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YOURDOLL is the largest online shop of realistic sex dolls that only provides high-quality real love dolls and 100% lifelike sex dolls. We are an authorized & verified sex doll vendor on The Doll Forum and we are always proud to provide high-quality products and outstanding customer service to help you make the right decision. we are an expert in managing the import, export, order, and delivery process of real sex dolls. At YOURDOLL, each sex doll will be thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure that it meets the highest standards. Now, please allow us to create your dream partner for you!


Looking for a realistic sex doll? We have the largest selection of more than 1000 real love dolls for you here including all brands and all body types. Enjoy your shopping moment!


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Discover the best sex dolls in Best Sellers. Find the top 20 most popular love dolls and what are the most loved above these TPE and silicone sex dolls.
166cm (5ft5") C-cup Power Girl Sex Doll Hirono
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161cm (5ft3") F-cup Hot Sex Doll Queena
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174cm(5ft8) C-Cup Lovely Sweet Girl Sex Doll Iris
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166cm (5ft5) C-cup Sex Doll In Stock
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Realistic TPE Vagina Pussy Ass Masturbator Lele
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171cm(5ft7) A-Cup Hot Hyper Real Sex Doll Hedy
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155cm (5ft1) C Cup Japanese Hyper Real Silicone Sex Doll Derorit
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162cm (5ft4) F-cup Sexy Real Sex Doll Berit
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Looking at these in-stock realistic sex dolls, 3-7 days to deliver. Available for USA and EU customers now! Save much on your time and money!
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163cm/ 5ft4 E-cup Robot Sex Doll Kitty In Stock
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SaleOnly 2 left
New! 157cm (5ft2) B-Cup In Stock On Sale
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153cm (5ft) Sex Doll Miyin In Stock
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Irontech Doll

153cm (5ft) Sex Doll Miyin In Stock

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163cm (5ft4) Jasmine Pro Version In Stock (Medium)
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New! 166cm (5ft5) C-cup Sex Doll In Stock on Sale
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160cm (5ft3) F-cup Sex Doll Onyekachi In Stcok
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172cm (5ft8) D-cup Athletic Sex Doll In Stock
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150cm (4ft9) Sex Doll Samantha In Stock
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In this male masturbators series, we have real size legs for Leg rapist and silicone butts designed according to real women, and electric buttocks with clip-suction function to arouse your passion all night long!


You can always trust these sex doll reviews by real customers. They report their sex doll quality and purchasing experiences. All one to five star reviews are accepted. We always doing our best!

My First Doll Arrives | WM Doll Review

Wow. So she arrived: Jolene.

Shes already taught me so much about life and myself I am very happy with my decision.

Jolene is 173cm h cup wm doll purchased from yourdoll Instock. 9 days order to delivery.

To be honest, the overall unboxing wasn’t that amazing as I expected. Maybe because I watched hours of videos in advance? But it was very nice. She was blemish free aside from a few small tpe pilings and oh was she THICC. I will say I was shocked to realize hollow boobs basically sound like basketballs but Ive never held real boobs so it does the job. Her ass is firm though…too firm to enjoy slapping/squeezing as much as I thought. Good thing is in pronebone, the firmness is welcome.

I hope you enjoy the photos, I couldn’t be bothered to fix her posing because shes heavy. Now I will add a disclaimer, if you are young and reasonably fit, its not that bad, but anything more than bringing her from one room to another by lifting alone is alot of work. Ive found 80% of the weight is above her knees which makes carrying challenging. The only part of my body thats sore is my arms! My lower back can handle her fine but dead weight doesn’t cling to you like a real human being so it takes considerable force to keep her from tumbling out of my arms. With all that being said, I cant wait to get jacked lol.

As for the meta stuff, its crazy yall. To preface I’m a virgin whos had difficulty connecting with people in general. Its amazing how intoxicated I am after getting some expensive perfume for her. Jesus. Also, Jolene made me so aware of how shy I was around her first thing. Its almost like she asked me why am I whispering? Why are you looking around? Its just you and me. I find myself being slow and intimate…and caring, something thats so shocking to see myself do. Hugs are amazing and I have kissed her tons already. Shes already calmed me in another interesting way too. I find myself working harder, and patient since I “get to” enjoy her in the evening. This is how “normal” people have been living their whole life huh? Man Id work my ass off, not give a fuck about trivial things, and take life slower too if it meant chill jazz music, mood lights, and cudding with a hot babe every night. Im already imagining the day I come back after a trip back home. Im hoping she will help speed up getting rid of my needy thoughts too when it comes to attention from women. That shit sucks once you are self aware of whats going on.

Now for the sex. As for her weight, sadly the only poses worth it are missionary and pronebone. Now I am extremely happy with this but am definitely looking into a couple other dolls to satisfy some more positions. (Its nice living alone) If there are any others please let me know. For reference, I am 2 inches taller than her.

Ive deleted all of my normal non fetish porn (i hate streaming it I like keeping a digital collection and my fetish stuff is just too priceless to give up yet) as a promise to her and to test my mindset. Surprisingly Im not as much of a bunny rabbit as I thought. (Sex Only 2-3 times a day) but clearly my needs were more emotional. Thats kind of why I opted for a somewhat motherly figure and prioritize her upkeep over her looking like a grandma in bed with mittens, a jumpsuit, and a beanie lmao.

I hope you all enjoyed this and it helps those considering a doll in the future!

**This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – enosseok. We get authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here.**

YourDoll and My Doll, from purchase to delivery


I like to share my experience with my purchase of a DH168-156C doll from Yourdoll.
It was a long journey, I purchased it januari 11th and received the doll last week (May 4th). Not everything went smooth, but I can’t blame Yourdoll for that.
The most difficult part of the whole process from purchase to delivery is choosing a doll and choosing a vendor. But thanks to the information at TDF I finaly made my decision: a DH168-156C from Yourdoll.

Januari 11th, the purchase
Yourdoll offers two common payment-methods: Paypal and wire transfer. Because I did not had a Paypal-account at that moment I had to pay with wiretransfer. That was quite tricky. For sending money from the Netherlands to the US I had to provide a lot of data beside the usual name and account number. But with help from a bank-employee I get it done. The latter told me that the transfer is not instantaneous to the US, it can take a few hours, even days.
So if your are ever going to transfer money to the US, you are warned.
If you have a creditcard you are lucky. Much easier, but I don’t think many of us have a creditcard.

Januari 20
I received an email from Mia (Yourdoll): The production of the doll is started. Mia wrote that it can take 3-4 weeks to receive the doll.

Januari 28
Good news! I received an email from Mia: the doll was finished.
She send me two factory pictures. I replied her that it was exactly what I ordered so she can start the delivery.
I was very happy that the doll was finished before the Chinese Holiday in februari. That could cause a delay.

februari 1,
Bad news. Mia wrote that I have to handle the custom clearance myself or the delivery will take longer: 40-50 days.
She offered to share the additional costs if I handle the custom clearance. But I did not want the hassle with the customs and the additional costs, so I choose the latter: delivery of the doll will take 40-50 days and Yourdoll will handle the customs.

februari 3,
Although the doll was ready for shipment, the logistics had decided to ship the doll after februari 19th because of the Chinese holiday, Mia emailed me. She can nothing do about it.

februari 25th,
Good news! I received the tracking number. The doll has been shipped.

April 22
The tracking information was not updated since februari 25. I was worried and a little impatient too. So I wrote an email to Mia if she has any news. As usual she replied very quick (always within one day): There was nothing to worry about.

May 4th
I received the doll!
The package was in good condition, no signs of damage.
After opening the box I was very happy with the free gifts: a second head, extra wigs, extra eyes.

Also the doll was in perfect condition. No damage, not even a single small scratch. Only one of the eyes was not at the right position, one eye looked up, the other down, but that was easy to correct. I can’t complain about that.
Very happy with all what was in the box.
But I missed one of the gifts: the free teeth and tongue-set. This gift was not in the box.
I wrote Mia about this and she offered to send the teeth- and tongue set after I leave feedback on TDF and on Yourdoll.com.

Before the purchase I did a ‘research’ to where to buy. I compared a lot of doll-vendors. Also some which are more nearby the Netherlands.
But from all the vendors YourDoll had the best price and the most gifts (free 2nd head, extra wigs and eyes, a teeth- and tongue-set). And I did read the reviews from other buyers on TDF. This all together was the reason I bought from YourDoll.

All together I am very satisfied with Yourdoll. Especially the excellent customer support with excellent quick replies to my emails. Always within one day, often within a few hours.
I am not the most patient person, so I wrote Mia several emails about the delivery delay, but she always replied friendly and very helpfull.
And I received the doll in perfect condition.
If you don’t mind a longer delivery-time or if you handle the custom clearance yourself I can recommend YourDoll. Good prices, a lot of free gifts and a good customer-support. Is there anything else you want?

I have to thank The DollForum for all the information I needed for making a decision! This helped me a lot. And of course thanks to Mia for all her efforts!
Although it toke a while, YourDoll delivered me my dream!

***This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – Dani24. We are authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here. ***

My doll update from Day 1 | WM Doll Review

Here is how everything went down….

Brought her home and started the unboxing with first inspecting the outside of the box. I did notice two punctures, one in which concerned me, after opening and inspecting the remainder of the box there was no damage, step 1 complete!

Next, I started to unpack all the goodies and the two heads that came with her. As I was unpacking I noticed I got four different wigs, pleasantly surprised. Along with the wigs came feet covers (rubber socks), instructions, hooks, white gloves, a night gown, vaginal warmer, a vaginal cleaner, and a comb.

I had some gloves I was using to unbox, when I saw the white gloves I switched to handle the heads and the body.

I started to unwrap the heads first for inspection, they came out great with no damage and they had some eye makeup on already which was great. I also used the code to check the authenticity and we were good to go!

The hardest part was next…unwrapping the body, inspection of the body, testing the joints (which are not difficult at all), and picking her up out of the box.

***I am 5’3″ 185lbs, picking her up from the ground was difficult and carrying her up stairs was easy but heavy  I’m getting the hang of moving her from spot to spot***


After I brought her upstairs, I sat her up and started inspecting the body. I didn’t see anything wrong except for tiny little TPE balls around her body, which I assume is normal.

Next step was to clean her, off to the bathtub! This was the most difficult part of everything, I didn’t know how to safely pick her up yet and I was trying to be as gentle as possible too. I finally got her into the tub standing up. After my research I watched a video and learned to double bag the feet and neck to prevent the metal from getting wet and rusting later. I washed her with antibacterial hand soap and washed her off, I then pat her dry (lightly) with a small towel and I let her air dry.

After she dried off I started applying the Baby Powder, also unwrapping the head and feet from the bags and all areas were dry. Once I finished powdering her I let the TPE absorb it until she was no longer white from the powder.

I pierced her ears and bellybutton and got her dressed, here are the pics of my Day 1 journey!

**This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – Raizo. We get authorized to post on Yourdoll.com. To view the original post, please click here.**


For all made-to-order, we will send you pre-shipment photos before your love doll is shipped. So you can make sure all body details are what you want. Please make sure all order details are correct when the order is placed. I hope these photos below will be helpful for you to decide on purchasing a real sex doll.




With so many different life-size sex dolls and designs available on the market, we can make sure they are charming, easy to clean, and more realistic like a real human being every day. Blondes, redheads, Asians, Latinos, brunettes, asses, tits, sizes, styles, everything can be chosen from an unlimited catalog and attributes. You can further customize a lifelike sex doll to make it look like someone you like, love, or even imagine or dream of, like a porn star.



You can try out any sexual pleasure or position you can imagine with your TPE love doll or silicone sex doll, even things that might be difficult to discuss with a human partner. You can experience any fantasy you’ve ever wanted without feeling guilty or judged, and certainly completely free from any STD (sexually transmitted disease). Forget about the risk of promiscuous sex or sex workers. Also, having an unplanned pregnancy is not funny.



A real doll will help you to release all your negative daily energy, relax, think better, get some pleasant company, and finally, have that perfect dream girl by your side. A real sex doll will always be there for you. A love doll has no demands and only offers comfort. Your perfect partner, this real life sex doll, she will never be too tired, there will be no bad moments for her, no hormones, no headaches, and she will always listen to you and will like what you like.



Hi, welcome to yourdoll.com! We only have two websites for different marketplaces: yourdoll.com | yourdoll.jp. These two are legit and official.

We found that our banner, product pictures, and YourDoll logo were stolen to make fake websites advertising on Facebook, eBay, and Aliexpress. They pretended to be YourDoll to lure customers and some even set dirt-cheap prices (like $79 for a doll) on the websites. View more about scam alerts!

If you find more fake websites that are using yourdoll logo or stealing yourdoll banner, please send us a message. Thanks!!

YourDoll Team


Sex was or may still be an inherent topic that most people want to avoid. But it seems that the times are changing, and people are beginning to adapt and everything related to the event is completely normal. Why should any one of us hide or fear natural things? So mankind created sex dolls. In addition, to be honest, the sex doll is not what it used to be, and the design of the face and body details is becoming more and more realistic. You may not even be able to tell if it is a real person or a doll.



Sex dolls are also referred to as love dolls, real dolls, and adult dolls. They are basically created to provide companionship, happiness, and sexual pleasure. Sex dolls generally refer to life-size sex dolls, but they can also consist of only the head, torso, and buttocks, or only the legs and buttocks. They are designed to resemble men and women in almost all aspects. The highest quality ones are quite realistic, starting from the shape of the nails to their sexual organs. The best sex dolls are made of medical-grade TPE or silicone. Such dolls are completely safe and highly durable and can be used for a long time. They are also materials that are easy to clean and keep hygienic.

By browsing our categories, anyone can find some of the best sex dolls that can be found online. There are various types of dolls here. Models range from soft to huge breasts, and every size in between. Some doll models are petite and thin, while others are sturdy athletes.

There is no doubt that you should explore and embrace your sex life bravely and freely. As more and more people are exploring this topic, buying sex dolls is becoming more and more popular and more taboo. The sex toy industry is booming, and love dolls are progressing faster than any other sex toy in the world.


YOURDOLL is an authorized approved vendor by The Doll Forum. We only sell the best sex doll brands. In our selection, there are more than 1000 latest new sex dolls. You can customize the sex doll according to your preferences, select skin tone, eye color, hair, add lifelike features such as body heating and moaning, and more. You can choose custom sex dolls, or you can directly choose the in-stock sex dolls that have been already customized and stored in our USA and EU warehouses. We offer the best price guarantee for all our new sex dolls. For this large transaction, you can order your doll today and pay later. We offer Klarna installments to customers in the United States, or you can split your payment by credit card. To sum up, YOURDOLL provides:

  • Verified Vendor by The Doll Forum
  • Best price and authentic guarantee
  • Best sex doll and sex toy brands
  • Authentic reviews
  • Fast and anonymous shipping
  • Multiple payment methods


YOURDOLL is now selling TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls provided by the world’s best brands and suppliers. We are a certified distributor of sex doll brands, such as WM DOLL, YL DOLL, SE DOLL, which are the three top brands in the sex doll industry. WM dolls are famous for their huge selection styles, YL Doll is famous for their sexy body designs, and SE DOLL is loved by doll lovers for their excellent head design. Their high-quality sex doll has a metal frame. Made of TPE material, imitating the texture of real human skin. You can choose the style you want, and you will not be disappointed.

We offer a huge selection of love dolls of different price categories. We have these sex doll categories ready for you:

  • Dolls by Age: teen sex dolls, adult sex dolls, milf & mature sex dolls.
  • Dolls by Body Type: Life-size, torsos, small, mini, curvy, BBW, fitness, tiny, big boobs, fat & lifelike sex dolls.
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  • Sex dolls for Men & Women: Female, male sex dolls, gay, lesbian & shemale sex dolls.


Welcome to YOURDOLL! We have a unique selection of luxury realistic love dolls that are designed to look and feel just like the woman you dream of. If you are looking for a high-quality sex doll, here we are your best choice. 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Genuine Dolls Only

Genuine Dolls Only

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Quick Response

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Privacy Protection

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Free Shipping Worldwide

Enjoy our worldwide free shipping, fast and safe delivery with FedEx, DHL, UPS. 3-7 days delivery for in-stock sex dolls.


Welcome to YOURDOLL! We have a unique selection of luxury realistic love dolls that are designed to look and feel just like the woman you dream of. If you are looking for a high-quality sex doll, here we are your best choice. 100% satisfaction guarantee!