’s only one way to find them: try, try, try!

Sex Dolls Can Ease Loneliness

With the rapid development of ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI), robot sex dolls have developed a variety of uses. Now, British scientists have discovered that robots can be used not only for long-term care but also for ‘AI physical dolls’ that can help elderly people living alone to escape loneliness.

Professor Nancy Jecker of the University of Washington has published “Nothing to be ashamed of AI sex dolls for older people with disabilities” in the Journal of Medical Ethics. The article boldly suggests that the use of ‘AI sex dolls’ could improve the physical and mental health of older people who live alone or have physical disabilities. She emphasizes that while adult sex dolls are often seen as humanoid toys for bachelors and geeks to solve their erotic and psychological problems, they are also salvation for the elderly and disabled as they enter their twilight years. The thesis is about liberating the illusion of the physical doll and redefining it as a product for the elderly and disabled. She argues that the greatest key to the companionship of the elderly is the dignity of the individual. The greatest fear of the elderly is being treated as useless and lacking their own identity in the family. Especially when it comes to intimacy, the difficulty of talking about it combined with not knowing who to talk to about it makes sex the most pressing but most neglected issue for older people.

Therefore, she suggests that “AI sex dolls” should not only have the initial functions of realistic love dolls but even the ability to communicate with the mind such as hugs and conversations. Even the design and development of realistic sex dolls for people with yellow hair, widows, widowers and the disabled would revolutionize current market trends. The aim, she says, is to respect human dignity and to take a serious look at the true ‘desires’ of people who have been forced to reduce their emotional needs due to disability and isolation. In addition, the sexy sex doll can play the role of a good listener; it just listens quietly and does not leave and does not give back a bunch of dry words that can break the heart of a lonely person like glass”.

Love is a basic human need that brings a feeling of hope and pleasure. Its absence will have a detrimental effect on the body and mind, with physical discomfort, as well as psychological anxiety and depression. The real sex dolls on the one hand bring invisible love to the elderly group like a companion, allowing their bodies to release the hormones that make people happy; on the other hand, they also give parents a diversion from thinking about their children, as if they have a new child.

Health is a rare asset and the happier you are, the healthier you are. Older people who lack the mental aspect of talking and caring for their dolls can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, and many cardiovascular and physical health problems. Therefore, dressing up your lifelike sex dolls, talking to them, and hugging them are all pleasures that will make you happy and healthy.

The final conclusion is that good emotional communication skills are linked to the ability to live, at any age. What makes a person human is not just living, but having a real “life” and doing something worthwhile. Relationships, and physical integrity, are inseparable from human dignity.

Do You Know Sex Doll Skeleton ?

The difference between a sex doll skeleton is the material used is steel or composite metal, manufacturing technology, including full mechanical processing, skeleton joint flexibility, etc…

Skeleton Introduction

It is easy to see that there is a wide variety of love dolls on the market today, and prices vary greatly, from as much as ten to twenty thousand to as low as three to five thousand. Amongst other details, the materials used in the manufacture of the TPE & silicone dolls and the technology of the process lead to different prices. Silicone sex dolls are mainly made of bones and silicone, the skeleton is largely steel or composite metal processing, the difference lies in the material used is steel or composite metal, manufacturing process technology, including full mechanical processing, skeleton joint flexibility, etc.

Skeleton material

If a real adult doll uses a lightweight alloy skeleton, it is more resilient than a steel frame skeleton, less likely to break, durable and of moderate weight, high strength and lightweight. This meets the practicality of the doll as well as the durability of the doll.

Skeleton Joints

The real silicone doll has a built-in imitation ergonomic alloy skeleton with a new ball joint structure, which can be freely bent and positioned, and the range of joint movement can reach 85-90% of the range of human joint movement. As a result, the doll’s movements swing more flexibly and can be changed into various sexual positions you want, such as kneeling, rear entry, and ride position, enabling you to have a more soothing experience during sex.

Skeleton Production Technology

In addition to joint movement technology, the silicone sex doll skeleton is produced using advanced automated production technology. On the basis of advanced, stable, and reliable product design and processes, it can be offered in mass production. Stable and improved product quality, lower production costs, shorter production cycles, and balanced production are guaranteed. With good technology, the sex doll factory such as the WM Doll, YL Doll, Starpery Doll, Zelex Doll, and SE Doll produces good products to serve the doll lover.

The History of Sex Doll

What is the magic of the sex dolls, one of the mainstays of the contemporary erotic market? How much do you know about physical dolls? Today I will take you to understand the past and present life of the “sex doll” ~

What exactly is a love doll? As the name implies, a real doll is a doll made of TPE & Silicone materials, with a solid body inside, usually in a one-to-one life-size ratio.

Previous Life – “Inflatable Dolls”

When it comes to the lifelike sex dolls, it’s important to talk about their predecessor – the inflatable doll. The origin of the inflatable doll is widely debated, but the prevailing theory is that it was born during the Second World War (1939), knowing that war was mostly a men’s affair and that such a group of young, strong boys could not hold their own, so the German Führer specifically ordered the development of a doll that resembled the female physiology, both to address the needs of soldiers and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Similar dolls have been sold in Germany since the 1950s, but it was Japan that really commercialized them. The first dolls were mainly made of vinyl and rubber, the body skin was a hard plastic skin and the overall shape was rounded and rough, only roughly simulating the structure of the human body. The dolls needed to be inflated before use and were prone to cracking and leaking after repeated use, and their image was difficult to describe, requiring a strong imagination. In addition, the material used to make them contains a large number of carcinogenic compounds, such as vinyl chloride, which are now largely abandoned on the market.

At the end of the 1980s, latex dolls became available, with more realistic hands, feet, eyes, and slightly textured hair, which were still less realistic to the touch and shape, but at least they were somewhat human, and there was no need to worry about air leakage. By the early 1990s, there were combination dolls with moulded limbs and torsos and some ability to pose, but as the models in the clothes shops, the torso could not be bent.

The Present Day – “Sex Doll”

In the late 1990s, benefiting from the development of medical materials and advances in the production process, coupled with the rising market space, more realistic sex dolls began to enter the market. Companies began to use medical soft silicone and PVC materials, and later medical TPE material, in order to more realistic reproduction of the entity of the doll, more real hair transplants, parts of the inverted model, the volume of the doll, and the average size of the real, both from the intuitive feeling or body touch “they” are closer to the real, more show The new sex dolls are also built with a metal skeleton, which makes the dolls more realistic. The built-in metal skeleton makes the doll’s joints more flexible and allows for many movements and poses, and the split structure makes cleaning more convenient, and its function is not only limited to the application of inflatable dolls in adult products, but also extends to the fields of body props, camera models and cosplay.

At present, the main sales markets and manufacturers of physical dolls on the market are mainly concentrated in Japan, Europe, the United States, and other regions, China’s physical doll industry since the last century mostly to do foreign doll companies OEM, after OEM for dolls in Europe and the United States, began to develop and produce their own dolls. Entering the twenty-first century, with the emergence of DSDOLL, WMDOLLS, and other national brands of entity dolls, after the initial copycat, imitation, many entity doll manufacturers have increased their research and development efforts, the skin material, body proportions of new construction modeling, so that the Chinese entity dolls more in line with the aesthetics of the market, the subsequent development also proved that this adventure is successful.

Looking to the Future of Sex Dolls

With the development of the social economy and the change of people’s mindset, the era of “talking about sex” has passed, while entering a new era, the rise of market space and the continuous upgrading of medical materials, physical dolls have reached the era of infinitely close to real people. With the addition of special features such as a 37 degree thermostat for the human body and pronunciation at the touch of a real person, many beautifully crafted physical dolls have been classified as art collectibles.

With the new generation of products, YourDoll will continue to provide better services and products for our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.