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My Doll Arrives, thanks Mia!

Hi, I’m writing to say how pleased and happy I am upon receipt of my doll, she was my first doll and I couldn’t be happier. she is the Kato doll, but I’ve called her Katie, she is lovely and so sweet.

I got 4 ft 6″ with blonde hair which I put into pigtails, also got blue eyes, when she got her blue and white tie at thigh briefs and bra supplied on she looks fit. like I say this was my 1 st doll and it has made me want more in various poses legs bent, legs spread, legs back, etc I think you get the picture she,s both sexy and gorgeous. She never says no and is always available when I want her, you can be gentle or rough she loves it, I keep her in bed know and we cuddle and have foreplay but it isn’t long before I can’t resist and have to have her, that innocent looking face blue eye,s, and lovely soft mouth and lips are just too much.

I chose your doll and I am glad I did they were great especially mia from customer support who answered and replied to all my questions which is my first doll were many, but she always replied and went that extra mile for me, I shall definitely use your doll in the future and to anybody whose thinking or as always wanted a sex doll then go for it you won’t regret it and you will be glad you did and will spend many happy times as I know me and Katie will, and don’t forget you both won’t argue or fall out she will always agree to your needs.

Thanks to all at your doll, and special thanks to mia.‍

**This review is posted by Yourdoll’s customer – Gr. We get authorized to post on Yourdoll.com.**

Amber’s Photoshoots 166C | WM Doll Review


Ordered on 8/24 from YourDoll and she arrived 9/24. She only received minor damage to her foot during shipping, everything else is in perfect condition. Being my first doll I’m a little overwhelmed with the movement and how all her joints work. I will say I’m very impressed though, she is far more beautiful and realistic than I thought she would be. During the month long wait I was starting to wonder if I was a fool for spending so much on a doll, but now I don’t think so at all. She also came with the new WM cleaning system which is pretty cool but not great with the drying part. She is pretty limited on clothing so far but wanted to show off her cheerleading uniform on her first day.


Got a new camera today and decided to try out a small photoshoot. I will post future updates in here as she gets more clothes and we have time for more shoots. I’m learning very quickly how much work it is, and how difficult it is to take good pictures. I gained a lot of respect for those that post some of the content on here. I’m still very new to the doll world and know nothing about photography, but we’re gonna give it a shot. Just looking to share my experiences and get some feedback along the way.


My Saturday morning secretary. She loves checking out everyone’s new updates.


We’ll start off with some of her beautiful smile. I knew image quality wouldn’t be great in this room. The lighting is less than ideal but we took some fun and sexy pictures.
Amber started off shy but warmed up to the camera as we went.


My incredibly beautiful date on this Saturday evening.


We have been a little slow with getting any new pictures up the last few days because Amber’s hair took a turn for the worst.
After trying various methods including fabric softener, conditioner, and leave in conditioner we managed to get it back and better than ever.
Amber says she looks like a Pantene model with her straight blonde hair now.
Sadly this wig will only be used for photos now.
We will be shopping for a more quality wig in the near future, but in the mean time we tried on the other provided wigs.
Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 are long hair and I hate the bangs on the short black one!

I was surprised how much I liked the brown curly hair.
It almost looks red in the photos but its actually brown.
Might have to try some more serious photos with that.


Submitted our first entry for a photo challenge
November 2020 Cat B Challenge ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’
I think her hair was too far back, but they still made for cool pictures


It’s been a rough morning at the house of Trick! Discovering that most of Amber’s new clothes don’t fit, ripping a brand new pair of stockings,
and while trying to get some pictures of her looking out the window I accidently stepped on the curtains, which tore them off the wall!
After all that I called off the shoot, took my frustrations out on Amber, and put her away.
We’ll try again next weekend, but here’s what we ended up with.

**This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – Trick007. We get authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here.**

The Dani Diaries – My WM166C

Hello Fellow TDFers

I figured it was time to give my gal Dani her own little space where I can upload pics and various updates. I figured the Eye Candy board would get a broader audience than the WM board, but I’m new to dolls in general and my photo game is definitely out of its league there. So we humbly will stake our claim here.

So Dani came to me in early February (birthday present ) from Yourdoll as one of their preconfigured instock dolls.
She is a 166C with a 266 head (Gabriel?)
Light Tan
Standing Feet
Evo Shoulders
Gel Breasts (very nice )
Fixed insert

I live alone and Dani is still a “secret” to everybody except my cats LOL (fortunately I’m a bit of a hermit so I don’t need to hide her in the closet often). She sleeps next to me every night. She does stay in bed and sleep in while I’m at work. Otherwise if I’m around the house, she comes out to hang out on the couch or comes into the music room on her office chair to give me something nice to look at while I play drums

I’ve already “upgraded” her a bit.

MF Footbolt caps

MF Eyelids

MF EZ Move Eyes. Here modeling the MF01 Light Blue Amber Flare.

Sensationnel synthetic 13×6 Swiss Lace Front Wig “Chrissy” – Color = T4/27.
This is her “Daily Driver” Wig… its plenty cute and pretty easy to maintain.
The cool thing about a 13×6 lace is that you can change the parting and have much more “parting space” (compare the side part here to the middle part above). A standard lace front usually only has about 2 or 3 inches of parted hair which (to me) just doesnt look right. I actually returned a few standard lace front wigs because of this.

Outre synthetic 13×6 HD lace wig – “Evona” – Color = Golden Amber.
This is a really sexy wig but its a bit of a beast to keep it tamed.
Next wig for her will def be a long, straight wig LOL.
Also in this photo, I had just recently redone her lips with the Eyeshadow + Vaseline technique

And in the interests of spicing up this post with a little R-rated nudity, here’s a pic of a nipple recoloration.
Nipple on the Left is “stock” (and well sucked on ).
Nipple on the right has been touched up with Revlon Eyeshadow and a light smear of Vaseline (pretty sure the Vaseline had already soaked in when I took this photo but I cannot recall)

Her Wardrobe is still a work in progress. As my fellow doll owners know, with their long slender legs, ample hips and breast and supertiny waists, these gals are even trickier to shop for than RL gals. Plus there’s the color staining issue to worry about too. We haven’t had any staining issues yet but have been pretty conservative with color choices (creams, grays, etc) and soaking them first to check for dye leaks.

I do have a pretty sizable order from SHEIN.com coming in hopefully soon and would like to try some actual posing of her in outfits. Stay tuned

***This review is posted on The Doll Forum and Twitter by Yourdoll’s customer – . We are authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here. ***



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Welcome to YOURDOLL! If you are looking for a high-quality sex doll, here we are your best choice. We have a unique selection of luxury realistic love dolls that are designed to look and feel just like the woman you dream of.

sex doll factory

Authorized Vendor

As a TDF approved & authorized vendor, we offer 20+ doll TPE & silicone sex doll brands for your selection.

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For branded dolls, we offer factory photos and. We guarantee that you will get 100% satisfaction here.


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You can always get the best price here. A price match is available if you find a better price with an authorized seller.

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Contact us via email, phone, or online chat, you will always get through. We will treat you as a friend instead of a customer.

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We have some in-stock dolls in Los Angeles. You can pick up your love doll at our office instead of delivering it to your house.

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Best sex dolls online shopping mall

Yourdoll strive to search for a trustworthy source to buy quality realistic sex dolls. We make a complete guide that guarantees YOU get the best sex doll, delivered on time, and shipped free! 

Searching for sex dolls can be tough, especially if you’re new to the genre or just haven’t bought one yet. First things first though! If you don’t know where and how to buy your sex doll or maybe you’re wondering if a vendor or a sex doll is worthy of your money, check out our sexdoll buyer’s guide below. Get the right doll for your lifestyle and personal preferences, and you’re already off to a great start.

Table of Contents

  1. No More Taboo or Shame to Buying Love Doll
  2. Adult Dolls Market Growing Popularity
  3. Why You Should Buy a Love Doll? Is It Really Worth the Investment?
  4. Why Sex Doll is So Expensive? Are They Affordable?
  5. Which Factor Affects A SexDoll’s Price?
  6. Ways to Save Money on Buying Sex Doll
  7. How to Use a Real Doll (Sex with Sex Doll Tips )
  8. 6 Best Sexual Positions With Your Love Doll
  9. Sex Doll Cleaning & Maintenance after Use
  10. How do I Avoid Scammers?
  11. Why Purchase from YourDoll?

No More Taboo or Shame to Buying Love Doll

Sex was or may still be an inherent topic that most people wish to avoid. But it seems that times are changing and people are becoming comfortable with the idea that sex and anything related to that activity is totally normal. Why should any of us hide or fear what is natural?

No doubt that you should explore and embrace your sexuality with courage and freedom. As more and more people are testing this subject, buying sexdolls is becoming more popular and less taboo. The sex toy industry is booming, and love dolls are progressing faster than any other sex toy in the world. 

Studies conducted at Indiana University in the USA in 2009 found that 45 percent of men aged between 18­ and 65 years who use sex toys were more likely to participate in sexual health-promoting behaviors such as testicular examination and male sexual health clinics. They also scored highly on satisfaction levels of erectile dysfunction, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and sexual desire.

The benefits of orgasm are huge for both physical and mental well­being, and ­recent research from Harvard Medical School has found that regular orgasms can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by 22 percent, so anything that adds or enables an orgasm can only be a good thing.

Some people are afraid to custom sexdolls and would rather have them in their minds. The truth is that we live in a time of freedom. Some of the most salacious ideas are now accepted by the public. In this modern-day, all you need to do is accept yourself for who you are and be happy. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not illegal, and it is not looked down upon. We all know that sex is a huge part of our life and there is no doubt about that. Why aren’t women ashamed of using dildos and men have “pocket pussies”? The answer is – sex and sex toys are a normal part of our lives.

Sex dolls also referred to as love dolls, real dolls, adult dolls, and basically created to provide companionship, happiness, and sexual pleasure. They are designed to resemble men and women in just about every respect. The ones of the highest quality are pretty realistic, starting from the shape of fingernails to their sexual organs. “There’s never been a better time to be looking for some product to enhance your sexual experience,” says sexuality educator Robin R. Milhausen, Ph.D., “because the range of things available is almost as unlimited as your imagination.”

Adult Dolls Market Growing Popularity

Lifelike adult dolls are gaining in popularity all over the world, from Asia (Japan & China) to Europe and the United States. The reason for the rapid trend is the improved availability of sex dolls online and in sex shops.


The media attention on dolls has also helped to spark interest in lonely men who are looking for a way to vent their sexual frustrations. Many men are already using assisted masturbation devices, such as the ” Fleshlight,” but a real sex doll offers an immersive feel that feels more like the real thing. Over the past fifteen years, the adult doll industry has grown from producing inexpensive novelty products to a multi-million dollar global industry featuring high quality, real size dolls. These dolls are designed and advertised for sexual stimulation, companionship, artistic expressions of human fantasy, and other creative pursuits, such as photography. Today, the sex doll concept is becoming more and more common worldwide.

Adult dolls have become so realistic that humans are unable to distinguish between them. They are now widely considered a great way to enhance pleasure and fulfill those crazy fantasies. However, most consider the typical love doll user to be a single man. But in fact, those sex dolls can be used by people from various backgrounds, including couples. Couples find the dolls a safe way to introduce another partner as there are no emotions. It’s sexual exploration without cheating.” Dolls are sometimes introduced as sexual surrogates when one partner is unable to enjoy sex, often for health reasons, but the couple does not want outside lovers. 

Why You Should Buy a Love Doll? Is It Really Worth the Investment?

Why should I buy a love doll? At one time, such a question would have been unheard of, and yet today more and more men are asking themselves that very thing.  Even if you’re one of those who think they’ll never get a sex doll, you have probably wondered how it feels to have one at least once. And while you’re still hesitating, we’re ready to prove why you should definitely purchase a love doll for yourself.

Getting Sex

For most people, this is one of the top strengths. Technically you can have a realistic sex experience with your doll however and whenever you want. Even in a new relationship with a woman, you can’t do that. Essentially you get complete control over your own sexual appetite and fulfillment of it. The question is though, how is the sex? It’s good – it’s about 90% as good as it is with a woman who doesn’t move lol… and let’s face it some actual women are a bit like that so in some cases it’s not that different.

The visual and physical sensation of the sex is very similar to sex with a woman because the plastic is now such a good quality that it closely mimics the feel of skin and flesh.

Getting Better At Sex

Some of our customers have never had sex. Others haven’t had very much and yet others just aren’t very good at it. Some I’ve spoken to are actually quite good at it, can get enough but have emotional issues that prevent them from connecting emotionally. Typical examples of this one are widows who are still grieving for their partner or guys who’ve gone through a particularly difficult breakup. I don’t think any of our customers are great at sex and are great at emotional connection.

So there are two things here. The more regular and non-judgemental sex that you’re able to have with a doll enables you to improve your sexual performance. It can take you out of your head and ground you

The Companionship

Dolls aren’t just for sex and some people don’t even have sex with their sexy dolls – not even once. Although many people will say they haven’t had sex with their doll when the time comes to sell it most of them have. It’s something we found out very early on in this business.

When a customer isn’t trying to sell a realdoll though it’s possible that they’re not having sex with it. I know one widowed guy who sits his doll in the chair next to him so he can have company whilst watching TV, another guy who collects them and keeps them in glass cabinets, and another guy who simply likes to take photos. There is a myriad of other people who have sex for a while and then just keep them around for the company. Maybe cuddling into them before falling asleep.

Minimal Risks

As great as sex with another human can be, it’s not without ample risks. Even when practicing safe sex and using protection, there are still risks like sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. When having sex with a doll, you’ll inherently be having safer sex, with few associated hazards. In fact, you’ll avoid the risks of social activity in general—amidst the recent pandemic and quarantines across the globe, companies saw a surge in interest in sexy dolls as a way to help reduce stress and loneliness while in isolation. This is all the more beneficial if you find dating to be anxiety-inducing: you might be afraid to talk to people at a bar, but you won’t need to flirt with your doll to get her to come to bed with you.

No Cap On Creativity

You can try any sexual pleasure or position you can imagine, even something that it might be difficult to discuss with a human partner. You can experience any fantasy you have ever wanted without feeling guilty or judged, and of course totally free from any STD (sexually transmitted disease). Forget about the risks of promiscuous sex life or a sex worker. A real sex doll is even cheaper if you do the math, and we all know the risks of having unprotected sex with a stranger. This can be deadly, and having the risk of an unplanned pregnancy is not fun.

This can also be considered in some cases as a transition to a new human relationship. It’s totally up to you, we are all different and nobody can judge us. They could also save your marriage by avoiding cheating on your partner with a real human. After years of marriage, because of many factors like job, stress, bad luck, or just plain boredom, the eye begins to wander. So again, real sex dolls can be the answer and the solution to that lack of surprise and excitement we all feel at some moments of life.

There are so many different models and designs on the market that we can ensure they are amazing, easy to clean, and more realistic every day. Blonde, redhead, Asian, Latin, brunettes, ass, tits, size, style, everything can be chosen from an infinite catalog of attributes. You can also go further and customize your sex doll to make it look like someone you like, love, or even imagine or dream of, like a porn star.

You can enjoy your sexual doll in your house or wherever you want to and even hide or transport her inside of a very private hard case that we can customize for you. You don’t need dinners, presents, going out or any annoying habits, she only needs you and your company, with no demands.

Confidence Booster

While you are at it, you will improve your real-life sex techniques and maybe restore your confidence in human relationships. And of course, you can pick the doll you like according to your tastes and choose every little detail that you would expect from the perfect girl.  You may even get surprised by unbelievable dolls you haven’t even dreamed of.

A professional doll will help you to release all that negative daily energy, relax, think better, get some pleasant company, and finally have that perfect dream girl by your side, something very difficult these days when breakups and marriages are so common, and especially after a failing marriage or a horrible experience in a human relationship or a traumatic experience like losing your partner.  These are all difficult experiences that can really hurt. A real sex doll will always be there for you. A lifelike doll has no demands, the only comfort to offer. Your perfect partner, she will always like what you like, she is never too tired, she is always ready, there are no bad moments for her, no hormones, no headaches, she will always listen to you and she will always respect silence too.

Minimal Costs

Yes, a real doll has an upfront cost. No dates, no club nights, no valentine, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ramadan, Sallah, Anniversary, her birthday, and your birthday gifts. No compulsory movies, candlelit dinners, etc. No ‘request an Uber’ or ‘come and pick me’. No breakfast in bed, pizza or ice cream, or periodic shopping. Your credit card will thank you when it’s not being added to month after month! And the lessened costs aren’t just financial. You’ll save the mental and physical energy of dating, too. You’re a busy person, with your attention pulled between work, home, friends, and more, as well as your sex life. A relationship entails checking in, spending time together, and thinking about your partner when you’re apart. Your doll won’t demand your time and energy. When you’re not with her, you’re free to focus your attention elsewhere to advance in your career or elsewhere in your life.

Sexdolls might not be for everyone. Your friends or family might not understand your interest and, with society’s taboo take on it, you might hide her away. But, if you have an interest in buying a sexdoll to try for yourself, don’t let stereotypes keep you from the benefits. Compared to a relationship, you’ll avoid risks and costs, be they financial or energetic. With your doll, you’ll be free to enjoy the doll of your dreams in whatever ways you can imagine, however creative they may be. This freedom will build your confidence while giving you plenty of enjoyment along the way.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a love doll allows you to live out your wildest dreams without the need of involving anyone else and bringing all sorts of complications into your life.

An adult doll can provide companionship, sexual satisfaction, even add some unique spice to your relationships. A real doll doesn’t care about your job, car, looks, or the contents of your wallet. They’re always up for a good time, and will never judge you for your fantasies or your hangups.

Now for the most important thing of all. This is a big investment. You may have even gone into debt to buy your dream beauty. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. To help you out, we’ve created this user’s guide. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about your love doll, how to take care of it, and how to get the most pleasure in your new relationship.

Why RealDoll is So Expensive? Are They Affordable?

It’s true that it’s not cheap to buy a realdoll if you just look at the price you have to pay in the beginning. However, in the long run, it can save you up a lot of money. These amazing beauties are affordable. Prices range from around $1000 to $6000 for more intricately detailed custom dolls.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend you go out and spend $6,000 on your first doll, but it’s absolutely worth checking out the more affordable realdolls to start your love doll adventure. Think of it this way. Yes, it will be more expensive to buy a realistic sex doll than a regular sex toy, but it is more complicated and requires more effort in the creation process. You will also get a whole-body experience that is very, very different. It’s that simple. You can also choose your favorite body shape, face, skin tone, eye color, etc. It’s a large, custom, human-sized “toy”, but it’s so much more than that because you can bring it to life in your personalized way.

Most of our quality love dolls are made of premium silicone or TPE materials, every detail is very realistic. It usually comes from a complete real human body, although some styles only imitate certain body parts, such as the new vagina, head, buttocks, etc. More importantly, these safe and real life materials cost much. 

Premium Materials and Real Feel

Sex doll faces and bodies modeled on a real person in some instances, with realistic skin material (similar to that used for movie special effects), and with realistic (or even real) hair. These dolls usually have an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints that allows them to be positioned in a variety of positions for display and for sexual acts. Silicone or realistic TPE dolls are much heavier than vinyl or latex inflatable ones (which consist mostly of air) but are roughly half the weight of a real human being of comparable size. All the premium sex dolls are flexible and adjustable, They can satisfy any of your sexual postures.

Durable and Conducive to Maintenance

And they won’t deform after a long period of use. Detachable head and reality vaginal make them conducive to maintenance. By the way, they are also easy to wash.

Most of the pricing of the realdolls are linked to the workmanship, modeling, artificial beautification, and more. There are a lot of processes involved in its manufacturing and this is something that decides upon the final price of the real dolls. These quality sex dolls really are top classes customized sex dolls and they also last longer when compared with other adult products.

Which Factor Affects A SexDoll’s Price?

In a quality search for your most suitable love doll, price is one key factor that plays a significant role in your selection. Fortunately, this does not only occur with sexy love dolls alone but several other items we purchase. Always, we want to go for something that matches the value of money we have to offer. Whenever money is not your problem, then other vital factors such as size, height, speed, and a lot more counts.

Of course, the price of a sexdoll is not only related to the manufacturer but also related to the brand. It is also related to the real doll itself. For example, for the same 158cm sexdoll, the price of a huge breast sex doll is higher than that of the medium breast sex doll. Huge breasts and large sex dolls need more raw materials, and they have to bear more expensive shipping costs, so this is also the reason for the different prices. Even products under the same brand.

When you first load up our shop which lets you do your sex doll customizable, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with options all available for you to change. As you start to build your dream girl, you’ll quickly notice the sex doll price racking up. What actually contributes to this though? The most common things that change the price of dolls tend to be:

Custom Body Parts: Some dolls come molded as one single piece. Others, mold the main part of the body first, then attach body parts that are created separately. This often includes the head, hands, feet, breasts, and genitals.

Colorations: If your doll offers a choice in a variety of skin colors, this will likely be a little more expensive than taking a tone chosen by the manufacturer as default.

Hair and Make-up: Some dolls will come with a premade head that is simply attached to the body. Other’s will let you completely customize any part of the head you choose. You can decide on your dolls make-up, hair color, nose size, piercings, basically any facial feature you can think of. The more work the manufacturer puts into creating your ideal head will play a part in how much they charge you.

Optional technical features: Life-size Sexdolls are of various models designed to meet the different wishes and demands of clients. These can include technological advances like body heat, the ability to stand, and even AI that will make her recognize you and speak or move her eyes when you are in the vicinity. If you want to include these optional features, you can expect to pay a higher price. The recent most designs are the robot sex dolls, which sell at higher rates. Half-length torso doll, because of their half-body designs, many of them lack all the sexual capabilities; hence they sell at much-reduced rates. In regards to price, mini dolls are cheaper compared to full-size sexdolls.

Extra Features: The sky is really the limit with your sexy sexdolls. If you can find the right manufacturer they can create almost anything you’d want. Be it completely different shapes styled after favorite characters. Different skin tones complete with freckles, blemishes, and scars. Or even adding vibrating parts or artificial intelligence so your doll can stimulate you that bit more. Each additional thing you pile on is likely to raise the cost.

If you have enough budget, then you can purchase high-end silicone dolls, smart robot sex dolls, or high-quality WM Brand dolls.

Ways to Save Money on Buying Sex Doll

Discounts And Promotions

Speaking of patience and discounts, waiting for certain holidays can save you a ton of money. We will do sales promotion and offer big discounts on special days such as Black Friday or Christmas days. At this time, the prices go down, and always is the best time to make your purchases. Remember, while there is any of these, prices are never similar for all models. Each one would have its price, but when every year of Black Friday is at a slashed rate.

Buy Our In-Stock Sex Doll

Buy the in-stock sex doll also can save your money, because it’s bulk ship to us and the cost reduce a lot, however, these in stock sex dolls are going to be rebuilt, and as so, isn’t going to be customizable. You can save quite a bit on the price though if you go this route. Order the doll of your liking directly here and take advantage of this bargain. Have your doll delivered free of charge or reserve her for pickup, this way you can get the best price and she is yours to take. 

If you found the same model cheaper elsewhere? We price match! Our sex dolls prices allow customers to find deals every day. If you find a better price from any retailer on an identical model (only for authorized vendor), send us the link and we’ll match it. Check price match terms.

How to Use A Real Doll (Sex with Sex Doll Tips )

A high-quality real doll is always ready and available to pleasure a man, now the doll is totally at your disposal. In this part, we guide how to have better sex with your hot sexdoll.

Well! A sex doll function is designed to give pleasure and companion. Pose your doll love doll in a position that arouses you the best, doggy style, missionary, girls on top, against the wall, then penetrate her and treat your girl with your power.  

How Do Real Dolls Work?

Female sex dolls are made with a fully working vagina. Male sex dolls have a penis attached. To put it simply, these are the finest doll masturbation toys on the planet. They are made to look and feel like the real thing no matter what position you put them in.

Essentially, they are a dummy sexual partner that only cares about giving you pleasure. They are an excellent way to live out your sexual fantasies as well. Wondering how to use a sexy sex doll? Well, it’s pretty simple, just have fun. No need to worry about how to use luxury sex dolls for your pleasure. Just do it like the real thing and enjoy it.

Vagina Sex 

This is one of the most common ways for people to enjoy their love dolls. Every female sex doll we sell comes with a fully functional vagina.  For many of our real adult dolls you have your choice between a removable (similar to a pocket pussy or a fleshlight) or fixed vagina. We include the depth of each doll vaginal opening on our website. Be sure to select a doll that can accommodate your size.

All of our dolls are composed of silicone or TPE. Both are extraordinarily realistic feeling.  Our vaginas are made for pleasure and designed so that it feels as if you are having sex with a real live human.

The process works just like you would imagine. You position the doll the way you like, then you penetrate the doll and continue as you normally would. The friction and pressure combined feel absolutely amazing.

We are often asked if it is okay for men to finish inside of their dolls. The answer is yes. This is a very common practice, and our dolls were designed for it. 

 Here are two ways helping to enjoy vagina sex to the fullest: 

Using a condom is easier to clean up and hygienic:

It protects both your penis and the sex doll’s tender skin. Otherwise, if you come to a tight vagina, the entire cleaning with anti-bacterial soap is very important. 

The other way you might like is using lubricant:

TPE and silicone material make the adult doll super realistic, but we recommend you use a water-soluble lubricant to keep your skin unharmed and protect your sex beauty’s from unexpected damage. 

As we mentioned above, preparing an anti-bacteria soap is necessary and some other cleaning accessories you might also need like masturbation vagina irrigator, renewal powder.

But whatever you use a condom or not, it’s better to clean the entire vagina every time you have sex with her. Keep her clean is your duty and it’s good for you as well.

Oral Sex

We’ve already explored the topic, “is a blow job from a love doll The same as getting a blow job from a person?” The answer is no they are not the same. There are pros and cons to both. Still, a love doll blow job is pretty damn fun. Think of it like this. When the manufacturer creates a love doll, the mouth only has to do two things. It has to look nice and it has to provide pleasure.

Her lips are designed to look beautiful, but more than it, kissing or oral sex are both available. Having non-stop blowjobs is always a dream of men, the love doll can give you continuous blowjobs you never had with real women. 

She has a deep throat but you are never worried about if you go too deep that makes her gag reflex or feel uncomfortable. 

Apply some water-soluble lubricant on your penis and we rest assured that you’ll feel great and enjoyable. 

Anal Sex

So many people fantasize about anal sex. It is normal, healthy, and very pleasurable for many people. The bad news is that it can be difficult to find a willing partner, let alone one to actually enjoys being on the receiving end is. Great news! Both our male and female dolls are functional in this way. The product engineers have worked hard to design the dolls so that you get a realistic, super tight, intense experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Some of us are always curious about anal sex, we wanna try if given a chance. The difficulty is we hard to find a girl who is willing to have anal sex with a man. Now here is the chance!! Both our female dolls and male dolls are designed anal functionally. Being posed a position as you like, your baby girl would love to share the wonderful moment with you. Please remember to apply some water-soluble lube as well.

Well here are 3 major sex ways with a love doll, you can explore some more interesting activities with your baby doll. They are not only can be kissed, hugged, and fucked but also companionship, role play, cosplay. Never stop making any possibility, just remember not to be too rough and violent.

6 Best Sexual Positions With Your Love Doll

The most popular question when it pertains to having sex with dolls is,

What positions can they do?

They can do any position a real woman can do! But I recommend you do it on a bed, sofa, or table as it’s easier to move them around into different positions. Some standing sex positions with your beauty are difficult. Possible, but difficult. As the doll’s feet are not that stable for moving them around sexually. Be sure to find a position to support her body when standing is required.

Here are 6 breathtaking sex positions you can try with your realdoll to have more pleasurable sex.

Missionary Position

The most popular sex positions for all, but if you do that, please make sure you do it on a bed, sofa, or table. You can do it either standing beside the bed or in bed on top of her. Only practice will teach you to find that right angle of her pelvis, how far forward to bend her legs, or how wide to spread her legs. Once you find that sweet spot, it’s great.

PRE STEPS: With the doll on her back, bend her legs up and forward and tip her pelvis up a bit if need be to get access to the vagina. Place arms at the side to stabilize the doll.

Doggy Style Position

This life-size doggy style position is easy to do. Your baby is on her hands and knees. Do the PRE STEPS to prop her into that position, and adjust as you need to. It’s inviting and offers you an amazing experience! Remember, don’t put your weight on top of her, her arms and hips are not designed to carry more weight than her own.

PRE STEPS: With the sex robot on her backbend her legs, knees, and arms into the position for doggy style, and lift her straight up and place her in the middle of the bed. Enough said, the rest you can figure out.

Girl On Top (aka Cowgirl, a Real Doll Ranch girls specialty) 

It a fun position, but you need to be strong enough to pump her and get her jumping up and down off your body. The feeling when you fully thrust up into her is amazing!

PRE STEPS: With the doll on her back, bend her legs and hips to the position she would be in on top of you. You can insert yourself in her and pick her up and turn around and lay back on the bed and she falls into position on top of you. Your feet dangle off the edge of the bed.

Bent Over

This sex position is a really popular one that has been used by couples over many years. In this position, you make your sex beauty stand in an inviting way and enter her from behind. The bent-over position can be really sexy and provide for anal or vaginal penetration or both.

You can also make the beauty wear a pair of sexy high heels to add extra hotness, and to make her stand in a flat but sexy way – pushing out her butt. This position can increase your fun, even more, depending on the object you use to bend over. Try couches, beds, chairs, pillows. Make sure nothing abrasive to protect your doll’s soft silicone or TPE skin.

PRE STEPS: Hold your baby from the back and stand near a bed or a table. Bend the love doll over the surface of the table or bed but still standing, and the bend should be at the waist.

Sex Against The Wall

If you’re one of the men who love their partners to stand against the wall and enter them from behind, you can use this position with your adult doll too. The corner of the room would work as the best place because the walls would provide the necessary support to make her stand straight. It’s ideal for sex in kinky places like the shower, balconies, etc. It’s also great for deep penetration!

PRE STEPS: Make her stand in the corner of the room, facing outwards, meaning her back should be towards you and you should be holding her from behind. Spread the arms of the doll against the wall to maintain the balance of her body. Lift one of her legs up and you’re all ready to go deep inside her.


Spooning is the most intimate sex position of all time. If you want to have sex with your beauty while lying on the bed or if you’re looking for a more intimate position, the spooning position can work very well for you and your sexy beauty.

The spooning position provides for the hottest and smoothest penetration. It’s ideal for heavier sexual dolls as you don’t need to carry them around in awkward positions. It’s great for body heat. Because you are so close to your realdoll, your body heat heats her up and makes sex feel even more real.

PRE STEPS: Make the sexy beauty lie on her side with her arms bent in front, as she is your little spoon. Bend her legs at an angle of forty-five degrees to support her body. Lift her upper leg and go inside from any of the orifices you want to.

 Two Most Common Oral Doll Sex Positions

1) Stand and Blow: With your sexy baby on her knees in front of you. Pre-pose your beauty on her back on a bed, position her legs as such so she is kneeling and back straight. Lift her up onto a soft foam pad on the floor. Enjoy!

2) Game On: Lay the doll on the bed or sofa on her belly and bend her waist and neck as such so you can slide underneath her so her head is on your lap, the rest is history.

Sex Doll Cleaning & Maintenance After Use

Cleaning A Sex Doll Tips

How to clean sex dolls after use is actually a very easy process and can be completed in just minutes if you’ve got the right tools.  Here are the tools we recommend and how you can use them to keep your sex beauty looking good as new. 

Always make use of water-based lubes to avoid any kind of breakage of the skin if you are having vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Try to clean your TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll every two weeks with soap and water. It should be cleaned with warm water and cleansers and shampoos. Don’t use any other cleanser apart from the ones given by the suppliers. This may damage your beauty. Make use of wet cloth and antibacterial soaps to clean the face of your high-end sex dolls. Your baby needs proper cleaning especially the holes- vaginal, butt, and other places. After cleaning, use a proper towel for drying the doll. Don’t keep it wet. Always keep it dry and cool. After cleaning, use powder to keep it fresh and clean.

Regardless of if you have a lifelike silicone doll or a TPE one, you can clean them both by hand with hot water and soap. It’s important to wash your sexdoll regularly, especially after sex, to keep her fresh and hygienic.

Use Mild Soap

We recommend using a mild soap, preferably antibacterial, to avoid any potential reaction. Coloured or fragranced soap can potentially stain your doll so stick to something plain.

Clean Dolls Holes

Cleaning her vagina, anus, and mouth is a delicate process with several techniques to expose these areas for cleaning. This method we suggest below seems to be one of the easiest and most efficient techniques, see below:

Coat a small swab sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap.

You can now use this sponge to clean the orifices. Insert the sponge using medical pincers into the orifice until is clean

You can dispose of this sponge and now repeat steps 1 and 2 above.

After two swabs, the orifices should be clean, allowing you to insert a second dry sponge to remove any excess soap or moisture.

Once you have successfully dried the doll, you can apply talcum powder to the exterior of the orifice.

All done. Your doll should now be clean and free from any bacteria or dirt.

Clean the Doll Head

Try to avoid getting the head wet, especially when bathing your doll, as the head is more delicate and it’s harder to dry out all the cavities. For the head, use a warm face cloth to rub over the face, neck, and head. 

By removing the doll’s head and wig, you can easily use a wet sponge with antibacterial soap to gently dap the face. You must be gentle, as you do not want to cause any unnecessary damage to the doll.

Only clean small sections of the dolls head at once. It is important to keep the eyes dry, which is why you must not use too much water.

When you are happy with the cleanliness, you can leave the head to dry own its own accord. If it is still damp after a couple of hours, use a dry cloth to get rid of the moisture.

Cleaning the Doll Cavities

You can buy specialist cleaners which may make the process a little quicker. Anal or vaginal irrigators can be inserted into the cavities to rinse them out. They work like a douche by squirting water from a nozzle.

Pro Tip: For best results, start with cold water, straight after sex, then finish off with warm water and soap. If you don’t have a specialist irrigator, a squirty bottle can work just as well.

Washing The Doll Hair

If you’re buying a silicone doll for the first time, you may not know that dolls wear wigs – what better way to change the look of your doll – a brunette on the weekdays and a blond for the weekend? Wash the hair separately with a mild shampoo and conditioner and allow it to dry naturally. Gentry brushes the hair afterward to keep it tangle-free.

Best Way To Dry The Doll

Dry skin on your doll is extremely important after you wash her. When wet, the skin is much more prone to tears and abrasions. We recommend using talcum powder to dry up any remaining water. Set your doll down and leave to dry for an hour or two to ensure most of the moisture has gone. Talcum powder (or baby powder) will also give your doll a natural fragrance and a soft feel. If your beauty ever feels tacky or sticky, just re-apply a little powder. 

TPE vs Silicone

TPE dolls are usually less expensive; thus they’re easier to get damaged. If you don’t clean and sanitize your TPE sex doll properly, it can start accumulating bacteria, especially when you let moisture seep into its skin.

Silicone sex dolls cost more, but they also dry faster and are easier to maintain. As a result, they’re less susceptible to damage and, in the end, might turn more cost-effective for you.

Clothing & Avoiding Stains

One of the biggest problems we’ve heard from customers is staining. Both TPE and Silicone will very readily absorb any dark color from clothes. Ensuring you have washed the clothes to minimize any risk of staining is paramount.

Only use clothing that is unlikely to transmit color(Light-colored clothes). All clothing must be cleaned before dressing the doll, as this will prevent any stains.

Once you are satisfied with the clothes and materials intended for the doll, you must ensure that the clothes are dry. If there is any excess water or dampness on the clothing, it will stain the doll’s skin.

Useful Tips

  • We don’t recommend using a hairdryer but if you must, use the coolest setting to avoid damaging the strands.
  • The correct cleaning and maintenance methods are essential, for your beauty to live a long and healthy life. So far we have covered what do to, below is a list of things to avoid when cleaning.
  • Using any old cleaning agent- There are certain cleaning products that will have a negative reaction to TPE. Antibacterial soap is recommended. If you are unsure about a cleaning agent, please contact us before using it.
  • Keep away from sharp objects – TPE is a very delicate material, which can tear easily. When storing or cleaning the doll, keep away from anything sharp.
  • Keep the head above water – as there are sections on the doll’s face that need to remain dry, the head must never be fully submerged underwater.
  • Dry with care – TPE can easily tear when drying. As the TPE will be warmer than usual, please take extra care, as the material is more susceptible to this temperature. Only use a dry cloth for drying, remembering not to apply too much pressure.

It is very important that your beauty dries naturally. Under no circumstances should any electric air dryer be used as this will damage the doll.

In fact, the above will apply to anything that comes in contact with the skin of the doll, so please take extra care when the doll comes into contact with any fabric.

Storing Your Realistic Doll – How to Prevent Damage?

All of our dolls are made to the highest specification, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them through regular use. When not in use, it’s best to keep them in a cool dark place away from any strong odors. Avoid direct sunlight too as this can age the skin and cause discoloration.

You can keep them in the packaging they came in when not in use if you have space or you can buy specialist hangers for the wardrobe if you prefer. Make sure to store them in a comfortable position to avoid any damage that can be caused due to the weight of the sex doll. There are a number of ways to store your doll. In order to keep your expensive sex dolls pristine, there is a set of criteria that you must adhere to:

Sunlight – too much sunlight will cause wear and tear to the TPE, causing the TPE to degrade faster than usual.

Dust – the skin of your beauty will easily collect dust stick to it. We recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or in the original product box as dust can be extremely difficult to remove.

Ink – If you are to store the doll in a storage bag, please be careful regarding the colors. As the doll will be in the storage bag for long periods of time, colors are likely to transfer from the bag if the wrong material is used.

Never let TPE come into contact with the silicone. Chemical reactions will cause its degradation. If you own both TPE and silicone dolls, you should store them separately.

This guide is also aiming to ensure that beginners and first-time buyers who are less familiar with the sex doll market are not tricked or lured into buying something they will regret.

How Do I Avoid Scammers?

With the rise in love doll popularity, lots of new manufacturers and stores have opened up recently selling imitation/fake dolls. It’s harder to find a legit sex doll store than ever before.

If you are looking for a genuine sexdoll, it is better to avoid websites like eBay, Amazon, or Ali-Express, which are often unproven sources of sellers who sell fake/cheap sex dolls on these platforms. Many of the realdolls you see on eBay and Aliexpress are, unfortunately, counterfeit. We have alerted Amazon numerous times, but sadly, it seems they are not interested or aware of the counterfeit realdolls!

The most important thing to do when looking for a trustworthy supplier is to make sure they are not selling counterfeit sexdolls ( quite clearly ). Many online shops offer sexdolls, from basic dolls on the low end to high-end handmade masterpieces.

The best thing you can do to avoid scammers when buying a sex doll is to stick to only trusted and well-known brands. Such Brands include the likes of WM Doll, SEDoll, Doll4Ever, DH168, JYDoll, YL Doll, Siliko Doll, Sino Doll, Piper Doll, 6YE Doll, HRDOLL, AXB DOLL, SM DOLL and Qita Doll.

Almost all verified suppliers can be found on the Doll Forum, so be sure to visit their website for all the information you will ever need about sexdolls.

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